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    Viking Conquest Update 1.03 (released)

    Several hours later, I... can't really find any problems, honestly. Awesome work, you guys! Thank you so much! I'll round up some general thoughts on what's here and what's changed, later, and try to lay that out in a coherent fashion. :mrgreen:
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    Viking Conquest Update 1.03 (released)

    You guys are amazing! I've installed the beta, and I'm giving it a whirl now to see what things look like. Just at a cursory glance, the crippling FPS drop on the campaign map seems to be entirely fixed. (I'm also seeing much fewer bandits, as per your note that the spawn rate's been reduced. I guess I'll have to go beat up lordlings instead!) Thank you so much for all your hard work and your patience with us overeager gamers! :mrgreen:

    Once I've had a chance to sit down with this for a few hours or days, I'll post a more thorough list of findings.
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    Thank you for the feedback

    Zanthius said:
    ^ If my own circle of Warband-playing associates is anything to go off of, interest/playtime has been at a standstill since shortly after the official release of patch 1.02.

    Until 1.03 comes along and presumably squashes the loading and map performance bugs (among a hundred other things), most players I know consider any additional time sunk into VC to be a waste.

    It is a bit slow lately. I know for some of us, the 1.02 changes made the game unplayable because of fatal errors (notoriously, some of us suffer from a random crash-to-desktop bug that seems to have no particular rhyme or reason to when it strikes) or strange behaviour (merchants unable to arrive at their destinations, etc). Plus, everybody seems to have a particularly long initial load time, though the time ranges from "five to ten minutes" to "two hours or more." Until they address these issues in 1.03, I think quite a few people have simply stopped playing.

    I've been gimping it along and saving and quitting often to "reset" map stuff to keep the program from crashing, and it seems to work for the moment, but there are still problem merchants and a few lords that can't find their way off their boats and back to terra firma. I wouldn't consider time sunk into it to be a waste, per se, but it's kind of broken right now. :mrgreen:

    Me, I've been alternating between prodding at Viking Conquest and revisiting vanilla Warband, since it's been so long. I'll take what I can get!
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    Viking Conquest Update 1.02 (released)

    Brentimus Maximus said:
    I updated the base game as I failed to do originally.  Not a single crash this weekend!  I played probably 10 hours of the game.  :grin:

    Really? A lot of people have had a slew of bugs and fairly fatal issues, prompting them to wait 'til 1.03 is released to play properly. You must have just the right build of computer or something. You're pretty lucky! Go, you. :mrgreen:

    In the meantime, I found a trick that might help some of the other people suffering the horrible CTD issues – it's pretty simple and I don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier. Just save and quit frequently, and reload your file. I know it's a pain in the arse, and the campaign map is still pretty seriously lagging, but it won't crash to the desktop and force you to reload the program, thus suffering through that bogged-down Loading Textures screen.

    I know it's not really a fix or anything, but it's something! Hopefully it helps for those who really, really want to play in the meantime 'til 1.03 is released...
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    Viking Conquest Update 1.02 (released)

    Brentimus Maximus said:
    Ah, you know what.  I forgot to update the base game to 1.165 so it's probably just that.  Good call, thanks.  I'll try again when I get the chance.

    I'd be curious to know if you're having the same map stutter, crash to desktop, and general poor map performance issues as a whole lot of other people seem to be.

    Also, I want to put out my thanks for the entire team – you guys have been working pretty hard amidst a lot of complaint for the sake of making Viking Conquest an awesome DLC, and I know it's a thankless task when things sometimes don't go as planned. Kudos to you guys!

    While I don't want to seem pushy or ungrateful or anything, would there happen to be any sort of ETA on 1.03 or a hotfix for the map problems? Viking Conquest is at present pretty much unplayable for me (and a few other people). Alternatively, is there any way for Steam users to go back to 1.01 if they're having unresolvable problems with 1.02? The official site only has 1.02 up for download. Not to put pressure on or anything I'm just curious. I love this DLC and I'd like to be able to enjoy it again! :smile:
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    Merry Christmas all together!

    Beron said:
    merry Xmas to all! and happy Yule! and new Year!

    OT: i have no doubts, in the next weeks, this will become a lively community of happy and enthusiastic players both in multi and in single. new features will follow the game fixes, and new mods will follow the new features.
    Developers want to be proud of it, so they will :smile:

    just be patient.


    Hear, hear.

