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    Any "serious" mod teams looking at an Equipment Buy system?

    Are we tracking any mods that'll be working on a Warband-style loadout system, specifically for Captain? Would be pretty wild to see what you could do if you were allowed to load up like you wanted, with maybe unused gold being used for "Reinforcements"/increasing Unit size. The great irony of the class system is that it forces everyone to just play blunt/heavy inf spam.
    A new loadout system might not be difficult to implement, but since it would break Native compatibility it might be tough to get players. Hopefully since MP and SP launchers are separate MP mods could be downloaded directly through the server list... though I doubt that will be the case.

    Probably making a client-side mod that adds equipment perks (like neoGK expanding equipment options) would be easy enough. But going back to a 3-class system with full loadout control would be a lot more work and would probably only appeal to warband players.

    Captain and skirmish are the best modes for the new 6 class system tbh. The issues you mention could very easily be fixed server side by simple rebalancing; adjust armour/damage values, change relative sizes of groups, etc. Anything players have to manually download will reduce population to 1/10 native at best.
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    Suggestion: Cosmetics unlock based on current match score

    A small crown that sits on top of head/helmets for last round's MVP would be cool. Or every time you get a MVP star you gain a big heavy medallion around your neck


    Ultimately this suggestion is just the 2022 version of "warband's class system was better"
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    Warband Script Enhancer 2 (v1.0.7.7)

    Hey K700, the new WSE2 is so cool, thanks for all your hard work on this :smile:

    I tried this with the Battle of Europe shaders and for the most part it works very well, but I am getting an issue with water reflections. Any objects (including terrain, flora, even the player/horse legs) that are under the water's surface seem to be casting a reflection "above", so sometimes when you walk around there are huge reflections from nearby objects stretching into the horizon.

    For example, this half-sunken ship has the sunken half reflected "above" the water:
    Or the bollards/pillars of this dock:

    This happens on all video settings (as long as reflections are enabled for objects.)

    BoE is using screen-space reflections, and overwrites the native ENV sampler which _Sebastian_ is talking about here.

    Ideally I want to keep shaders compatible with Native launcher (standard BoE shaders) as well as out-of-the-box WSE2 (BoE+WSE2) - so I'm wondering :
    - is it better to try to fix this issue by merging the shaders manually, like in previous WSE2 versions (is this still possible with latest WSE2 launcher?)
    - if it is possible to disable only the water reflections from the new WSE2 shaders and bundle these changes inside a module? (I don't even know how WSE2 water reflections are working with only postfx and FXaa files?)

    Any advice/info would be very helpful, it looks and performs great aside from this one issue.
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    Changing weapon origin

    Is there a way to do the same, but other way around: to transform tens of models whilst using the last selected one as a reference? Would have been handy.
    You could also use the Tools -> Show ruler option and set length to 0, this would give you an easy way to view the correct origin+direction while having multiple meshes selected.
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    Need More Info Silent cav

    Just to let you know, i'm gathering all the videos you all provided and will talk/work over them with the team. I think noone able to reproduce this issue on testing processes so we will try to find a pattern out of all videos and come up with a way to deal with the problem. I'll follow the progress and give you an update whenever i can.
    Thanks for all the info and patience (y)
    I think the sound occlusion is working perfectly, trouble is it's way too powerful so even a cav around a corner is as loud as a cav across the map. Just remove sound occlusion boxes from everywhere aside from verticality (like A/B flags on trading post). It will be hard to reproduce this "bug" since it seems to be an overtuned feature working as intended. No sound occlusion at all is better and more intuitive to the player, even though it's less realistic. A good feature for singleplayer, not so much for MP :smile:

    Maybe its possible to have MP sound occluding for combat sounds etc, but not horses hooves?
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    The approach to MP has failed, and what could be done to revive it

    I think it could work with some restrictions

    -f2p players limited to official servers only
    -f2p players cannot buy skins
    -muted by default
    -able to buy MP standalone for 10-20usd
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    Minor MP customization changes request

    They could add a headshot dmg multiplier for a helmetless option and players would still take it.

    Lots of helms are pure cosmetic already so giving a nohelm option even with the same stats fits the system TW designed and decided on. It would definitely be annoying to hit a bareheaded heavy class and have them absorb 50dmg but, gotta sleep in the bed you made.
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    The PC route of TW needs to end...

