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    Extra loot for Clan Officers

    No. People will start creating clans in ridiculous numbers so that everyone can be an officer and see the digits on their screen grow faster.
    Don't give players more wrong incentives for similarly wrong reasons. God knows, we have enough already.
  2. Saif ad-Din

    Loot System needs fixing

    You are correct unfortunately, it seems that it is a time based mechanic that gives you pitiful rewards even for completing a full match or two.

    I am level 104 now and did not get any loot from the 1k hours I put into multiplayer before launch of the skins system. I find this highly unfortunate as back then I played more skirmish. I would love to play NA skirmish more, but there is never anyone on. High ping on this game feels horrible and makes EU unplayable even on the east coast. In Warband playing with high ping was easier. I have fun playing some aspects of bannerlord, but it seems acquiring all the skins will be an impossible goal even with the amount of time I put into the game already.

    Give up all hope ye all who try to make sense of Taleworlds' perverted game design logic. In fact, I would argue that making numerous iterations in design and getting all 100 percent of them wrong must take a very special talent rather than mere incompetence or blind chance.

    This loot system was clearly intended to incentivize more people to play their precious competitive modes. However, in the sad reality where 90 percent of skirmish matches result in one team getting obliterated by the other, the only thing that it managed to achieve is incentivize a handful of sweaty tryhards to sweat even harder and stomp the opposing team as fast as possible to farm loot and badges. Since no sane person would ever find this kind of gameplay remotely fun, this has led to skirmish being even more dead than before, which, again, is an amazing feat in itself.

    I say, vote with your legs and invest your time in better things than this dog turd of a game.
  3. Saif ad-Din

    [BEAST 6] Division C - Weekly Matchups

    Black Team 6 (1) - (3) 9 APE

    I was registered in the roster as Salah ad-Din (https://steamcommunity.com/id/aljawahiri), but forgot to change the nickname for my first match in the season, and nobody noticed until it was too late. Sorry about that.
    This nickname looks fitting, though. I should consider keeping it.
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    Voice chat

    What we all thought Taleworlds meant when we could add people in game... what they actually gave us was a Taleworlds friends system.

    jesus christ.
    The in-house friend system makes sense, as the game's available both on Steam and EGS, and, perhaps, someday they'll return to direct sales, too, like in the old times. Apparently, there has to be some middle ground to intermarry the various account management systems.
    Still, as long as someone is connected through Steam, it would be nice to have an easy way to navigate to their page.

    Native is not the main appeal. Plenty of mods will benefit greatly from voice chat.

    Servers will just disable it on their custom servers, but mods will be able to use it on much more niche and curated servers.
    A man can hope. Then, again, it's taking them forever to make custom servers that wouldn't **** their pants two seconds after they're up. Making custom servers with VoIP support would probably take at least two forevers.
  5. Saif ad-Din

    Voice chat

    I can name you a dozen reasons off the top of my head why we don't need in-game voice comms. Here are just a few of them.
    1. The primary demographic that's going to use voice comms is salty nerds telling you how **** you are at the game and trolls blasting racist slurs, Hitler speeches, and ridiculous music for everyone to hear.
    2. Due to reason #1 or whatever other reason, most of players are going to keep voice comms on permanent global mute, which defeats their purpose for random teams.
    3. As pointed out earlier, decent randoms know what to do even without comms. The opposite is also true: if the player isn't very good at the game, comms are unlikely to help them.
    4. Taleworlds' janky servers can't handle the game's basic functions most of times. What tells you they can handle the added load of voice streraming?
    5. etc., etc., etc.

    What I would personally appreciate way more (if technically possible) is a fuller integration with Steam, so that, let's say, if I met a guy named Alex and wanted to friend him on Steam, I wouldn't have to sift through 900,000 Alexes to find the one I need or seek some other way to do that.
  6. Saif ad-Din

    why earrape again...

    I am still experiencing

    I like to call it "Armagan's Hookah".
  7. Saif ad-Din

    is the forum broken for anyone else?

    Funny, it seems that more effort went into the April 1st forum prank than into Bannerlord over the last 3 months.
  8. Saif ad-Din

    Betting on Bannerlord Matches

    Send me your złoty, and I'll double them.
  9. Saif ad-Din

    Bannerlord Online mod

    Does anyone else remember the times when "finishing the game" meant completing its playthrough instead of its development? Those were some great times, indeed.
  10. Saif ad-Din

    Annoyed by Jav-Cav

    That's not the point of the thread at all. I don't care much about the melee stas of the throwing weapons.
    It's about my issue that I ( and seemingly a couple other people aswell) don't like the gameplay that evovled from cav having acces to strong throwing spears.

