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    [WRL] Congratulations and Thank Yous

    Thanks :smile: Always a pleasure to help!
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    Nations Banners

    They played together in a nation's cup. Nothing political here, look for trouble somewhere else.
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    Avenir et ambitions

    Ça dépend si on parle du solo ou du multi. Je pense que le solo va bien s'améliorer au fil du temps et proposer plein d’opportunités. Par contre sur le multi, je suis plutôt de ton avis que ça a été bâclé notamment parce que très peu des recommandations des joueurs faites pendant l'alpha, la...
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    📜 Foire aux questions

    Gloire à la dame !
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Hastings (March, 29th)

    On the fourteenth day of the month, the two great armies met at Senlac Hill. After sending a few volleys of arrows, the Normans advanced towards the hill and attempted to break the English formation. But the shieldwall stood firm and the first three Norman assaults were repelled with ease...
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Hastings (March, 29th)

    The Eorlingas ond Háringas have been accepted to the event. Hawkband and Chorągiew Mistrzów are accepted as reserve in case another clan does not show up on the day. Unfortunately, the applications from Baronnie de Châtillon and LEGION have been rejected due to the event reaching full capacity...
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Hastings (March, 29th)

    All the applications above have been accepted as discussed on Steam. Further applications will be considered but please note that only a few slots are left.
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Hastings (March, 29th)

    October 1066, Harold Godwinson, king of England is victorious. With tactical brilliance, he had caught the invading viking force off guard at Stamford Bridge a few days earlier and crushed them. Harald Hardrada, claimant to the throne of England, has been slain. However, Harold has no time to...
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    horses crashing into soldiers like tanks

    Enough said. Warhorses were trained in middle-ages to be able to do so. There are sources and accounts speaking of horses crashing into each other (and often dying) in battle from the medieval times to the 19th century.
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    Show off your Bannerlord faces!

    Tommy Shelby of the Peaky Fookin' Blinders?
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    Ordre de L'Étoile

    Bon retour !
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    Map of Calradia 1084 (Update 15.04.20)

    Well spotted :wink: I used Mercator's map as reference for the text and I edited some parts. It reads "To the most illustrious and clement king and lord Harlaus, King of Swadia and Lord of Praven, this work, commenced and ended under his favourable patronage, was dedicated by Roudrac."
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    Map of Calradia 1084 (Update 15.04.20)

    Your great map inspired me to create my own medieval-style version of it. I hope you don't mind, it would not have been possible to make it without all the precious information you gathered. I plan to update it later with more labels.
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    La Taverne : "Du rhum, des femmes, de la bière nom de Dieu..."

    Ça vaut toujours le coup pour tester le gameplay du combat, qui sera le même qu'en solo. Pour ma part, ça fait un moment que je suis sur la beta et pour être honnête je suis déçu par les changements dans le gameplay et le game design dans l'ensemble. J'espère que d'ici la sortie bcp de choses...
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    Nations Banners

    As I said, more are coming in the future. I did not start with African nations because they never participated in Warband Nations Cup.