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  1. Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    Only if he/she is in your party when dying.
    Thats true, but I'm also at a point in my current playthrough where money isn't really an issue anymore and if a companion dies, I can just get a new one and kit him out for like 200k-300k.
  2. Allow players to call clan members away from other armies.

    I think that you should be able to call clan members to join your army when they are part of another, it seems to make more sense for them to be more loyal to you than another lord, it really annoyed me that my brother died becuse his army's leader insisting on besieging every castle whilst pig headedly refusing to build any siege engines.
    +1, but I think there should be consequences for doing so, such as a relation hit because you might of just costed the Lord that you are pulling your clan parties from a huge battle.

    Obviously this will be annoying with how the AI go about their bidness during war, but I think this will be a great addition later on in the future.
  3. gangleader only gives bandit recruits


    Also I'd like to see Minor factions get representative notables scattered throughout their home region.
    Honestly, I'd rather see the Minor Factions try to stage revolutions in the towns and cities that their faction is based off of. If they secure a town, the notables of that town will put out the minor faction troops.
  4. Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    If your companion dies, you can get the gear he was wearing back. After selecting which prisoners you want into your prison train and the loot screen pops, just select your fallen comrade and remove his gear. You also mentioned that it was difficult to realize when a companion dies. I strongly recommend taking the time to look at the victory details when you have defeated your enemy or they've routed. Any lords, ladies or companions that have perished in glorious battle will be listed at the top of that screen, so you can see if one of your party members had finally met their fate.
  5. Bring the relationship between player and companions to the next level

    I recently have been playing a new campaign, been putting a lot of hours into it. After a battle last night I had realized that one of the companions that I have is one of the first companions I've had since day like 10 and I'm now on day 1k+. So my suggestion is to bring the companions to the...
  6. Add Settlement Building

    I would say that having a more, maybe less confrontational way to declare your kingdom would be a nice touch lol
  7. Add two handed battle hammers.

    isnt there a crafting option for them in the smithy? i havent exactly looked at em tho
  8. Add splash damage or punch thru for Balista

    The ballista's do get multiple kills per bolt, its just the only time i've ever used one was that once upon a time there was a blue moon and the stars had aligned and i was actually apart of a defensive siege

    i think the highest i've got with a single bolt is 3 kills
  9. Clan Armies - Let us form them


    I had thought about adding a spy system to the game. Factions and lords send their own agents to gather information and such. The player can send companion that specialize in roguery to spy on enemy factions at different towns. Upon sending your companion, you can assign a goal for the companion to accomplish, such as information gathering, sowing discord between the faction lords and ladies, stoking the fires of rebellion, poisoning the town they are working from and garner support with notables (if you are at peace) to increase rep with the player.
  11. More Opportunity for Defensive Sieges

    I've talked with multiple people, watched videos and streams with the content creators mentioned the same thing. Defensive Siege Opportunity for Players is few or non existent in SP. From personal experience, the only time I had the chance to do a defensive siege is by losing half my party to...
  12. AI have pathing issues on Siege maps

    As you can see, when climbing the ladder on the left side of the castle (I'm not sure what to call this scene btw) the AI get hung up on that section of the wall and will not move through the wall segments or go down the stairs into the inner courtyard.
  13. Need More Info Siege Prep to Siege Attack Crashes game (possible to replicate easily)

    So I was able to replicate this bug several times in different instances. Steps to replicate crash: Have an army with low cohesion and begin a siege The army will break apart, leaving the player character still sieging Finish siege prep (any sort of siege equipment will work) and lead the...
  14. [BUGS] - A place to report bugs to prevent duplicate posts

    The town of Amprela is bugged I believe. I keep crashing whenever I try to leave from the Tavern (both by going out the door and holding tab) and I just now tried to leave the city by holding down tab in the open scene.

    Edit: Did some further attempts of recreating the bug. My original purpose of heading to the city was to turn in a quest. There were two additional quests to pick up at the city and upon picking either of them up caused the game to crash once trying to leave.
  15. Bannerlord Worries

    Honestly, if M&B didn't have a mod community, the game would be out already.

    Everything they put in the game is constantly be reworked to make sure that it is moddable by the mod community. So I don't mind the reduced or missing features for EA. I know what the game is going to be and that is worth supporting by buying the game in EA.
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