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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    TL;DR : Smithing in 1.8 is still broken and is now painfully unfun, plus my Enter key has taken some real punishment since its release.

    Brace yourselves, Smithing rant incoming.

    I would like to start by remembering a classic opening scene in one of my favourite movies that launched the career of a previously unknown Austrian. It begins with a rumbling battle hymn, heavy drums, and portrays a darkened medieval room where the only light is provided by red hot molten steel being poured into moulds and then labouriously hammered into shape by a strong man (supported by an equally strong woman btw.) with long hair and an unkempt beard.
    (Can you guess the film?)

    My point here is that smithing is cool, making weapons with fire and sweat and hammering steel, very cool right. Many Youtube channels displaying such endeavours have literally millions of views. So it's fair to say there is a general interest in this area.
    It is for this reason that it is important to get this ingame system right.

    In previous versions of this game, provided you had the materials available, and were fortunate with the unlocks, craft an absolute Kromm-level sword/axe/polearm in a reasonably rapid timeframe. After which, you could merrily enjoy using/swinging said weapon at whoever took your fancy over the course of your playthrough whilst levelling your character to demi-god levels of martial skill (which does take some time, especially 250+). Funtimes, i know.

    Now the current problem emerges.

    In the current version, 1.8, progression is limited by tier unlocks i.e. to unlock idk, say t4 pommels, you need to unlock every single t3 beforehand with idk say Two-handed Swords having hundreds of components each requiring 20-ish crafts to unlock 1 new component.

    I get it, "you need to invest time and effort into it to eventually make great weapons", it's a reasonable position to have for real life....
    This is not real life though, and making crap-tier trash that will only end up being melted back for materials or sold is just not satisfying, or more importantly, fun.

    And having to repeat this process literally thousands of times to unlock all components.....well, i hope my problem with the current system has been made clear.

    Thank you for reading.
    I'd like to see something like unlock trees for similar components within the weapon classes. So like each T1 component would feed "unlock XP" towards one or more T2 components, and each T2 component would feed "unlock XP" towards one or more T3 components and so on. That way you could specialize in certain weapon classes and component types, and maybe the component types could be categorized by culture or style or something. So if you're only making like two-handed swords with Battanian blades and Aserai pommels, you'd make progress towards other Battanian 2H blades and Aserai 2H pommels
    It would also be really cool if you could buy or learn component recipes from blackmiths, quests, or tournaments across Calradia, with some components being locked behind special quests or events
    Also it'd be sweet if the weapons you craft could be given to soldiers in your army, that way you could almost specialize your troops beyond their specific archetypes
  2. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    What does Sturgia need changed in order to not suck? Is it its geography that's the fundamental problem or something else?
    I'm not particularly familiar with all the factors and systems in place, but I wonder if the autocalc system needs to be more fleshed out and robust? In theory, a spear-heavy army should generally beat a horse-heavy army, an archer-heavy army should generally beat a shieldless infantry-heavy army, and certain infantry-heavy configurations should beat other infantry-heavy configurations.
  3. The armour fix makes this game way too easy. The high tier troops should be rarer.

    I'd like higher tier troops to be more expensive to maintain and also take longer to train up.
    That being said, for AI to get more non-recruit troops, I'd love to see some party-management options available either in the field and/or in settlements. Something like:
    1. Resting - temporarily increase morale and party movement speed, scaled in magnitude and duration by time spent resting (of course with upper and lower bounds)
    2. Training - Specifically for regular troops. XP distributed among troops at regular intervals (the longer you wait, the more XP gained), though the value per interval should be relatively low. With a properly scaled tier-upgrade pathway, this would allow AI and the player to quickly train up troops beyond Recruits, but wouldn't provide enough XP to get a ton of T4 and T5 troops very quickly. Of course this training XP and/or the intervals could be modified by various player skills and perks
    3. Mentoring - Specifically for companions. XP given at regular intervals to one or more companions (XP value remains static, then is divided amongst the selected companions) in a specific skillset. That way you could train your companion is specific skills. XP value and/or intervals could be modified by various player skills and perks
    4. Scouting - Given the new encyclopedia changes, you could "send out" scouts to gather intel from a larger radius around you to help you find nobles and their party information as well as village information like possible rewards for raiding. Level of information and size of radius could scale by time spent scouting
    5. Scavenging/Looting - Reduce troop upkeep and food usage, but temporarily reduces movement speed, scaled in duration by time spent scavenging (of course with upper and lower bounds). Also reduces relation with noble associated with location where you're at
    6. Prepare/Maintenance - Slightly increases weapon damage and armor values temporarily, the number of party members affected could scale with time spent preparing/maintaining
  4. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Devs are there any plans to improve sandbox character creation?