    But then again you and me seem to have really different views on that. So no hard feelings.

    The whole problem with throwing spears stems from the fundamentally skewed balance in Skirmish; your suggestion on cav javs is merely a crutch to somewhat prop it up, but not to fix the underlying issue.

    Which is the fact that, in Skirmish, the narrative is almost entirely dictated by cav, especially heavy cav. While I feel that light cav is in a decent place right now, being powerful, but also quite fragile, heavy cav is still a problem. Let's do a quick count:
    - cav superiority = flag advantage;
    - mobility and harrassment potential;
    - survivability (double-tap W to moonwalk out of a scrap);
    - insane armor;
    - one-hit couched lances and bump-stabs.

    Granted, all these features can only be taken advantage of by good cav players (I'm garbage, btw). But there is definitely a reason why:
    a) cav always gets drafted first at Destiny Pickups and,
    b) when picking infantry, most teams have generally favoured the classes that have access to throwing spears. It was heavy inf before the rebalance, light and shock inf after.
    As it stands right now, throwing spears are the quickest and most reliable way to down a heavy cav. It takes 2-3 two-hander swings to off the rider, while spears and one-handers do frack all, and I'm not even talking about the horse. Rearing has become more reliable after the fixes last autumn, but cav is still more afraid of pila than of the janky lolsticks called infantry spears.

    Fix cav superiority, and one-shot abominations won't be needed at all.
  11. Saif ad-Din

    Fix your trash servers

    After one year of "aCtivE dEvElOpMenT", the servers are still dog****. To make things worse, the likely cause of the crashes (people leaving mid-game) promotes pissy behaviour and primarily hurts the people who have the decency not to leave mid-game.

    Taleworlds, your abhorrent server code fixed when?
  12. Saif ad-Din

    the wu tang clan

    1) age: barely legal
    2) height: between a camel and a smaller camel
    3) weight: 214.3 kebabs
    4) level of polish knowledge (not necessary just curious): kurwa
    5) thoughts on naval combat: I've been told that I'm really keen on seamen. It always souds kinda out of context, but a lot of people are saying this, so, I dunno, looks like I do know a thing or two about the navy.
  13. Saif ad-Din

    Faction tier lists?

    Also forgive my ignorance for I don't play infantry but why is everyone ****ting on vlandian sergeant?

    If we speak about heavy infantry only, the sergeant is alright. He can select from every type of melee weapons, and all of them are pretty damn fast. The problem is about what Vlandia can offer in terms of light/shock infantry, which... just isn't much.

    If there's anything that hasn't changed over this past year, it's the fact that cav is still king. While the power of light cav is mostly balanced out with its fragility, heavy cav is still very hard to deal with and usually isn't countered by heavy infantry - firstly, because cavalry has the privilege of choosing the time and place ot engagement and good cav players know how to avoid spears; secondly, because spearmen are vulnerable in a melee fight; and, finally, because, even after the recent buffs to spears, rearing a healthy heavy cav is unlikely to result in its death unless the entire team is focused on bringing it down.

    The most efficient counters to heavy cav to date are bows, xbows, and throwing spears. Light javelins and thowing axes do a terrible job at hurting it in a meaningful way unless the thrower gets lucky with his throws. Pila and throwing spears, on the contrary, are feared by cav, as they can heavily damage or even one-shot a heavy horse at close range.

    The only two factions that don't have access to throwing spears are Vlandia and Aserai, but Aserai skirmishers can have a six-pack of jareeds, which are decent. That leaves Vlandian infantry with only two options to counter heavy cav: heavy spear infantry and the voulgier. The voulge can rear cav and has decent damage, but it's vulnerable to ranged units and doesn't have the area denial capabilities of pila. Add that to the fact that you can't spawn as the sergeant twice in the first round, and you'll see why Vlandian infantry isn't very popular.

    To me, it feels like Vlandia is a solid 2-2-2 faction under the current BEAST limits that has to primarily rely on harrassment with its cav and ridiculous CS:GO xbows.
  14. Saif ad-Din

    [BEAST#3] Roster

    Player Removal
    Team: Black Team
    Player: Daroni Stormblessed

    Player Addition
    Team: Black Team
    Player: Achilles
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