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    Improvements to command bar

    This is the type of thread that gives me hope. +1, for whatever that is actually worth.
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    Polished landscapes vs. Terrain system with so many others, any glimmer of a chance has long since disappeared.
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    Prison breaks are AWFUL

    • F1 - Move to position
    • F2 - Follow me
    • F3 - Stop
    Yes please =D
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    My final verdict

    Neither of their bans are permanent by the way; only temp.
    Maybe we could add a “suspended” designation for those on a temporary removal of access rather than permanent Ban?
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    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    They moved 1.5.9 to stable and didnt release a new beta branch.
    Thanks for the answer, I had the same question.
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    Should spear thrusts be enabled while blocking with shield?

    I’d like to see the option to half-haft spears, via the weapon toggle (default “X” button). Shorter and throwable weapons could still toggle to the ranged mode, while longer weapons could be toggled for close ranks (half-hafted grip) vs anti cav/ max distance (rear-hafted grip).

    My realistic expectation is that the amazing modding community will be able to accomplish this, but TW will deem it “too complicated” for players, and/or cut into console FPS because bannerlord has to (😓) be developed for consoles...
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    Do you think 1.5.9 is worth a new playthrough ?

    I’m in the same boat. I started to load 1.5.9, got about 1gb in, and went “meh” before uninstalling again. I’ll wait for scened battles and reconsider then, but I’m glad to be taking a break currently.
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    Selecting dialogue options an town options with numbers

    I would love to see button navigation for dialogues and menus. Thanks @emrozdemir for your responses and being open to these suggestions :smile:
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    1.5.7 and beyond

    Next hotfix is going to fix the skirmisher craze.
    Yes we are planning to split some stuff, it is not finalized yet.
    Would it be possible to feature different Troops in captain and skirmish modes to allow better individual customization and balance of the play modes?
    For example, one mode could have “Battanian Fian” and the other could use “Battanian Noble”. They would likely be very similar as a template but could give you much more freedom on how they develop into the future without impacting a different mode, more so than just changing the perk load outs.

    You could roll the divergent culture trees out one at a time so that the project could be easily broken into smaller steps.
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    Q&A about Bannerlord with Taleworlds Developer mexxico / Updated

    Guy should get a statue, companion or castle build in his honor in-game :party:
    Hah! +1. I might have to learn how to mod just to add in a statue scene depicting him at a round table discussion with my my favorite forum users.

    Thanks for the work to all involved, I am looking forward to watching with subtitles :smile:
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    Should I really pay money when offering peace when I am winning?!

    That looks like a bug to my eyes, particularly when you look at your third picture.
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    The tactical way: beyond the melee cluster

    I'm going to sit here and see where this ship called Bannerlord drifts in the end.
    I cannot complete with the stunning selection you shared recently, so let’s take the cello in a different direction.
    Who knows, maybe this ship will head into a different direction as well.
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    Do you find yourself recruiting more noble units from bandits than from >200 power notables?

    Well, we've been over this a few times. My position, a noble troop should NEVER be able to be recruited as a direct evolution of looter-bandit-outlaw. Furthermore, I think that "Disciplinary Perk" based perks should only allow upgrading outlaws to a common troop (regular troop tree).

    Also in different threads, we have talked about noble troops being recruited only in castles. This seems to clash with Taleworlds vision regarding the recruitment system and its rules.
    I still think this is needs to be the solution, alas as you often say, 🎻.
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    1.5.7 extremely Difficult for NPC to level up

    I have a "wish-list" in terms of town/village quests.
    *Medic related quest, where you have to gather some materials(like linen & oil to make bandages for ppl).
    *Engineering quest where you "help rebuild" after sieges/raids, gather tools and spend 1-3 days in the place building for a nice xp.
    That would be excellent. Really there could be quests like that for most/all of the skills.
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