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  1. XP learning multiplier should stop at 0.1 but never zero.

    So much this. I like the skill system and the perks. Maybe it could be changed so that skills are very hard to level without focus points but can still level slowly. I believe the learning limit should be removed as currently it is possible to lock yourselves into a character who can gain any more levels. As has been stated, your character dying is what will prevent your character from being a master of all trades.
    What's more, it actually gives the player the option to choose whether they allow the aging mechanic to organically limit their character's skill levels since it's an option iirc.

    If a player disliked the idea of losing progress, they could continue on, albeit very slowly, at the "capped" rate without fear of the character death and losing any progress at all. A player who is okay with such a setback upon a character death would play with see it organically limit their character's total skill level, but the new heir character would obviously not be impacted by the rate cap, and this gamer could experience multiple kinds of characters over one campaign through the aging and heir system. Everyone gets to enjoy to their taste.
  2. Stance Swing Speed Comparison

    It's too nuanced to implement something like this without better feedback to the player on what stance you're in and how that affects your swings. I feel like they're trying to do too much with the combat without focusing enough on how fun it is to try and watch out for all these things in a game where you routinely clash in 3+ man scrums.
  3. Hideouts making no sense

    The idea that the bandits will "disappear" if you show up with your whole army, as an argument for why we can only take a handful of troops, is counter-intuitive to the way the game handles roving bands of looters/bandits in that same exact sense. That's the entire reason for the army speed mechanic. They will drop all their hard-won belongings at their hideout and flee in different directions to evade an army, but if we meet them out on the road while they're looking for targets, they're all of a sudden too brave to disperse and attempt to disappear?
  4. Hideouts need an overhaul

    But the game doesn't seem designed to sneak as there's no cover mechanic and the enemy can see you behind trees, bushes, etc. Plus they don't seem to suffer any vision/accuracy penalties at night and apparently all of them are awake 24 hours a day (at night some of them should be sleeping, sitting around the fire, etc. so you can catch them off guard.

    And indeed not turning them into mini siege events indeed seems to be a missed opportunity to make them far more amazing experiences.
    I have to agree. If they're going to insist on this scenario as an "ambush" attack, there needs to be large improvements to the way the AI detects you and your pals. They also need to be less stretched out, because sneaking around over that large an area in this game would be woefully time-consuming.
  5. Blocking Seems Sluggish/Unresponsive

    As the title states, blocking does not feel responsive to me at the moment. There seems to be far too many instances where I'm hitting right-click, my character model is blocking, but the attack lands on me anyways for reasons unknown. There appears to be a slight delay on raising a...
  6. 2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    It's a good point that the game doesn't rlly hold your hand at all but me being me pressed it to see what it did straight away and now I use it all the time to separate units further to make an efficient and effective war machine with specialised units to fulfil my demands
    I'm okay with not holding the hand so long as the player can access the information in an intuitive way should they seek it.

    No need to hit me with pages of text explaining every last part of the UI and system, but I feel like tooltips on hover are an incredibly easy and intuitive way to help explain these things should the player's curiosity convince them to seek out that info. The Witcher 3 did this well; general combat info was tooltip on hover over stats and items, but specialized info (i.e. monster weaknesses) required the player actively delve into the Witcher's bestiary.
  7. Thought and issues about automatic battle resolution

    To be honest, I completely support games that punish the living hell out of auto resolves, as it is either that or auto resolve is easily exploited. In my opinion, auto resolve is for when a battle is so pointless that you are willing to take absurd losses to not have to fight it.

    With that said, the fact that you get so much more XP for auto resolving is something I want them to fix.
    Not sure I can completely agree, having played Total War for hundreds of hours. Sometimes, easy battles just become wastes of time to manually go through. I'm not sure punishing the player for avoiding a pointless load screen is a good strategy for player retention and, let's be honest, 30 bandits would immediately surrender without a fight when cornered by 100 trained troops. Since bandits never surrender until after a battle has at least commenced, I disagree with punishing players for avoiding such pointless battles (bandits will rout almost immediately after they start taking casualties anyways, further rendering those battles largely pointless).
  8. 2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    Not a lot of people knew this feature but I thought it was common sense
    Not quite. It's not ever mentioned in the tutorial, nor is it obvious what the Roman numerals indicated.

    The game, in general, needs a lot of additional work on giving the player feedback on what's going on and how to work with the intricacies of the systems presented.
  9. [Please read devs/mods] Problems addressed through the modding community

    Some of these items are bafflingly obvious. Troop skills being so off is... Not something that's hard to notice or correct.

    That doesn't give me the best of feelings for the future (I'm of the opinion such obvious bugs aren't what EA is for), but I'm willing to give TaleWorlds the benefit of the doubt.
  10. Opinion: The world should start of in a state of peace and wars should end more quickly.

    Tired: the sandbox should start with nations like this.

    Wired: the sandbox should give the player options (within reason) with regards to diplomatic statuses with select factions (i.e., empire civil war is not optional due to described events, but the player can set whether other factions are allowed to start at war dynamically).

    I understand this may be a lot of dev time that isn't available, but anytime we can see more options in an SP sandbox I think it is almost always the best solution.

    EDIT- Alternatively, give Stellaris a go and see if that system tickles your fancy. The games gives you numerous options in tailoring the galaxy and starting factions to the player's tastes. It also gives the player options to ensure their playthroughs are unique in significant ways by altering the AI's starting situations. Something like that could be adapted here, given the dev resources are available.
  11. Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    Maybe part of this is that the system was built around giving you an attribute point every 3 levels, but that doesn't appear to work? Last I fired it up, the tooltip said I get an attribute point every 3 levels, but I was only getting one every 5 levels.
  12. Please change bandit fight mechanics

    Hideouts in general need a lot of work.
  13. How do you increase your health/HP?

    I never said it should be static, I just said that it shouldn't be able to vary wildly. I'd love to see armor actually matter more, I think that huge defensive bonus should come from armor, so that the juggernauts look like actual juggernauts, rather than shirtless men being filled with spears like porcupines.
    You do realize that I've had javelins literally sticking out of my head with a plat helm on, right?

    Like, based on the model, it's lodged about 5 inches into my skull. Acting like armor makes it more realistic only works if weapons are shown glancing off.
  14. How do you increase your health/HP?

    The weapon skill perks to increase HP by 3% seem very underwhelming. Many of the perks seem that way, though.

    Maybe a revamp of the Perk system will help alleviate some of this.
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