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  1. Module System Requests

    (agent_set_speed_limit, <agent_id>, <speed_limit(kilometers/hour)>), #Affects AI only  <=== Whhyyy???  :sad:

    It would be great if agent_set_speed_limit function wasn't limited to AI agents only. It's impossible to have a good control on players speed parameter, even by modifying the athletic skill.  :neutral:  I'm actually trying to make players walk when a specific key is clicked, and that's really horrible because without direct access to players speed parameter, I'm obliged to use crazy methods who don't really work correctly anyway. For example, my actual solution is to spawn a little scene prop in front of the player model, and make it advance slower than the player in order to block him and limit his speed (yeah, I know, that's really weird...).  :razz:
  2. [M] 1866 mod for Warband multiplayer v.5 - Unofficial patch for 1.132 available!

    Wow, so I just got banned on the PRT 1866 server. Some ******** ******* killed half of the team, including me when I had the best rifle, so I killed him for revenge then I got banned. That is just bull****. In game name "Cyrus".
    its happened to me too i think its cuz everyone assumes the tker is going to be voted so then they vote you and everyone 1s it. but i prefer the nk server anyway the palouse town is fixed too.
    Same here, and now he's taking my pseudo in others servers and he's tking his teammates. Everyone will think I'm a tker... Thanks to PRT_Beer for the no reason permaban while Cyrus is playing with impunity. That was really epic.  Incompetent admin + tkers = lot of fun.

    If you see a player with my pseudo tking people, that's not me!
  3. Trojan Wars mod

    Why the title of your picture is RT2 ?  :shock:  :mrgreen:
  4. Antiquity OSP 3D Art Sarrissa

    Following the request of cataphract, i have made a sarissa of 5 meters around (the game don't accept more of this size ^^). It's fun to play, but like in reality, it's very difficult alone. But i can't make phalanx formation (I think, but if it's possible, say it to me  :)). Download ...
  5. Props, weapons, armor: make a request

    Following the request of cataphract, i have made a sarissa of 5 meters around (the game don't accept more of this size ^^).
    It's fun to play, but like in reality, it's very difficult alone. But i can't make phalanx formation (I think, but if it's possible, say it to me  :smile:).

    Download :

    (it's a .rar - i have not the time to make an install ^^- for install it, extract the archive into the module file of your game \Mount&Blade\Modules).

    Some screens :

    before :



    After :




    PS : sorry for my bad english, it's not my natal language  :mrgreen:

  6. Rome TW Mod


    I'm a french Fan modder of Rome Total War, and i post here to say that your work is wonderfull, Mount&blade look like RTW now  :grin:
    Continue like that, all the french community of total war lovers is with you  :mrgreen:
  7. More sounds and French traduction

    un coup de pouce est toujours le bienvenue :grin: . Mais pour continuer la traduction, il faut attendre la sortie de ce programme (trop compliqué sans).

    An external help is welcome :grin: . But to continue the traduction, we must wait the release of this tool (too hard without this tool).
  8. More sounds and French traduction

    oh, i have very big rival. hum, i try to make my mod nevertheless, if i have the right :grin:
  9. More sounds and French traduction

    Hi, I love Mount&blade for his realism. I want make a sound mod. replace existing sounds is easy, and i want create other sounds like ambiance in forest, or speak... but i don't know how make that. If somebody know it, a tutorial is welcome :D . I want too make a french patch, but armagan...
  10. where are creators of this game???

    yeah, i have say that i don't write to mount and blade creators to talk about the multiplayer. it's an example. okin, i don't want make a mod for sounds. mount and blade creators must buy their sounds on internet, they are restricted. i have more of 2000 sounds of battle with a very high quality. change a sound in game is very easy. actually, there is about 40 sounds in the game. if i made a mod, i will cahnge only these sounds, not add other. if i give these sounds to devellopers, they can add their in the game without delay, and add more of 40 sounds. i hope that you have understand because my english is very very bad :razz:
  11. where are creators of this game???

    yep, but my mesages are not to criticate the game, ask if a multiplayer is possible or other needless question. i want create the patch fr, and i have lot of sounds of battle. this can help them. but i have no response, so i don't understand.
  12. where are creators of this game???

    hi, i have send several messages to creators of this game, but i haven't receive response. where are they? sorry for my bad english
  13. can mount&blade maker...?

    oskuorava, make a game like mount and blade claim lot of work and time, it is very difficult. authors of this game are only two. they must buy some component of their game (like sounds). so, it's normal that the game is not free. if you buy this game, you help authors of this games. so buy this game, do not try to have him free. :wink:

    (sorry for my bad english)
  14. french mod

    merci dust :grin: ! merci pour ton super programme, on va pouvoir avoir une traduction de qualité grâce à toi. au niveau accents, ceux que tu as cités suffisent amplement. pas besoin d'autre chose.

    ryuta, we don't need another member for this mod, we are 4, and it's sufficient. thank for the information.

    we have finished about 56 % of traduction.
  15. french forum

    we have a new french forum, only devote to mount and blade. we wait us :grin:
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