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  1. Unhelpful Steam moderator (elysebluemoon_TW)

    Wow I wonder why a moderator deleted some of your posts?
    Never said they were mine. You another one of the troglodytes who don't know how to read? Oof. Love your picture
  2. Unhelpful Steam moderator (elysebluemoon_TW)

    You aren't even consistent in what you write, in this one you claimed he deleted the threads, in the OP you said he deleted some of them. What then? Did he magically wait for you to see the threads and then deleted them before you could gather anything?

    Being a Karen will get you nowhere, this is not Twitter.
    Deleted threads & deleted some of them is the exact same thing. I would consider you either trolling or having brain damage but I can see that you are calling someone "Karen" which is a favorite of the Yankeestan I am not surprised at all. I am sorry but it is really hard for me to consider an American seriously, that myth of you lot being stupid was an understatement and your comment is just another nail in the coffin. Jesus Christ how utterly stupid does one have to be to consider lack of one word a completely different thing. Are they putting drugs in your food or something? Please get help, ring 911 right now. :mrgreen:
  3. Unhelpful Steam moderator (elysebluemoon_TW)

    And what what would you think, now that people brought arguments OP is gone
    I beg your pardon. Which exact arguments did you bring up and I mean YOU personally? The last encounter I recall between us. YOU went radio silent really quick. No burps or farts came out of your mouth when I asked about the deleted threads or the ignored replies on Steam. Your buddies went quick on demanding evidence but ignored the fact of my OP which stated that this mod DELETED threads. You all seem so brave when you are together in a pack but in truth are fairly pathetic to be fair. Now would you be so kind as to pinpoint me to the exact point of your statement which made your bean sized brain believe that there is some argument which made me go away?

    I look forward to hearing from you. I do indeed.
  4. Unhelpful Steam moderator (elysebluemoon_TW)

    they are a freaking community support, what do you even expect? They are not actual devs, they take issues ask questions if needed and just deliver them to the developers.
    So you just ignore the bit where I wrote that he/she is ignoring the comments users leave as replies on the threads and even ignoring the bit about deleting threads for no reason? I am starting to see the pattern of the type of people on Tale Worlds forums
  5. Unhelpful Steam moderator (elysebluemoon_TW)

    Isn't his job to adress a bug report from the forum and send it to the devs? If more info is needed he'll have to manage.
    Idk now, he's been pretty ok with the bugs that i posted.
    So as long as he helped YOU and only YOU personally then he is fine. Everyone else can stay neglected. Good to know mate, you wouldn't be the guy in question by any chance? Seems you are shilling for him/her quite a bit

    I don't know that much about steam but in the forums elysebluemoon is a good support imo.

    and I don't know how you can say ", but here in the EU it is not and such rudeness and blatant bad manners & incompetence are not tolerated in the customer service sector" while Ubisoft exists
    Ok I gotta admit that Ubisoft bit made me giggle a bit. Good on you mate :mrgreen:

    Edit. But their games actually you know... work? :mrgreen:
  6. Unhelpful Steam moderator (elysebluemoon_TW)

    How's this constructive?
    He's just doing his job, and if it requires a custom message he'll write one.
    Would you like every response to a bug report to be customised or more bugs to be adressed?
    Ignoring replies from users and answering them with generic copypasta is considered doing his job? I am a bit baffeled and not sure if you are either trolling or are genuinely being serious?
  7. Unhelpful Steam moderator (elysebluemoon_TW)

    This person is being very unhelpful/incompetent or is blatantly taking the mick at this point. He doesn't read the replies people send him in the threads and just answers with a generic reply as if he had it pre-written in his notepad and he just copies and pastes the exact same reply to all of...
  8. Resolved Can't play Multiplayer

    I don't want to continue this but you are the one calling names when your own posts do not make yourself clear. In this thread you make it out to seem that you DIDN'T reinstall battle eye, at best you make it seem optional. I was not the only person who thought this is what you've done. But now you say it is otherwise.

    Reading through again there is nowhere that makes it clear to me that you used the mentioned steps to reinstall battle eye, infact it says the complete opposite. Quote:

    "6. DO NOT INSTALL BattleEye. Click Cancel and the Multiplayer should launch"
    "The problem was that after installing BattleEye I had a blue screen of death and after that I couldn't play Multiplayer anymore. There is no way to play it unless you do this process. This will help you to reinstall BattleEye and if you wan install it, otherwise you would be stuck with what is shown on my screenshot, never being able to play multiplayer. "

    I would suggest amending your post(s) to clearly say you did reinstall battle eye through this process if this is what you've done. This implies it is optional at best, as I said.

    I'm out either way, have a good day.

    Bruh... You are an IMBECILE. Stop being a wanker
  9. Resolved Can't play Multiplayer


    I managed to figure out how to fix the problem. Here is what I did:

    I found a fix to the problem

    You can remove it by deleting all of the files here:

    :\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\BattlEye

    And here:

    :\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye

    And then doing

    at the command prompt (run as administrator)

    sc delete BEService

    Verify file integrity trough Steam and then the BattleEye files will be downloaded again.

    I do not install BattleEye, instead I click CANCEL every time before playing Multiplayer

    This is the fix I managed to find after searching the interwebs. This was a really stressful and unpleasant experience. Take no offense at this but I cannot leave a positive feedback on Steam after the experience I had. I understand that you are not fully responsible for how BattleEye works but you chose to include it as your anticheat system and I just so happened to face the issues it had for years and years.

    Thank you for trying to help me though but my file was not the issue, the issue was on the games part or rather the BattleEye part. Might be a good idea to use something more user friendly.

    Hope this fix might help people who face this problem in the future, I put in a lot of research to find this so hope it helps :smile:

    Bro I had this problem

    Dude thank you so much for this I was starting to pull my hair out since there is no info about this at all except old PUBG threads that don't help. Finally I can get back to harvesting! :grin:
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