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  1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    If a battle starts the rest could just continue on the campaing maps just like you do with Warband in singleplayer and the AI get's into a fight. If two people (or someone against an AI) get into battle and you walk passed the battlefield you could join in on either side or ignore it and...
  2. High Rank TW need Admin Powers to ban/kick people (EU_A_PW)

    No if they want to be an admin they should apply for it. Just because they have a high rank in the TW would not automaticly make them good or dedicated admins.
  3. Scene creating and server hosting guides

    set_pass_admin [[Password]] set_map [[MapName]] (example scene_2, I believe scene_1 is the test_map?) Both in the config file.
  4. Scene creating and server hosting guides

    Thanks!. 5 ships not as much as I wanted by should do. Underground systems open then to everyone, but make all routes go trough a central hub with also is the bandit hideout. Making it a risky endevour to make the trip alone, but might be faster then waiting for a ship.
  5. Scene creating and server hosting guides

    So I decided to create a PW map. Good for me, maybe not the best mod to create your first map for though (Then again a PW map contains both battle and siege mode in one map) as the area is HUGE, but so far having fun trying different things (right now building a starter town). I was just...
  6. Bug reports and suggestions - read the first post

    Making the engineer more usefull! Collection of ideas that might make being a engineer more usefull Extended inventory More room for items and the likes. This should mainly be for serfs and for Engineers. This could be based of a weight system. Could use the same interface as the carts have...
  7. Before anything else (Atleast on A_Roleplay_PW)

    Not much else for a outlaw to do these days. Most server really restrict outlaws to this as for example raiding a keep is against the rules (none the less a hell of a lot of fun to do still :P, but don't tell the admins). Raiding the townwatch is fun, but this get's you on there KOS list and...
  8. Gun sounds

    "Sounds cannot be copied, resold or distributed as individual files." So something like this would not work with Mount and Blade as you can just see and use all files in the folders.
  9. Fixed Troop Tree Upgrades (Complete w/ Factions) The first link. The second link just shows to what you can upgrade you troops to. The first link has a file called troops.txt
  10. Fire & Sword Better Than Warband ?

    It does not mean that I should stop complaining it mean they have the right to complain louder :P
  11. Winged Hussars lack wings, Poland is broken etc

    The game is not based of history, but based on a book (With has some fantasy element in it, but based on historical facts) as you can see in that movie the Winged Hussar have wings, not sure if they always have in the books though.
  12. Fire & Sword Better Than Warband ?

    I can accept the missing of tournements and some other minor things. They tried to replace it with some brawling system, does not mean it is not missing. The creating of a background is something I values, true I can live without it. I did not pay that guy 15 euro's, I payed the company 15...
  13. My humble opinion

    My biggest problem simply is that there are mods out there for Warband of even orginal M&B that are way better then this. To the very least we could expect something of that quality, not worse when you pay for it. I just do not understand how TaleWorlds approved this to be sold to there consumers.
  14. Hiring Units Hahahahaha. What Have You Done TaleWorlds?

    But without something to hit the enemy from range with, they would just be spearman :P
  15. Fire & Sword Better Than Warband ?

    I was expecting more of the same, but in a different setting with guns. I mean some change that I might dislike, but not this. No tournements, no character background, no upgrading (bug), no marrige, no owning your own country. The "it's just different" excuses works when you comparing EvE...