    Those are different things.
    A chat filter is necessary in any game to prevent offensive assholes, like those who like to complain about PC, to harass other players.
    Removing death count is simply a mystery until Taleworlds says why they did this and there's absolutely no evidence that it's because they don't want frequent diers to be embarrassed.
    The death counter in skirm actually is a bit misrepresentative since the game is balanced around unequal respawns. Aserai inf for example will usually have the most deaths in a match since they are weak, always triple spawn, and have to be in harm's way. Archers and cav rarely get a 3rd life and have way more disengagement opportunities, so usually have a much higher kdr even if inf are doing just as much work. Getting extra respawns is also the big "reward" for winning, so after round 1 both teams can go even in k/d and the ones with the extra gold still win convincingly...

    I guess the reason to remove it was similar to removing the loss counter from the main menu, trying to undercut toxic tryhard need2win attitudes or salty losers, I dunno. If kills are worth tracking along with score, you would think deaths should be as well...

    I hope they put it back and let us get detailed stats in a dropdown/expand list, like dmg dealt by weapon type, horse stops/dmg/kills, kills/deaths by weapon, shield breaks, etc... but we all know that ain't happening.

    The scoring system in general is probably super well designed from the backend view but it's so obtuse for players. Like the score counter in TDM where both teams are at 35827 and are playing until one side gets two million points or some malarkey. Warband had this pretty straightforward scoring system that would always increment by 1, but I guess numbers under 1000 are for babies.

    I think chat filter is fine as it is, they should actually expand it to include more non-offensive words. Typing a coherent message should be like a mini game to itself.
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    Bannerlord Duel Ranking Official (North America)

    Why did you update this in the middle of an ongoing duel tourny? It's already outdated
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    Abuse of the votekicking system needs serious attention

    It would be cool if people could freely join as spectators for the 6v6 modes, and teams who drop players could vote spectators into the match.

    If you can't solo carry in a pub queue it is you who is bad, no need to kick the newbies.
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    NA Duel Completed (GeForce 3060 + $125 Prize) NA 1v1 Tournament

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    One-life mode

    I wish the main screen queue would send people to the Battle mode by default. Having a scalable population size mode will mean no need to wait for 5mins (or perpetually in the case of NA). The 6v6 competitve modes should be the ones on the secondary screen IMO, with Siege and Battle being the main draws for bannerlord MP, and the modes tied to level/stats/skin unlocks etc.

    Having Battle mode tied to the queue will also help turnover, try to start a match asap with at least (20 or 50 or whatever) players, if wait time exceeds 1 minute, send them to a match in progress with a big onscreen message telling them they will respawn when one team is defeated. This way if you have eg a 50v50 match, the first 50 who die can leave and start a new match, and any odd ones out will be filled into the oldest match to spectate until the next round rather than stare at the little patch notes horseman on the home screen.

    Ideally the servers would also reset without kicking everyone, which at this point I think should be obvious how important that is for player retention and fostering an online community. This way if you are surviving to the end of most or all rounds, you can stay in the server as long as you want, and others who die early can quickly leave and jump into another match.

    I think skirmish and captain modes have their place and are well designed to eliminate some of the boring aspects of 6v6 Battle, but its time to admit they cannot be the mainstay of MP. Large scale Battle and Siege mean more players can use fewer servers, scalable player counts mean no waiting an hour with 11/12 and no 3v3 matches in a mode designed and balanced around 6v6.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Bannerlord Online, with a small dev team (pretty sure just that Russian guy) achieved not only co-op, but a massive MMO. TW said after 10 years of development co-op was impossible. That just shows they are either incompetent, unwilling or simply don't want to implement things the fans want. Which one doesn't really matter, all three are pretty pathetic.
    BLO is very impressive but their method is not something a professional studio could use, the player to player desync is unacceptable for a paid product. TW could have changed their focus to make an MMO, or significantly redesigned the entire SP flow to fit with ~2 player coop, but they decided to stick with their simpler proven method of fully SP gameplay with quick match MP. And guess what, the platform they created was robust enough for a mostly lone modder to create a pseudo MMO, with other modders working on 2-player coop. So TW clearly made the right call there, didn't they?
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    Battle Joy perk is broken and needs to be removed.

    If only there was some other way to make it so some classes had access to faster weapons, or some kind of item or device that would both reduce damage and also be visually recognizable. Sadly I cannot imagine any such system, oh well.
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    Passive perks are not distinguishable enough

    Bannerlord: where the stats are made up and the equipment doesn't matter
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