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    Sword & Musket - Voice Actors Application

    If you're having trouble finding voice actors. has an option for volunteers and it makes the process much easier than an application. The main gist of it is uploading your script and having people provide their work which then you can use or not. Has an option for auditions and stuff.
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    B Musket Era Other American Frontier

    Historically I feel the timing is off with the confederation and union business. Good luck though!
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    MP Sci-Fi Fantasy Jedi Knight - Legends From The New Republic

    I mean, from what I understand, the deluge or that other mp mod that people play that has persistent save and mmo-like features; it's definitely possible. Given the right assets but as with anything star wars watch out for disney. Greedy bastards copyright strike everything.
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    SP MP Musket Era Sword & Musket [Napoleonic Wars - Bannerlord Mod Project]

    Certainly a task to make both a singleplayer and multiplayer module revolving around NW. I don't think Warband ever had a two in one NW mod.
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    Multiplayer name choice

    Or at the very least add a clan tag system
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    Unresolved Disconnects After Joining Siege

    Same problem, however, not for me but for people in my party. Happens every so often after finding a game with the match making system in a party.
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    Need More Info Out of place sitting in throne room

    He's sitting out of place. There are some more graphical glitches like extra dark in workshop zones. Also, some NPCs don't load in right in some cities.
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    Faction Imbalance

    Does the success of a kingdom rely on policy? In my game day 500 Battania took over the entire map with no interference from me. I was part of Vlandia and I was getting negative influence. When I came to the conclusion that their policies will only put me down and I hopped over to Battania which...
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    Need More Info Enemy AI with projectiles miss by a lot.

    On realistic difficult whether it be a rock or javelin enemy units tend to miss by a lot. They try and aim to where I'm going to be when I'm using a horse or even walking in some instance. They miss by a good margin and that makes it easy to cheese them and draw attention away from my army with...
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    Early Release due to Covid-19

    It's our game and we want it now!
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    How are Beta Testers Chosen?

    Region based on language and computer specs based on what they need for testing.
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    How are Beta Testers Chosen?

    Based on region, computer specs, and luck.
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    OSP Kit Optimisation Single-Player Only Module System.

    I keep getting an error when I try to build the module through running the build_module.bat
    python: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory
    It's for all of them. What am I doing wrong? It works with the default one.

    Edit: Am I just suppose to use the compiler provided?
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