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    [ECS4] Group A

    Right, so if we agree on that, then why are you mad with the current situation? All teams knew what tournament they are signing in for, and what the rules are. It makes perfect sense for this situation to happen when 2 'fun' teams meet in a div A qualification match. Btw if you want to have fun...
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    [ECS4] Group A

    Where did I say that? xD Where I said you shouldnt be in tournament? I would make a long answer explaining it to you like to a little kid, but I think it would save time if you would just pay attention to what you read. That's probably true, but it brings nothing to the discussion :P
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    [ECS4] Group A

    I have nothing against teams decisions, but reading how you put it is quite funny for me Its like, well this competetive tournament is not suitable for our non-competetive teams. As I say again I have nothing against their decision, its now up to admins how they deal with it.
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Yea, thats the one. You already do
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Yikes, you act like a spoiled child not only in tournament, but on Matchmaking too. Youre mad at team you got, otherwise you would win? XD *****please, score was 3-4 and might be better if you wouldnt start to troll, hitting Szeki for no reason. Bah, we won second set 5vs6 pretty much, still...
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    [ECS4] Suggestions

    Would be easier if some people grow up and keep their tongue during the match. Or is it too hard for some..
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    In Progress Horse lagging when bumping

    Hey, On a start I will say that I searched for a threads like this, found only from 2010 which remained unsolved. As in the subject, not always, but often horse lags when I try to bump and maneuver it. It is very annoying. I wanted to ask if anyone found a solution to it, or if devs would look...
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    [WRL] Statistics

    Great job!
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    [WRL]Division C - Week 5

    AeM 12-0 Widłownicy Boszy [/SPOILER] We played on Ger 6
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    [WRL] Division C - Week 4

    Yeah, was nice match, ggs
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    [WRL] Servers & Booking // (powered by bullez and CCC)

    Team you are from?: AeM Teams involved?: AeM vs MF WRL Match?: Yes Server Location: GER Date & Time: Sunday 09/08 - 20:00BST
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    [WRL] Team Rosters

    Player Addition Team Name: AeM Divison: C Name of player(s):
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    [WRL] Team Rosters

    Team Name: AeM Name of player(s):
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    [WRL] Servers & Booking // (powered by bullez and CCC)

    Team you are from?: AeM Teams involved?: AeM vs DAM WRL Match?: Yes Server Location: GER Date & Time: 02.08.20 - 19:15bst (20:15 cet(
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    [WRL] Division C - Week 3

    AeM vs DAM Sunday 19:15 bst (20:15 cet)