    And a happy new year, too!
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    Viking Conquest Update 1.02 (released)

    caddux said:
    I'm sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find it anywhere, not even in the patch changelog:

    Is it savegame compatible?

    It doesn't seem to be, since I have even more issues in my old saved game file. Starting a new game lessens the issues, although it doesn't seem to eliminate them completely.

    Idibil said:
    You try this:
    use_pixel_shaders = 0
    use_vertex_shaders = 0
    fake_reflections = 0

    And you try/play:
    use_ondemand_textures = 1 --> or 0
    use_ondemand_textures_mt = 1--> or 0
    force_single_threading = 0 --> or 1
    force_vsync = 1 -->  or 0

    You have two graphic card, are you using nvidia to run VC? This is important you use nvidia.

    Oops, I thought I mentioned that I've played with those specific settings, and it didn't seem to affect anything.

    I'm not actually sure why my machine lists a secondary onboard video card. Nothing uses it, to my knowledge; I didn't even know it was included until I went poking about in my system settings – the NVIDIA otherwise lists as the default. And absolutely yes I'm ensuring it is using that for Warband and Viking Conquest; I wouldn't use an integrated card for anything that heavy.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback, folks, I'll tweak this stuff shortly and see if any of it resolves the crashing or the map/camp lag. Hopefully it will! Have a good afternoon (or morning, or evening, wherever you are)! :grin:

    EDIT (12/30/2014 @ 8:28PM EST): So as it turns out none of these options fixes any of the problems I'm having. Big surprise! I guess I'll just have to wait 'til this gets patched. Sad tuba sound.
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    Viking Conquest Update 1.02 (released)

    I really want to play more of this, because what I have played is very good. I've sunk a lot of hours into it despite the bugs and the instability, but after this morning's patch, it's just unplayable.

    • Probably the most disruptive error are the constant crashes. Windows displays a crash dialog forcing you to close the program, saying that "something has caused this program to stop working correctly." The detailed information is neither descriptive nor helpful; it seems to me that it may have something to do with a memory leak. Notably, this only seems to occur on the map screen while time is passing – either while you're on the march, or while you're camped somewhere.

    • There seems to be massive frame rate lag while camping or passing time in any area. We're talking 10 FPS or less, here, and the chance of experiencing the above crashes while camping seems dramatically higher – again, suggesting to me that something isn't optimised, and causing undue strain on either the processor, memory, graphics card, or all three.

    I've included a copy of my RGL_CONFIG text file:

    first_time = 0
    texture_detail = 100
    render_buffer_size = 15
    max_framerate = 60
    start_windowed = 0
    use_pixel_shaders = 1
    use_vertex_shaders = 1
    fake_reflections = 1
    show_framerate = 0
    use_ondemand_textures = 1
    use_ondemand_textures_mt = 1
    disable_music = 0
    disable_sound = 0
    disable_frequency_variation = 0
    cheat_mode = 0
    enable_blood = 1
    enable_edit_mode = 0
    force_single_threading = 0
    debug_mode = 0
    display_width = 0
    display_height = 0
    display_bits = 32
    antialiasing = 0
    sample_quality = 0
    alpha2coverage = 0
    force_vsync = 1
    shadowmap_quality = 1
    shader_quality = 2
    postfx_dof = 0
    postfx_hdr = 0
    postfx_autoexp = 0
    flora_degrade_distance = 100.2703
    flora_lod_detail = 1
    use_instancing = 0
    use_secure_connection = 0
    max_number_of_connections = 16
    look_for_server_on_this_machine = 0
    music_volume = 0.4803
    sound_volume = 0.4911
    mouse_sensitivity = 0.9381
    invert_mouse = 0
    enable_lighting = 1
    enable_particles = 1
    enable_blood = 1
    enable_character_shadows = 1
    enable_accurate_shadows = 1
    number_of_corpses = 3
    grass_density = 50
    combat_speed = 2
    friend_combat_difficulty = 0
    adapter_format = 0
    reduce_combat_ai = 2
    reduce_campaign_ai = 2
    combat_difficulty = 0
    display_labels = 1
    display_targeting_reticule = 1
    display_attack_direction = 0
    turn_camera_with_horse_in_first_person = 3
    verbose_damage = 1
    verbose_shot_difficulty = 1
    battle_size = 0.3422
    attack_direction_control = 2
    defend_direction_control = 0
    lance_control = 0
    anisotropic_filtering = 1
    enable_environment_shadows = 1
    verbose_casualties = 1
    verbose_experience = 1
    realistic_shadows_on_plants = 1
    number_of_ragdolls = 3
    gamma = 2.2000
    character_detail = 1.0000
    character_shadow_detail = 1.0000
    control_mouse_movement_y_scale = 1.5000
    blood_stains = 1
    use_winmm_audio = 0
    enable_version_check = 1
    enable_aspect_ratio_control = 1
    realistic_headshots = 0
    auto_gfx_quality = 0
    enable_gamepad_vibration = 1

