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    1.6.2 can't assign party role

    That's right. If nobody is assigned the MC counts for the role.
    is this for sure??

    cause wat i have been doing is assigning surgeon, engineer, and scout to companions by talking to them thanks to what you suggested earlier @Amanda, but i couldn't figure out a way to assign my own character quartermaster since you can't talk to yourself.

    So when I look in party/clan menu, no one (nor me) has the quartermaster trait and that's been bugging me.

    For sure I get the role if i dont assign it?
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    1.6.2 can't assign party role

    1.6.2 bugs: -can't assign party role, not even to main character. i assigned quartermaster and reverted to none. same with the other followers, keep assigning engineering roles, and such, and nothing as soon as i reopen tab, nothing saved.... -not sure if bug, but can't manouver with couched...
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    caravan not making any money whatsoever

    have 2 caravans neither one of them have gotten captured or anything. been 2 months in-game (60 days in-game) neither has made ANY money whatsoever. in previous playthroughs, it'd show the money when you hovered over the gold, it'd show income and expenses, but atm nothing. right now if I open...
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    option to NOT take locked horse without mod :/

    when are they going to implement the locking horse to actually LOCK your horse D: i keep upgrading cav and the locked horses get taken first. i personally like the Aserai horse the best, and did this experiment: i had 5 aserai war horses, and 20 other war horses (vlandian courser, etc..). i...
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    archers auto transfer into infantry when they run out of arrows

    I would rather have the option of splitting off arrowless archers into a separate unit instead of adding them to the infantry line. That way I could get those that can't shoot anymore out of the way of those that can, without putting them in harms way together with the grunts.

    Same with horse archers. I don't want them to join a melee if I can help it, but there's not need for them to ride together with those that still have ammo. They only make the formation bulky. Being able to pull them back would be very advantageous.
    yeah this

    I think the main point of the OP was to have an option to merge archers with remaining infantry <Group 1> to e.g. create some sort of patchwork shield wall.

    Edit: And The same with horse archers that run out of arrows changing from <4> to <3>.

    The more i think about it i see as potential commanding improvement (e. G. Large battles) but I'm not sure how effective such shield wall or cavalry charge would be.
    and thisu
    There should be a choice, if u want them to retreat and maybe resupply so they re-join the battle in a certain time frame or if they should just automatically be placed under infantry.

    Obviously they aren't as good melee fighters so some players won't want them to potentially die for little reward.

    Now, this is what "should" be in the game. TW won't do it, I'll save u the trouble of suggesting it to them.
    right :/
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    when entering battle, there should be a menu that allows you to choose map

    Lol imagine in a real life battle, where you the opposing team decides which place to fight. Lol
    mongols always did that. worked pretty good for them
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    when entering battle, there should be a menu that allows you to choose map

    upon entering, there should be a menu that allows you to choose map (out of the available terrains of coure) it's annoying retreating 15 times so i can play on the map that i like
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    archers auto transfer into infantry when they run out of arrows

    is there this option? if not, there should be an option in-game so that archers automatically transfer to infantry formation whenever they run out of arrows and there aren't any nearby for them to pick up from the ground. Same for horse archers respectively. thoughts? I personally like to...
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    riding tier 7 perk - riding horde or breeder?

    which one best? thanks :)
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    riding perk question

    Yes, it does. If you own a town and have that perk, it will also work for all of the villages that are bound to that town.

    It has a bit of a weird implementation though. For notables in villages, it checks the perks of the owner of the village's trade bound settlement. Since castles don't have a market and therefore cannot be traded with, villages that are bound to castles are also trade bound to the nearest town. This means it doesn't actually matter if the owner of the bound castle has the perk, it only matters if the owner of the trade bound town has the perk.

