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  1. Napoleonic Wars v1.1 Public Beta Released!

    Napoleonic Wars v1.1 Public Beta Released! Today due to an imminent release, we have an announcement to make about Napoleonic Wars! As some of you may have noticed, the new Napoleonic Wars patch is currently in Beta and is now available on Steam. The purpose of this beta is to kill any...
  2. Announcement! Napoleonic Wars Upcoming Patch & IndieDB

    Developer Blog 5 - Napoleonic Wars Upcoming Patch & IndieDB Welcome back to our fifth weekly Developer Blog. This week we decided to release it a bit earlier and instead of showing you a Battle Cry of Freedom update, we will show you a small sneak peak of our upcoming...
  3. Map Making for Newbies

    Take a look at the below thread. Napoleonic Wars: Scening Support
  4. Napoleonic Wars: Scening Support

    No, you don't have to do that mate. Place a random object in your custom map, save it and the .obj file should appear.
  5. What Grinds your gears: Napoleonic Wars

    Wood poisoning maybe?
  6. [Map]NavalBattle

    Hey Cafer, I have been following this thread for quite a while and I am intrigued by your creations. I also have an offer to make but sadly I couldn’t send you a private message on the Taleworld’s forums since your post count is low. So I was wondering If you can add me on Steam (My Profile)...
  7. Pride's Mod Revival Squad ["Romae Bellum" this week]

    I'll try to attend the next event, I haven't played Vikingr in a while!
  8. Napoleonic Wars - Meme Thread

    Good one Rejen.
  9. Screenshots & Video topic

    Well, if you have a commercial license for the music it should be alright ey!
  10. To the makers of NW

    Hail Harbringer!
  11. Suggestions

    Don't worry, the Devs do read and take note of the suggestions in this topic. I think we've all seen them roaming about one day or another.