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    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    I'm disappointed with many aspects of the state of the game and pace of development too but still have some hope.

    If I can ask because I'm curious, what were you looking for Bannerlord to be?

    Regarding the reviews I do agree with you, but at the end of the day any decent sized company will just look at the numbers and when it says 87% positive they will call it a succes, no matter if most of the reviews are meme reviews or contain constructive criticism.

    What I would've liked Bannerlord to be is a good question, because I'm not even entirely sure myself.
    But I did expect the definitive edition of what the M&B formula could and should be, if Warband was the succesful low budget Indie then Bannerlord would be TW's title to become an AA/AAA studio.

    Some features I was hoping for but not limited to:
    -Co-op campaign (people have been wishing for that even before Warband came out)
    -Much deeper relations, RPG elements
    -Expanded Diplomacy
    -A vassal system somewhat akin to Crusader Kings (would make it way more fun to work your way up inside a kingdom and having smaller scale local wars)
    -Pretty much taking the best features from popular Warband mods + Viking Conquest and implement them
    -Overall just a lot of those extra "nice to have" features, which they wouldn't technically need to do but it's what makes a good game become great

    I'm well aware though I might have had way too high expectations.
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    Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    I think TW just have a very different vision of what the game should be compared to the majority in this forum, and looking at the Steam review scores it does indeed affirm that they were right and the people in the forum are just a loud minority.

    But yes agree, this is the game I've ever been the most dissapointed with and the last time I bothered playing it was the 16th of January... I was in this forum the day Bannerlord was announced (lurked for a couple of years before making an account) and it's just sad and frustrating knowing what this game could've and should've been.
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    How disappointed are you in % about the current state of developement of Bannerlord?

    The game itself isn't bad, but it's just obvious to everyone how much more it could've been which is the most frustrating part.
    I remember the day Bannerlord was announced I was hoping for stuff like co-op campaign, indepth vassal and character systems like from Crusader Kings, much more simulation and immersiveness in general + all the most interesting features from Warband, Viking Conquest and the most popular mods.

    Also I see people compare it to Warband arguing that it's better which is just an outright weird argument... It should most certaintly be better given that it is its sequal 10 years in the making made by a team atleast 10 times the size as well with an already established formula of what works and what doesn't.

    That being said with the army of white knights and meme reviews giving them a Steam score of 87% positive + millions of sales, they have absolutely no incentive to raise their level of ambition and who can honestly blame them, that's just how all companies are run today.
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    Base Bannerlord is better than base Warband

    Warband was made by less than 10 people, more than 10 years ago and with a budget probably also atleast 10 times less.

    And even then Warband still had a couple of better gameplay elements.
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    I really don't get your point OP, if you just want constant wars which have no meaningfull impact why not just spam custom battles?

    Anyway, what I feel would benefit the game the most in pretty much all aspects is a proper tiered vassal system.
    -This would allow the player to rise within a kingdom
    -Smaller local wars between nobles inside the same kingdom
    -Proper Civil Wars, potentially a Duke can end up having more vassals either directly or indirectly under him than the king himself
    -Opportunity for a lot more diplomacy

    So OP you would get more wars, and everyone else would get more diplomacy = WIN/WIN
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    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    From a Turkish dev and streamer Videoyun
    But there was leaked footage before the official announcement, so pre-production must have started earlier.
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    Which 3 major features from Warband or Devblogs do you want the most in Bannerlord?

    Thanks a lot for going through the list @Duh_TaleWorlds ! In hingsight I can see how I was exaggerating it a bit, however still a bit sad some really cool features were cut. Still would love a proper vassal system even though it was somewhat linked to the upgradeable villages?
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    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    I would love if they just gave a few of their most senior developers full permission to add whatever they think will be cool, imagine 2-3 full time Bloc adding stuff like proper vassal system, minor factions settlements, perhaps re-instate the old upgradeable villages and so forth.

    As for the extra development time, I'm okay with it if it means they'll add more content than they originally envisioned. If it's just because they're slower than expected then that's very dissapointing!
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    Future Plans

    Okay I know I've been giving you guys a hard time lately, but this is certainly taking things in the right direction!
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    Another perspective to the whole discussion that with CK like diplomacy, it should be very easy to improve mercenary/bandit gameplay as well which would make it possible to more or less just jump from battle to battle without all the politics and management.
    Like this everyone would be happy.
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    Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    More depth would also mean more meaningful battles. There's no good reason as to why Bannerlord shouldn't have a fully fledged vassal system, it would only make vassal playthroughs way more fun as you would be able to grow internally within your kingdom and eventually be more powerful than the king himself.
    If you just want random battles and nothing else then you might as well just spam Custom battles.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Thank you! This is the healthy middle between two polar opposites. I couldn’t agree more. When talking about the majority of the players, its impossible to go to a extreme and state that they simple dont care, understand or want a more complex gameplay.
    I don't disagree with you, and I don't think lessor of anyone who enjoys that aspect of the game the most. What I believe a lot of people are frustrated about is that Taleworlds advertised their game through their devblogs and conventions as being something way deeper than what we got. I don't see why they shouldn't be held liable for those promises just because a segment of the fanbase believe the game is great as it is.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    They only listened to the modders because they know without them this game is nothing.

    I'm sure a lot of people who never played Warband are enjoying Bannerlord, but why should it be a reason to accept a much lessor version than what it should've been?
    But what actually frustrates me the most is Taleworlds have absolutely no intention of creating that game they advertised through their very own devblogs, since when is false advertising okay? They can't use the "things change through development" excuse for every single interesting thing.
    Even read a thread a few weeks ago of someone asking for settlements for minor factions (you know something they actually had shown in older videos), and Duh came and said they won't be adding it but it would be cool for a mod hehe.
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    Which 3 major features from Warband or Devblogs do you want the most in Bannerlord?

    Fully agree they all should be implemented, or some sort of quite similar feature. This thread is more about what people want TW to work on the most, and then they can look at that and take it into account when prioritizing.

    It would definitely be false advertising to, say, have stuff about building a criminal empire up on the Steam store page, and then not follow through on that.

    I can cut them slack on some of the minor stuff in those devblogs (especially since they explicitly deconfirmed customizable fiefs before they made the game available for purchase) since it sounds like a lot of it wouldn't make a huge difference to gameplay; but for the game to regress behind Warband in multiple different ways as well as not fulfilling promises of new features, would be unacceptable.

    Completely agree, I can also accept it for some minor things or even some major ones if provided a good enough explanation. But TW just always give the "We've got no current plan to add it in the immediate future, but it might happen later" reply, for stuff they themselves have hyped in their devblogs and at conventions.

    I don't understand why anyone accepts that they've advertised the game through the years as something completely different than what we got, and even worse, have no intention of aiming to make it into that game in the future either.
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