    It would be nice if the player could pick their starting home town and the player spawns at that location. Even if the options are limited to the culture you pick. This is important for Vlandian characters because of the way clans names are in the campaign for example dey Praven which mean from Praven. I like to start small and work around my home town and it gets old starting at Sargot every time.
    This is a great idea that should be relatively easy for TW to implement. Would improve roleplaying for sure IMO
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Agreed, makes no sense for it to be bow. I was thinking the same thing. Also throwing skill from catapults is cool and all, but it would make more sense to gain engineering skill... If I throw a rock/pot by hand then it makes more sense to be throwing skill. Also if I'm pushing a ram/siege tower, I'd like to gain athletics. Just some ideas
    Engineering from catapults/trebuchets and athletics from siege towers and battering rams are excellent ideas! +3
  6. On Crafting Orders

    Here is an idea that will help with there being too many parts to unlock, and help prevent cheesy speed leveling, plus allow people to be more likely to make what they want. Seperate material and weapon shape. There doesn't need to be a seperate warsword to unlock for each material, instead it would just be a warsword blade. Then, depending on smithing skill level, you can use any material that you're skilled enough to use to make that weapon shape. You'd unlock the ability to use different metals when you hit the level with the perk to smelt it, so crude iron at 25, iron at 50, steel at 75 and so on. Before 25 you could only make the wood versions. Using better material would just improve the base stats of the weapon. That would make for less parts to unlock while making more different things you could actually make, since a number of weapons aren't available in different materials.That way, let's say someone really wants a falx, but the only have 25 in smithing, they could make one from crude iron which wouldn't be as good as the fine steel one, but it would give their character the weapon look they want. Also since smithing level unlocks materials, they can't super power level smithing if they get lucky to unlock a few high tier parts early, they could only make cheaper lower stat versions that would give less exp.
    This idea makes too much sense. I think they'd have to reskin a lot of parts though, like the higher tier handles and guards that have gems and stuff in them, they'd have to re-skin lower tier versions of those. But I like this idea a lot
  7. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    whens 1.6.1/2 or next patch/hotfix dropping? anyone? if i may ask
    I wouldn't expect 1.6.1 for at least another two weeks
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Yep. Here's the thread dedicated to the modding changes where @Jance expressed optimism and here's my now-silent roundup thread about the whole deal. @Bloc expressed continuing frustration a couple pages back in the thread we're in now.
    Thank you! I read Bloc's posts, but didn't see the rest
  9. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Have any of the major TC mod teams commented or reflected on the 1.6.0 modding changes?
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Maybe a thread or a dev update on where sieges are right now explaining the challenges and the coming fixes would be helpful. Just an idea.
    This would be huge for community confidence. Just give us something other than "we're working on it" or "we're looking into it". Give us a glimpse into the progress of that, please!
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    i do not understand the appeal of Bannerlord MP when there are like half a dozen better Medieval Combat MP games out there.
    IMO the combat feels more accessible than Chivalry or Mordhau, and Captain mode has the potential for more epic battles. I've never played M&B multiplayer and most likely never will, but I can see the appeal over other games. Plus, if other people are like me, I don't necessarily want to fill my harddrive with a bunch of similar-but-not-quite-the-same games
  12. Could somebody explain Looters & Bandits?

