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    Couched lance - Low risk, high reward

    It's a really janky and band-aid solution to a class/mechanic being too strong. The couch itself would still be just as strong, just because you can now do it 3 times a round doesn't make it less broken. The only way I could see something like this being even remotely considered is, if after all the previously suggested things, cav still somehow ends up being too dominant in the hands of the general player. I still wouldn't like it, this just isn't what people expect from a M&B game.

    Yeah you're right.
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    Couched lance - Low risk, high reward

    I really don't think RNG that could take out your main weapon for no good reason has a place in multiplayer context in the first place, even less so if used as an attempt at balancing a class.
    Would a durability or "amount of uses" be preferable? Like a light lance gets 1 couch and the heavy ones get 2/3?
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    Couched lance - Low risk, high reward

    Needs to have a cooldown between couches, shouldn't be able to couch infinitely around the map, and should take a bit longer to prepare the couch. I think those would be the 3 things that, when combined, would make it a little more challenging. Adding your 1st and 3rd suggestion to these would also work, but could be overkill if overdone. No-no to lances breaking.

    Why would lances breaking be a no-no? I feel it would add a bit of flavour to the current cavalry meta.

    EDIT: At the moment cavalry makes exclusive use of lances / spears, because it's rather easy to outrange spearmen and get very safe hits on enemies.
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    Couched lance - Low risk, high reward

    1 and 3 together would be good enough.

    Or just give it a proper cool down so it’s not something I can spam, and remove the “instant couches” that can happen 😂
    I agree
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    Couched lance - Low risk, high reward

    Problem is the tanky horses nothing else
    I agree that horses have way too much armor/HP. But couching doesn't require any skill. It's not fulfilling to kill someone with a couched lance / being killed by one.

    Basically the Bannerlord equivalent of the noobtube.
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    Couched lance - Low risk, high reward

    Killing people with a couched lance is ridiculously easy. Kills shields and players often in one hit. Right now to get a lot of kills cav someone only has to run around the map in circles, hoping they run into unsuspecting players. Way too easy. This isn't skillful or fun in any way. I have a...
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    B Medieval Fantasy Silmarillion - A Tolkien Project

    Will be playing this when it comes out for sure!
    Love that you guys picked some of the other LOTR settings, I don't know much about the lore outside the movies & games so I'm looking forward to this mod.
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    MP Native Kingdoms [Persistent Kingdoms Successor]

    Please don't skimp on the RP features for the mod. We will now supposedly have the potential for far greater distances between areas on the map. I think of the need to get a cart and horses as well as having to hire guards when going to the mines/ trading between town etc. Sure that existed in Warband PW but now the castles won't all be within sight distance of each other and those bandits will have much more opportunity to hide and ambush you along the way. Travelling through the countryside will be much more of experience.

    I did a bit of scene editing work later in the PW days and loved it, I can't wait to get into the scene editing tools for Bannerlord. I loved to make detailed scenes but would always run into prop limit restrictions and scene size limitations making the map seem so small and transitions between "regions" be very jarring. Now I hope we will have much more freedom there. Taleworlds have thrown out some very large numbers for scene sizes and large numbers for concurrent users etc. Again, going back to my first paragraph, I really am looking forward to vast countrysides/ deserts/ forests/ following rivers for miles/ lands dotted with small villages and old ruins.

    We will also have access to many more character models (women, children, animals) and many more props and animations as well as having access to more tavern games and other diversions. Combat, faction wars and the threat of danger are essential in Kingdoms but I sometimes tend to enjoy more and have better memories of the non-combat moments and the times of immersive role play.

    On another note, I think I would prefer a scene where all the factions and lore are based on Bannerlord SP lore. Meaning, have the factions on the map actually be "Battania", "Sturgia" etc. but it would also be nice to have the minor factions represented as well. So you could join the "Wolfskins", "Hidden hand" or the "Karakhuzaits". Each faction would have access to the same gear and classes that exist in the SP lore. Much of this would depend on the scene and what the scener chooses to include or where it's located in Calradia.

    I could go on and on about this stuff but I'll end it here for now. So these are all just suggestions, anecdotes and ramblings trying to start some discussions, not demands on the mod devs.

    Nice post.
    I see a lot of potential for this mod.

    Really enjoyed taxing peasants and hunting bandits as a manhunter in the warband mod.
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    The 22nd Battalion

    hello all
    battle servers soon hopefully
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    INT Other Completed Face Off Gaming Beauty Pageant Tournament *20.00$ prize* EU/NA

    The Mongchild.
    A boy found in the woods by a roving warband, now grown up to be one of the most cruel manhunters.
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    e.1.0.x cavalry vs spearman

    Agree, cav is stupidly OP.
    The maps aren't that balanced either, cav can reach you in nearly every place compared to warband where you'd be safe in many areas or spots.

    You can just hug another player with your horse, their attacks will glance or not hit you but just your horse (which can tank a lot of hits anyway).

    Menavlion cav doesn't even care about spears. While you stab & rear their horse they'll oneshot you with their menavlion.
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    The Athenaeum

    Great post, you put in a lot of effort! Felt really nostalgic reading the summaries, well done!
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    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    You guys coming back for Bannerlord?

    Lust CoRupt
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