    So for example, the village of Veron is bound to Veron Castle, but is trade bound to Lageta. If the clan owner of Veron Castle is a Battanian lord, but the owner of Lageta is a Western Empire lord, then the perk bonus will only be applied to Veron's notables if the W.E. owner of Lageta has the required perk, not the owner of Veron Castle. In certain situations, this means if two factions are at war, a lord could be inadvertently boosting the cavalry volunteer rate of an enemy settlement.

    That's probably unintended.


    Edit: After looking at it, very few (if any) npc lords have 225 riding skill in the first place, so this probably will mostly just affect the player. Just be aware though, if all you own are castles, this perk will not affect any of the villages you own. Mounted Patrols is much more useful to the player anyway.
    awesome thanks for the reply, understood!

    think i'll be going with mounted patrols then
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    riding perk question

    cavalry tactics or mounted patrols? (riding 9th tier perks) if i'm clan leader, does it mean on all the settlements only or villages too, there will be more mounted troops (elite troops) that will volunteer? thanks
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    Steward Perk Question

    awesome thank you so much for the responses. this playthrough i'm doing it without crafting or trading and honestly caravans are wacked they don't work, i've found just workshops have been my main source of passive income plus the new vlandian mercenary bonus for working as mercenary.

    really want to finish this playthrough without cheesing crafted javelins, but idk how i'm gonna save up enough gold to buy people to join the kingdom later on
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    Steward Perk Question

    I'm on the 5th tier of the steward perk on 1.6 and I'm not sure which to decide between Giving Hands or Logistician. How exactly does giving hands work? For my governor companions I chose for them to have Logistician because I feel tax income is more secure/steady than tariff, but for my...
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    frugal vs spartan??

    This has already came up and gone back down. TW does not want to add more menu clicking BS for the player to have to do in normal gameplay. They may add changes to wages that simulate some effect of more cost for more advanced troops, however t4-6 troops already cost too much for thier performance level, so this need to be addressed before increases could be justified.

    IMO the problem is much more that there's not enough good things to do with money and not that the player gets too much. Many player do not get that much and have a hard time with this aspect of the game too.

    It doesn't give a moral buff. What it is, if you have say only grain for you troops to eat you get a -moral penalty, it's either -1 or -2(don't remember), if you have spartan perk on quartermaster you don't get this -moral.
    HOWEVER if you have more types of food you not only don't get the -moral but you +moral too (up to +9 with max variety), so like I said, I would just take frugal and remember to buy more food types.

    @black_bulldog is saying that after they get leadership to 100+ the moral bonus from leadership is enough that they don't worry about food variety for + moral. It's worth pointing out that this should mean he also doesn't need the spartan perk either at this point.

    I don't think he means that the spartan perk helped him get leadership to 100 though. If anything I think the + max moral from food diversity would be a greater help in raising leadership as having more moral give you leadership (very small amount) exp daily. However the bulk of leadership exp usually comes from becoming a vassal and forming armies for more leadership exp daily.
    ahhh i see. i thought it was like you were always at -9 morale if you didn't have all 9 food sources, and spartan got rid of it. wasn't aware of how it worked. this helped a lot :smile:
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    frugal vs spartan??

    While I get this idea, imho if you're going to get leadership high enough (+100) then having multiple sources of food is useless. Yes it helps in the early to mid game but I'm typically around 100 leadership by the end of the first year. There's nothing stopping you from using food as a morale booster early on so it's not penalizing you for having various foods. Personally I'd rather just buy grain and be done with it because it's cheaper and more readily available and I can't be asked to run around looking for every kind of food, I guess I'm just lazy. :wink: Also consuming 10% less food while leading an army really can help, just my 2 cents.

    you actually get to 100 leadership just by taking Spartan over frugal? that's how much the morale buff is?

    Right now my morale is usually around 60-70 and i'm winning battle after battle after battle but can't get it to raise above 90 nor 100. And I am interested in leveling the leadership for veteran's respect (disciplinarian).

    In every playthrough i've played, I've always taken the frugal for money saving early game,

    but this playthrough i still haven't chosen. any additional input would be much appreciated :smile:
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