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    OSP Code SP Perfect troop tree presentation

    Updated on 11,04,2015:
    Show the selected troop's attributes, skills, proficiencies and equipments at the right side.

    New screenshots:

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    SP Other Skill Overhaul Mod (v0.42 released)

    Download link on Mount&Blade Nexus: Source Code is included! I overhaul the skill system of Mount&Blade. Create a new attribute: Vitality instead of Charisma. Now 3/4 of attributes are realted to combat, they're Strength, Agility, Vitality. Only one...
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    SP Native Custom Commander v1.396 for Warband 1.165+ (source code included)

    MacCutCheoN said:
    how can i get horsemans????

    Look at the troop trees in reports menu. Cavalry of Swadia, Vaegirs, Sarranid are in a separate upgrade line, they can't be upgraded from footmen. You need to join one of these factions, then you can recruit troops in castles or towns of the faction, and have a possiblity to get cavalry. Or you can recruit mercenary horseman in taverns of towns. In addition, all Khergits are horsemen.
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    OSP Code SP Perfect troop tree presentation

    Hynk said:
    I would recommend you to add screenshots, i think it would be better. But thanks anyway, i must try it! :grin:
    I upload two screenshots again on another website. Now they should be displayed properly here.
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    OSP Code SP Perfect troop tree presentation

    Hi, I had the original idea of troop tree presentation. I draw objects one by one in presentation in early version of it. Now I improve it with my recursive and backtracking algorithm. The troop trees are generate automatically according to the the upgrade settings. All branches are arrayed...
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    SP Native Custom Commander v1.396 for Warband 1.165+ (source code included)

    It's over three years since I visited the forum last time. In the past three years, I got married and had a two-year-old daughter. I come back to update my MOD at this forum now.
    The newest version is 1.397 for Warband v1.165+. There are over 20 versions updated on a Chinese forum since v1.349. Sorry for my bad English, I can't translate all update notes of those versions.

    The general features for those versions are as following:
    1. Restoration and rebellion for AI factions.
    2. Equip management for the player and NPCs.
    3. Book management for the player and NPCs.
    4. Two sets of weapons for the player and NPCs.
    5. Perfect Troop Tree system. Automatically generate troop trees by my recursive and backtracking algorithm.
    6. New skill: Precise Shot. Each point to this skill increases ranged damage by 6%%. Base on AGI
      New skill effect for Ironflesh: reduces damage suffered by 5%%.
      Get rid of original trainer skill and create a new trainer skill. They are almost the same.
      But the effective skill level of new trainer skill is not more than the difference on troop level between this hero and other member.
      The Max level for new trainer skill is 15. Experience gained goes as: {0,4,10,16,23,30,38,46,55,65,75,87,100,115,131,150}.
      Combine tracking skill with Path-finding skill.
    7. Mercenaries in taverns are not a team with the same troop.
      They are 2-5 teams, and every team has 3 different troops. The teams have 3 different types.
    8. A new town for Swadia: Keebur. Several castles and villages.
    9. New crosshair. New style of main menu.
    10. Lords can exchange members with their castles/towns automatically to balance the amount and the quality on members.
    11. Lords (and their horses) get 1/2 damage and delivery double damage.
    12. Many more MOD options in camp menu.
    13. New battle mini-map.
    14. 6 special weapon merchants for 6 towns. They sell the specified type of weapons, not all types of weapons.
    15. You can recruit troops from towns and castles of a faction after you become a lord of the faction.
    16. New improvement for towns: Smelter. A smelter increases the quality of weapons and armours in merchant's store and allow the weaponsmith and armorer to reinforce your weapons and armours.
      New improvement for castles: Training Field. A training field lets your party get one more training at 12 o'clock when you are in the castle.
      New improvement for towns and castles: Barrack. A barrack lets you recruit more elite troops and shorten the time period of recruiting.
    17. A Lord can exchange villages with other lords of the same faction to make him has a town/castle and its branch village.
      The player can also exchange villages with other lords in camp menu.
    18. New items: steel bow, steel lance, Flat Headed Arrows, Piercing Arrows, Vaegir War Horse and so on.
    19. Many more features that you need to discover in gamming.