    Here are my system specs, for the sake of completeness:

    Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-4150 CPU @ 3.50 GHz  3.50 GHz
    Installed Memory (RAM): 6.00 GB
    System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

    Video Card 1: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745
    Chipset: GeForce GTX 745
    Dedicated Memory: 3.1 GB
    Total Memory: 4.0 GB

    Video Card 2: Intel® HD Graphics 4400
    Chipset: Intel® HD Graphics 4400
    Dedicated Memory: 0 B
    Total Memory: 1.8 GB

    Please note that before this morning's patch, I did not have the instability crashes or the massive map lag. I'm not sure what was changed to cause such severe issues.

    For the most part, I don't experience the texture problems other people do (textures not loading, terrain textures replaced by flat white, etc.), and while the initial load time is pretty hefty, it's not as severe as some users have been complaining (about five minutes or so with the processor and memory I have). Even so, I would expect more polish from the $14.00 price tag on this DLC, and it speaks to me of a disappointing lack of beta testing, or simply unsatisfactory beta testing.

    I very much appreciate all the work that's been going into fixing these problems, though, and I'll continue to be patient while these issues are resolved. To this end, thank you all on the Brytenwalda and TaleWorlds teams for all of your hard work. :grin:
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    Change banner. (Minimod)

    MiNiFeDE said:
    I'm having the same problem, do you manage to find a solution? I tried 5 different banners, and now i have that horrible red & white square banner everywhere.
    There's a way, at least, to reset Lords banners?? Thanx so much, this mod is great and very useful, keep up the good work.  :grin:

    If you use tommylaw's fix a few posts up, that seems to work without "duplicating" banners left and right. I tested it out and played with it a little, trying to reproduce banners. Seems to work A-OK!
  10. ReynardFox

    Making money mid-late game? Hired troops with dull weapon?

    As far as prisoners go, I find that Khergit Lancers are pretty efficient for capturing dudes. Most of them seem to wield what looks like winged maces, so you can order them to use blunt weapons and they won't kill them. Well, usually. Sometimes they do. I guess the prisoners aren't worth much when half their head's gone. :mrgreen:

    Regarding the money issue, tournaments seem to be a good way to make money later in the game. If you bet a hundred denars on yourself for every round, you can usually get a pretty decent payoff. Your mileage may vary, of course, depending on (I think) the prosperity of the stronghold in question... but that's pretty much the only way I'm paying for my troops at this point. It usually gives me a pretty good chunk of change, besides.

    Hope that helps!
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    Redwall Mod

    Boats said:
    After I did the mouse head it was pretty easy to just modify it into the other heads, so I went on a modelling spree and just did a bunch of species. I didn't do anything with the models by Del that you sent me because some of them were wayyyy to high poly count and others just didn't match very well with what I had already. I can still cut them in half if you want though. These need a little bit of polishing but they are pretty much done and most have 2 or 3 different skins to choose from.











    There is a weasel too but I forgot to take a screenshot of it. It's pretty much the same as ferret, just different textures.

    Wow, this is fantastic. I can't wait to see more progress with this mod, let alone play it! Great job so far, guys! :mrgreen:
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    Change banner. (Minimod)

    Ahahahah~ I had wondered if this functionality was in the game to begin with, and I was rather disappointed to find that it wasn't. Thanks for an awesome little minimod!
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    Fantastic Mod!

    I've been lurking here for a little while, but I wanted to speak up here and say that I think this mod is absolutely fantastic. Kudos to everybody that contributed to it. I really enjoy playing it, and I think that the tweaks are very nicely handled. History isn't my major, so I can't say with...
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    This is a great mod

    I hate to revive a "dead" topic, but I also had to register to comment on what a fantastic mod this is. Thank you for putting all this hard work into it and making it into such a top-notch module. :mrgreen:
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