    These are kinda the same thing to the game so I'll try to answer. The game spawns an amount of hide outs, which spawn both looter and a bandit type. Every daily tick (or something) the game checks how many hideouts and bandit parties thier are and makes more. It makes more the less there are and less the more they are so it stay close to certain amount (which is MANY) but will still increase. SO, AFAIK the game just keeps making bandits/looter and hideouts regardless of things like security of towns or looted villages or such stuff. It's not as manageable as in warband (in which wiping out a hideout temporarily halted bandit spawning) and ti doesn't seem like TW intends for us to be cleaning up all the bandits or such.

    The size of bandit and looter parties increases as the character main level increases, however they will sometimes take on or free prisoners and become very large even when player is still low level.

    Things I don't: How the game initially spawns everything and why there's sometime outrageous amount of some bandits/looter or some oversized parties at the very start of the game?

    Hideouts appear at specific spot only, but does a bandit also have to walk up and "activate" it? I agree it sometimes looks like bandits "Make" a new hideout, but supposedly this isn't actually the case.

    AFAIK the AI only will clear them if they are part of a quest issue, which a NPC has chance of clearing when it visits the fief that has the issue. I don't think they ever directly attack hideouts. This means many hide outs will never be cleared by a NPC and in fact you will see many hideout remain very deep into the game.

    Your 10 guys would ****ing die horribly if you sent them in auto-resolve to most bandit camps. I don't think it's something planned.

    Not that I know of.

    What I'd like is to be able to send a Clan party to patrol and area and clear hideouts and such, but TW seems stubborn about letting us MAKE npcs do anything.
    I'd love to see:
    1. Return of deserter and manhunter parties
    2. At least 3 different maps for each hideout type
    3. Some variation in looter parties (maybe at least regional looter gear? why do desert looters look exactly the same as tundra looters?)
    4. Ability to create manhunter/patrol parties from each fief (party would patrol in a certain area around the originating fief)
    5. Ability to delegate clan members to manhunter/patrol parties, or set their parties to focus on "policing" around fiefs
    6. Ability to designate a target hideout/party for your manhunter/patrol party to take out
    7. Some controls/caps on the scaling size of looter/bandit parties. It really sucks mid to late game if your party gets wiped, then when you're traveling back to civilization you get caught by a 50-man looter/bandit party lol
    8. Spawning of looters/bandits and their hideouts tied to environmental factors (prosperity, security, raiding/looting, etc.)
  13. 1.6. when ?

    My guess, 1.5.11 near the middle/end of June, 1.6 probably sometime mid-late July
  14. When is TWs actually going to add a major feature?

    So it has been over a year in EA since TW began their tinkering with this game, which has mainly consisted of fixes for bugs introduced and various minor adjustments. What workshops are more profitable this go round lol? Seriously, there are dozens of mods with better content than this team has managed to put out in over a year. Want to stash items in your castle? Here's another menu page; some of the laziest ham fisted crap I have ever seen in gaming.
    I bet if you keep complaining that'll speed things up!

    Seriously though, you whine all over these forums like a child. How many times has "real features when?" been asked across these forums over the last year? It's like an actual, unironic circlejerk around here about "something something unplayable something something no features something something skeleton game". We all feel it. We all want depth and features. But clogging the forums up with this drivel doesn't help anyone or anything.
  15. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    I first noticed it in...ahh it was either 1.5.8 or 1.5.9. Would be nice to know if something had actually changed.
    Oh thank you for this info.
    Now I understand why AI behaves more like RBM in 1.5.10, though I'm not using any mods...
    I didnt noticed it in the patch notes but maybe TW has fixed some ai commands that were bugged or unlocked them at lower tactics level? i remember from the realistic battles mod page that it said most advanced ai commands were locked behind pretty high tactics skill that most commanders wouldn't have so they usually only had basic advance/charge moves to play in battle (the mod unlocked those commands regardless of tactics level so the ai behaved much smarter using the mod)
    It's possible that they just increased some lord's tactics stats, unlocking those strategies.
    Not sure if this is already the case, but it'd be cool if a higher tactics skill reduced influence cost to start an army, allowing lords with higher tactics to lead armies more often. Seems intuitive that lords would be more willing to follow proven tacticians into battle, and that proven tacticians would better know when to form armies and where to lead them
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