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    Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    The system is good, just unbalanced at the moment. Like everything concerning the pace of the game.


    Levelling is slow as heck. Where on the other side the nations are at warring eachother at an alarming pace. Roleplay and immersion? Not easy when all the lords are constantly on campaigns with the armies. I don't think I've seen more than 4 lords in theirs castles in my 20 hours of playtime.
    So player progress is slow, where-as the world becomes one or two colours before you can even lvl up a companion xd
  2. Rhugar

    Dev Blog 23/05/19

    Sumi_Nova said:
    What the ****? We already learned of this **** 2 years ago from captain mode videos. Why repost the same **** in text format? No mention of any improvements to the videos shown 2 years ago? No video gameplay?


    I actually laughed out loud. All hyped up hoping for something cool or new in the dev blogs, maybe even some gameplay (imagine that!). And then it's this.
  3. Rhugar

    Coop Multiplayer/Early Access

    Hang on.. Are you suggesting some sort of.. Co-op? That's an absolutely marvelous idea! :!:
  4. Rhugar

    Predictions for Gamescon

    578 said:
    Same boring **** as the previous years, with an unnanounced date for beta or release date. Some more eye candy regarding graphics. Nothing new at all is what I expect.

    I fear this too

    So what I expect differs greatly from what I hope for  :roll:
  5. Rhugar

    Dev Blog 09/05/19

    Short but interesting.

    Unless the UI is far from being done, in regards to these features. Why not give us a screenshot or two, that show these options or features  :???:
    Not that the screenshot in the blog is bad, but it's just a guy with a sword held high next to a smoking village. Which I assume is just a raid.
  6. Rhugar

    Dev Blog 02/05/19

    DanAngleland said:
    A few months ago Armagan, when asked what the next blog topic would be, just swore and said "Sod the blogs, I'm sick of thinking about the damn things, just flipping sod it. Are you still here, Cameron, whatever your name is? I'm letting you go."

    Since then, Callum has been hiding in the store cupboard to avoid detection whenever Armagan comes around. He has to wait until Armagan has gone home at night to get most of his work done, which he has resolved to do despite no longer being a paid member of staff. He didn't know what else to do with himself, poor fellow. Unable to pay his rent, he decided to sell off all his household items in Turkey and live in the office, depending upon the pity of his erstwhile colleagues for food. Will he one day let Armagan know he is still here and plead for his job back, or perpetually live off handouts while slowly going insane? If the former, how on earth is Armagan going to take the news that we've been promised a beta?

    You should pitch this to Ricky Gervais and have it made into new spinoff of The Office! :grin:
  7. Rhugar

    Dev Blog 02/05/19

    Maybe this blog will be written in the style of a 'goodnight story' so it'll be released right around bedtime!
  8. Rhugar

    Can we grow to have long hair?

    I suppose it could be pretty cool if they could implement a simple version of what The Witcher 3 has. Wouldn't have to be as fancy, could just be three lenghts to each hairstyle or something like that ^^ Maybe modders could add that in, in time. I mean the horse hair is flying around in every-which way, so why not  :lol:
  9. Rhugar

    If the developers want me to play multiplayer so badly

    OP sounds like he/she shouldn't be bothering with multiplayer to be honest. Also I'm getting a strong wipe, that perhaps it isn't the servers and community that is the real problem =P

    Overall.. If you're getting more annoyed and anger out of an aspect of play, than you are getting enjoyment... Then.. you know, play something that is fun and enjoyable instead.
  10. Rhugar

    My ideas to improve the late game

    Future_Gang said:
    I think we all can agree late game is kinda boring when you have overpowered troops and stats, so heres my ideas on how they can fix it to make it more interesting.

    1: Lock out the high level gear from noobs. Its way too easy to get the best weapon at the start of the game and by the time you become a vassal you probably have some heavy plate armor and a 50 damage greatsword.

    2: Make the bandits grow in numbers, gear and stats as you level up. So we can have elite bandit armies that can actually be a challange to you instead of just a nuisance you click for your knights to trample.

    3: Make troops evolve in gear. Maybe after 3 ingame years a swadian recruit could stop carrying pitchforks and clubs they start bringing spears and swords, nord veterans bring a better axe, khergit horse archer switch their bows for lances, etc you get the point they slowly change their army so you have to come up with new tactics and bring higher level armies to deal with enemies.

    If you have any other ideas comment below so Taleworlds can see.

    Are you talking about Warband? or Bannerlord? :razz:

    Because if you're talking about Bannerlord, it's a little early to talk about boring late game.
  11. Rhugar

    Dev Blog 02/05/19

    Terco_Viejo said:
    DtheHun said:
    Dev Blog 02/05/19 said:
    This is clearly a massive undertaking for us, so we are devoting most of our time and effort into ensuring that things go as smoothly as possible at Gamescom. Thankfully, all of the work being done on this front brings us ever closer to the release of the game, so it is time well spent!

    Making another advertisement build brings us closer to the release of the game, but using a pretty build to take appealing screenshots of already implemented features would take too much effort from the devs part and would generate further delay.

    No more questions.

    - Don't try to harvest the crop. It's impossible.  Instead, just try to realize the truth.
    - What truth?
    - There is no harvest.
    - No harvest?
    - And then you will see that the harvest is not harvested. It's just you.


    That. Is gold xD

    It might not be harvest season, but it is the yearly season of hope before the painful days of gamescon where excitement shall turn to sorrow. Let us atleast rejoice in our beloved hype until that time.  :roll:
  12. Rhugar

    Where are the strong female heroines?

    Lord Brutus said:
    So, where are the strong female heroines?  Did we ever decide that?

    Not quite sure. But where ever they are, they may or may not be wearing leather chest rigs to shoot bows at the same effeciency. I think xD
  13. Rhugar

    A positive thread!

    First of all I find that I really look forward to the Thursday dev-blogs, even if I have been "disappointed" by a few of them, I still hunger for any titbit of news =)
    Moreso,  I've recently re-re-re-rewatched all the gameplay footage and nevermind all the cool new gameplay features and graphics! I just couldn't help but notice the sigil on the player banners and I'm found myself wondering the last couple of days, what symbol I'll choose the first time I get to pick one :grin:
  14. Rhugar

    Castle Building Removed?

    I don't even hear it as if it's been cut. It just sounds like Armagan is saying "no", to the idea of building a castle "just anywhere". But I guess we'll just have to wait and see ^^
  15. Rhugar

    Eating food in taverns

    Well it's already been shown in one of the very first "playthroughs" with Lust, that you can sit down next to people in the taverns. So sitting is a thing, huzzah! :razz:
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