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    Address missing CONTENT as a priority over fixing BUGS..

    Kinda agree. I prefer to play something buggy then stable nothing.
    Just that. Well, TW already got our money. Now we just have to wait for a game.
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    Where's the patch, TW.

    have completely failed on road maps for anthem and fallout 76.

    True... A state of progress and plans for the future would be great. Then you know where you stand and you are not standing in the empty all the time.
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    New faces (1.3.0-hotfix3?)

    You can't be serious, right? This is all a big sarcasm. isn't it? Of the presented above screenshots I would call maybe 1 or 2 faces which look good. Others look terrible, like they've been ripped off from Tropico pictures. I don't remember Bannerlord to be called some cheap cartoonish caricature early medieval parody.
    This... I don't understand why no one else sees this either.
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    Am I the only one that thinks the Characters look really weird?

    To me they feel kinda cartoonish, but the worst part are the eyes! Everybody is cockeyed! really, pay attention to their eyes! It's SO WEIRD.
    Yeah, it's been so bad since the shadow under the eyes disappeared. I don't know why everyone else thinks it's so good.
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    Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Yes I noticed that too and I think its great. I didn't like the mascara like shadow that was there before.
    I don't like this without shading at all. It gave the face some texture. It would be great if that was an option in the graphics settings.
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    Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Is it just me, or is the shadow under eyes missing? Every character looks so young now... ...but somehow the eyes seem much smaller now...

    Otherwise: Thanks for your efforts!
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    [Old Man Yelling At Cloud] Leaving it to the modders is not (necessarily) lazy

    I for one am enjoying this much more then vanilla mount&blade, and just as in warband the future mods will expand upon a great game, and make it epic worthy of 100's if not 1000's of hours:smile:
    Just that. I didn't play the previous ones for more than 10 hours because I just didn't like them. I've played Bannerlord for 195 hours. So they're definitely doing something right.

    And I have not installed any mods that fix bugs. Only things like 100x forging, or setting the stamina of forging to 0%.
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    [Suggestion] TW NEEDS to add a pseudo-MMORTS persistent multiplayer campaign mode!

    They haven't even finished SP yet and it will take them a year. Afterwards (or at the same time) M&B already has a MP community and there needs to be fixes/patches to make classic MP work (with tournaments, etc.). Even after that if they would consider something foolish like this it would mean less attention to SP and classic MP so we would lose one of the few good SP games left :/
    If you want to play with friends go play some other game, let us have our SP. If you say that MMORPG would be different than simply SP + Friends then your argument that it will be easy development falls apart since it would mean a lot more extra features :/

    That's what it looks like. First finish what is there and then worry about other things later.
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    What small Quality of Life improvements would you want TW to implement?

    An official featurelist and a roadmap. Would really improve my quality of wait.

    Every day you wait eagerly for an update and then only receive "small" bug fixes. A roadmap would help... then you could put the game aside for a week, because you know that at a certain point in time a desired feature will be found in the game.
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    What do you want Bannerlord to be?

    What it already is but better and complete.
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    Do you get bored to play the same map over and over again?
    I like the map itself, it should be optimized at some points. A random map I would not find so important.

    What is important are the cities etc. They must have more variations, otherwise it becomes too monotonous. Also the bandit hiding places. But there are already a lot of topics about that.
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    Will there be rain, and maybe storms?

    The snow is beautiful in the game, any news on whether there'll be rain in the future?

    That would be cool... I never noticed before, but now that you mention it. It's gonna look cool, especially with all those arrows.
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    Lorik has elf eyes. (Glitch)

    I didn't cheat, this is a glitch man.

    I was just riding, and he suddenly gained 614 levels...

    I had that problem once when I was forging. I melted a few objects and I was 1000+ in forging.
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