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  1. Mordhau

    Seems to be doing better than most niche games, i have recently gone back to it and there is plenty of people, i think what the op said is right even though i personally dont want it for m& brings in and keeps casual players even though the melee combat is clunky af and even harder to face...
  2. Why is TW still not allowing custom servers?

    Too true, the one game i have looked foward too for 10 years is a massive fail mp wise and will never recover, anyone know a billionaire to make what we want?
  3. Is Bannerlord MP fun/noob friendly?

    I think the current gear/class system and the warband system is outdated, i have recently started playing mordhau and i believe that system is more suited to people nowadays, scrap classes and scrap factions.
  4. Any Oceanic players actually left?

    Yeah oce vets quit within a week or 2 so it was just new players left.
  5. Any Oceanic players actually left?

    Yup oce is waiting for community servers/battle mode since we dont get matchmaking servers, the current gamemodes/classes/combat we have now isnt replayable enough for new players to stick around.
  6. 6 months into EA and devs still do not understand what ruins their game.

    Game needs battle/community servers/custom banners etc and an actual good trailer with someone showing off the mp combat that isnt dog**** to bring people back. Mordhau for example had a good trailer that got streamers attention which made thier community grow, Among Us is a recent example of...
  7. Please remove cavalry from skirmishes

    6v6 is **** altogether especially with no unit caps, give us battle.
  8. Bots in TDM

    Give us battle and more matchmaking regions and they will come. Why they havent given us battle yet i will never understand.
  9. Archers in 1.5

    They need to make it harder and slower, 1.5 is a step in the right direction, ranged weapons are way too easy to pick up atm, why play inf and the core mechanics of m&b when you can just have a full auto sniper rifle.
  10. Archers in 1.5

    Bring back warband archery, it was perfect. Noobs sucked and people that put time into it made it look op, the way it should be.
  11. 1.5 feedback from DM

    You can start your throw as you run then stop a sec and throw and it feels the same as before, same with archery, just gotta get used to it. Archery still needs more arrow drop, its just too easy.
  12. More Gamemodes

    Would make the game relevant, the most obvious gamemode for this genre is left out... makes no sense.
  13. 1.5 feedback from DM

    Throwables may have been overnerfed slightly but archer nerf is almost spot on, its still very easy to shoot people since you barely have to account for arrow drop yet takes a little more skill and time now which may deter bad players from choosing archer for easy positive k/d's. Warband style...
  14. Swing cancel time

    You can feint untill you hear the swing which is more than enough, a left right late feint combo is so fluid that it looks like a normal swing so i would have to disagree.
  15. 1.5.0 Beta Crush Through Ranking

    I havent tested it in mass combat but duels it was really annoying and even felt bad to use because i didnt win from skill but just a dumb mechanic