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    Image files appearing as an icon only

    Hey guys, One things been bugging me for ages and ages when I go on this forum and its that I can never seem to view image files  :? If I recall correctly I could view images on the odd thread or two but mostly they never showed up when opening the "spoiler" tabs. Does anyone know if theres any...
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    HEGEMONY 268 B.C. To be released for Warband

    All that work? All those architectural models and scenes all done for nothing then? The one thing I most adore about this mod is how t really immersed itself within the complete roman theme and culture :(
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    Those screenshots are just..incredible. It's mods like this that are the REAL ****!  :P
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    Lord of the Rings Mod (Official name still under consideration)

    ANOTHER LOTR mod?  :| I think ive lost count of how many there already is now
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    [WB][B]Age of Mythology - [First Preview]

    Just out of interest, since most of the gods will be lords under the main gods representing the monarchs, are they going to be inside the actual world? Or will there be a seperate realm or worldspace where they will reside? Such as Olympus for the greeks? Just as it obviously wouldnt be very...
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    Conflict in the Empire; An Elder Scrolls mod. (WB SP)

    Lol I was gonna say the same, I dont see the point in creating a TES mod for Warband when you can just play Oblivion anyway, it wouldnt make much of a difference, there both RPG's
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    Gladiator mod

    Cause shes a top Otaku with a hella sexy avatar!
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    Warband: Renaissance

    Seeing as the Renaissance era was the beginning of asthetic themes and styles like art, fashion and creativity and the like, will there be new scenes and buildings implemented into the mod and various new props? :o You know like, typical warband clothing would be replaced with the traditional...
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    [WB][B]Age of Mythology - [First Preview]

    Perhaps if you conquored a faction and took over it you could become a god? :o Like the way you can proclaim yourself a King in Warband?
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    [WB][B]Age of Mythology - [First Preview]

    HOLY ****!!  :shock:  :shock:  :shock: I just looked at this screen: IS THAT MOUNT OLYMPUS AND THE PALACE OF THE GODS?! I WANT THIS MOD!! xD If its possible to go into the Olympian realms in this...
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    Rome - scene in progress (Poll added)

    OH MY GOD! That looks unbelievably awesome :') I really love how you guys are completely making the world within this mod the exact visage of Ancient Rome/Greece. I think the longer this mod takes to create then the better as then you are putting as much detail in it as possible :) I was...
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    With Fire & Sword release information

    Just being honest here, I dont see how its worth buying this cause theres plenty of other mods that people have made on this site (completely free, needless to say) that are just as big as this one, WFAS still looks the same as Warband really just with different clothes, weapons and scene props...
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    [Warband][B] Pirates & Fishmod

    I know you guys said that there will be everything that we could have ever possibly dreamed of but I'm just dying to know: WILL it be possible to have an interior in our ships to go into such as the Captains Cabin, Crew + Sleeping Quarters, and the lower decks and all that. As much as it will be...
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    Two Word Story

    Why not develop an biography based on the power of the uterus, such as: Hello, I like uteruses, they're lovely, mmm Uteruses, I like to consume then as part of a daily diet, very healthy with high nutrition value packed away inside them, no artificial flavours or saturated fats inside them...