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    Dear TW, I heard you're planning to **** up this great game.

    What the admiral said. I’m amazed that people think there’s much at all that doesn’t need to be overhauled about the combat. There are many small changes to be made, and this patch moved largely in the right direction.
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    how to get bigger boob for female char?

    This thread has corona, needs to be quarantined. This is TW Forum, not 4chan, kiddos.
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    2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: The Circus Is In Full Swing

    Hoy boys. Have you seen the recent videos of Uncle Biden displaying signs of Alzheimer’s disease? It’s getting bad based on some of the clips I’ve seen. I guess if he wins you’ll actually be voting for his vice-president, whoever that happens to be. edit Oh sorry of course you have. Damn new...
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    Poll: Class System vs. Warband Loadout Customization

    The fact is, Warband was never polished nearly to the extent it could’ve been. And if it was, there would be no argument for a simpler system because it would be so blatantly obvious that having a wealth of choices to customize your playstyle is good for a game because of the depth it can...
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    Multiplayer is entirely unrecognizable from warband

    Tbh I’m not convinced the game has to go back to how it was in most ways. Like, it’s not feints that I feel like I’m missing. I’m missing the feedback and control that I had in WB. Consistent and identifying sound effects from swings, blocks, footsteps, chambers, bounced or weak hits. And then...
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    Suggestion: Replace the class system with something that's actually fun.

    Actually, you could choose the exact equipment of your troops, then if you had a gold limit, you just get the number of them that are within your budget. But the discussion here is more centered on Skirmish. I'll also add my voice to the request that the devs return to the class & equipment...
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Sadrists and other pro Iranian Shia parties hold the balance of power in the parliament. Possibly because of the destruction of half the election ballots in a probable arson after a recount was called. Of course they’re going to vote for such a resolution. It’s been trending in this direction...
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    Stefan Molyneux

    Goddamnit. It’s really funny to look back at anarcho-capitalist me from 5 years ago. Oh man did I have so many political phases. Thinking about it now, an Anarchy would quickly turn into Feudalism.
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    Head count! Let's kick some life back into this old bar.

    Kalnia you ****er. I had to post when I saw you post. I think we've kinda realized it takes a lot of time to do creative writing here that nobody is ever going to care about except us. I think that's why this petered out. We got lives, and left our youthful enthusiasm and energy behind here...
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    Gun wankery

    Sad that page .308 passed with nary a mention of 7.62 NATO or battle rifles.
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Ok I’m gonna recommend about water since I do a lot of work with water, and I know a thing or two. Boys & girls I assure you, tap is ok if you have your own filter, or have had it taken to a lab. And if you don’t, get those big office 5gal jugs. Or if you can’t do that, bulk buy Evian off the...
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    Dev Blog 27/06/2019

    It would seem to me that most of the reason he said “far from complete” would be the many people who think that TW has an all-but-complete game sitting on their laps and aren’t sharing it because they’re perfectionist to a criminal fault. Beta is starting. That’s a lot closer to release than we...
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    Dev Blog 27/06/2019

    Read between the lines a bit and you will see the criteria: So they will have selected an arbitrarily limited number(whatever they thought they could handle) of players who they think possess the best of those qualities.
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    Dev Blog 07/06/19

    I think the child and heir system is what's meant to deal with this issue. I'm sure there will be a large and long list of minor nobles and noble's sons who may come to prominence as older ones die and time passes. I want to kill a lord and have ten years pass. His son comes back with a strong...
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Many thanks to: PitchPL [Bcw]Btm_Earendil kalarhan I figured that syntax error out. I removed imodbits modifiers from a multitude of items. Now I know, you need to leave imodbits_none if you want to not have any imodbits and not run into syntax errors. Lesson learned.