    The full update notes are here:
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    OSP Code SP The World Map to show the exact realm of factions

    Simply, you can use overlay_set_alpha instead of overlay_set_display. Just need to change the code slightly, no need to redraw the map.
                (troop_get_slot, ":cur_overlay", "trp_temp_array_a", ":slot_no"),
    ":cur_overlay", ":value"),
    Change to the following(3 places):
                (troop_get_slot, ":cur_overlay", "trp_temp_array_a", ":slot_no"),
    ":eek:verlay_display", ":value", 0xFF),
    ":cur_overlay", ":eek:verlay_display"),

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    OSP Code SP The World Map to show the exact realm of factions

    dunde said:
    A little suggestion. Borderlines will be nice for this amazing presentation.

    Like these below?


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    OSP Code SP The World Map to show the exact realm of factions

    Mekelan said:
    Awesome work!

    Would it be alright if I used your code and expanded upon the idea for my mod? You'd be fully credited, of course. It's not in the OSP subforum, so I'm not quite sure what the etiquette here is!
    It's OK, it seems that I can't post a topic in the OSP subforum.
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    OSP Code SP The World Map to show the exact realm of factions

    Hi,all. As the title suggests, I made this World Map to show the exact realm of factions. Updated on 18/12/2012 Add borderlines for the territory of every tow or castle, totally optional. Screenshots: Source code: Add this line of code to the top of Paste this...
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    SP Native Custom Commander v1.396 for Warband 1.165+ (source code included)

    The update note for v1.339 is added on...

    v1.339 is update on 27/11/2011 (New game required)
    # Changed the upgrade trees of Swadia, Vaegirs and Sarranid. Add noble lads for them, and only noble lads can upgrade to cavalry.
    # Make new recruiting templates for lords, separated form the ones for castles or towns.
    # Colorful messages with the color of the related faction.
    # You can't get money after battles.You can get other things like befor.
    # Just when a lord or king get a fief, he can get the taxes of it instantly.
    # Add a new option at the beginning to decide to add bandit heroes to the game or not.
    # Various fixes and tweaks.
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    SP Native Custom Commander v1.396 for Warband 1.165+ (source code included)

    JuicyDeath said:
    mb you would like to change "aply to everyone" to "aply to selected" and add checkboxes to companions nicknames? Or add an option to aply plan to a group based on group from party window?
    Thanks for your suggestion, it's done in v1.335. Take a look that interface again, you will get a surprise.

    jimbo4567 said:
    How would I go about changing the camera zoom controls from the arrow keys to different keys, i use the arrow keys for movement on my layout.

    It's in Camp -> Take an action -> Redefine keys for custom camera.

    Belendor said:
    Cant seem to detect 1.135 changelog...
    Wait for a while please, my English is poor.
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    OSP Kit QoL [WB] Minesweeper

    Ikaguia said:
    ok, now I got it.

    do you mind if I check what have your code to improve mine? I got some errors here...

    I made the MOD - Puzzles(include 7 puzzles) with MNB 1.011. Now, it can be more perfect with the technical support which provided by the Warband. Such as: overlay_set_display, overlay_get_position, overlay_set_container_overlay, ti_on_presentation_mouse_press (right mouse button and 2 middle mouse button are supported) . Maybe i will remake the whole MOD with the WB 1.143 in a few days.
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    OSP Kit QoL [WB] Minesweeper

    Ikaguia said:
    as duh said, I made it based on his SS, but I didn't got his code or stealed or copiied it by any means...
    If I had, why would there be errors in mine that errors in mine that doesnt seem to bee in his?

    and he didn't gave me the code when I asked, that's why I made mine

    and you can even ask caba'drin or taragoth if I wasn't asking them questions to help me get this thing working properly...
    wait a minute and I'll post here the screens of me trying to get it working, just going to get the links at my imageshack account...

    edit: if you people really want, I can remove this from here.

    I'm sorry for failing to send an e-mail which including the code i want to give to you because of the e-mail system error. Please recheck your e-mail box.
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    OSP Kit QoL [WB] Minesweeper

    Ikaguia said:
    and the cross was actually just there to help me finding the right positions, that is the only Rubik's code.

    and also, how can I steal his code if he is not sharing it?
    the last version of his mod doesn't have the module system files and the one which had is not avaiable for download.

    What is this?
    Ikaguia said:
    Hey, do you still have the code for minesweeper you made?


    If you have, could you share it with me?
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