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    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Those features truly look impressive.
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    Development Update - UI and Multiplayer 01/08/20

    Great new format.

    However the reporting system gets me a little worried. Is it something that would be reported to the server owner or directly to TaleWorlds ? For now this doesn't make any difference, but it will when private dedicated servers will be rolling.
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    MBSubModuleBase research and finding : How it works

    Thank you for your research and your detailed explanations.
    This thread was added to the Research papers list.
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    Extreme body sliders

    Oh my, this is beautiful ! How do the helmets adapt to such deformations ?
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    BL Coding Are dll's safe to use? What does Tale Worlds do to protect users from Trojans or Malware in mods?

    Yeah, even if they are open source you can't verify the files submitted are the same as the files in the source so I guess the only safe way would be to build the source every time :/

    I guess you could run the game in a VM somehow??

    The idea of having it open source is so that you can compile it yourself, so that you know the built binary is the one that uses the open source code .
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    SP MP Native Online Chat for Singeplayer

    I am sorry for double posting but this is an important update which needs to be seen by all the users of my mod.

    These issues will be handled as soon as possible. Server code is pretty fresh at this point and with problems like these it will mature up. These are the datas I could find while working atm(Hell yeah multi tasking!). After I finish my work for the day I will be able to deep dive into this mess and implement a proper firewall system for incoming of spam and empty datas. Soon there will also be version controlling system implemented to make sure that only up-to date users can join the server so that they can't abuse the old bugs/glitches that are present in old clients. This might push back some of quality of life features that I have been working on a little bit later in the release schedule, just to let you all know.

    Please, do not post IP addresses or any personal data on forums (especially because there is mine :razz:). I removed the screenshots with IP addresses of your users.

    Concerning the crash, I am most likely the reason of this. Concerning the memory dump, this is because your program must have a flaw somewhere that must make some infinite loop or something as I absolutely did not do any stress test. Please, also do not that I did not use any sort of client, but simply opened raw sockets to your server and sent a few random bytes.

    Finally, you do not need to configure a firewall but a proper input sanitization in your code, which clearly is not the case yet.

    Edit: The no message spam you have received sounds like a common socket closure improper check. You must be reading message from a socket that has actually been closed.
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    SP MP Native Online Chat for Singeplayer

    Yeah, I am planning to turn the server side into a commercial project for multiplayer games in the future(after implementing UDP and after making everything %100 async). Until I can find a proper licence which prevents people from using the server for commercial purposes without my permission I plan to keep it private for a while. I am not really good with legal stuff and GitHub's standard license lists does not seem to provide such a licence... lol

    But in the meantime you can fire away any questions you have ^^

    I see. Well, I was more interested in keeping an eye on the security and vulnerability aspect of the project. Concerning your licensing problem, I don't know much about it but you may be interested by having a look at the CC-BY-NC license which allows open source and prevents commercial use.
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    SP MP Native Online Chat for Singeplayer

    No problem. Is the server side code no more open source ? Wanted to check a few things :smile:
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    BL Coding Execute functions called in XML-Prefabs

    I am also interested in the answer to those questions, couldn't quite figure out how the link between the GauntletUI and the VM source file was made.
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    SP MP Native Online Chat for Singeplayer

    • Therefore I need to figure out a way on how to send PMs uniquely. I would really appreciate advice regarding this.

    Associate an ID to each client. When you want to PM you send it to the client ID. You can achieve that by assigning an incrementing ID for each connection (whatch out for overflow), or CRC32 for IP + Port of your client.
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    Tutorial Other Install and manage mods with Vortex

    @adrakken @dealman Please, let's stand clear of debates from now on on this thread. You both have interesting point of views on the matter, however this is not the place for such a discussion and I invite you to create a thread in the relevant section to discuss this matter further. Thanks.
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    SP Native Companion Party

    Upgrading and recruiting troops has become a shore after you reach 100 troops; this is way too repetitive.
    How would it work when you'd have an army of hundreds of companions to micro manage ? Especially if you have a high turnover due to massive battles casualties.
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    OSP Kit [Release] Mod Template for Visual Studio (Automatically configs, adds references and more!)

    @Lumos @Ra'Jiska can we mark this for a [tools] section (subforum) or sticky it? In order to not be missed in the mix of hundreds of mods

    I've already discussed the creation of a subforum dedicated to the tools with the rest of the team. We are awaiting for more tools to appear before doing so. However this tool may indeed be very useful for beginners, I'll sticky it until we have a proper section for that.
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    Some findings of ParticleSystem

    Like I said, I am aware that fire arrows can be achieved by editing xml.
    This mod only added trail_particle_name to all the arrow items.
    It's uncontrollable, like you can't make the enemy burns, the arrow will disapear when it hits a target due to the burning="true" flag, but without it the arrow stays with the particles on and consumes tons of GPU memery, the behaviours are all designed by native game and you have no controll over the logics.

    But by implementing it myself, I can get a lot of things done. Like the point lights on the arrows are white lights if you are using the xml way, but I added the point lights myself so I can make it orange which looks more like lights from a fire.

    And by implementing it myself, I can make the arrow stay where it hits instead of disapearing, and only remove the fire particles and point light so that GPU memery usage won't be too high.

    The main problem is still the exposed API doesn't return the reference of the ParticleSystem generated on an agent.
    I can make the hit target burns when he gets shot, but I can't mke the fire go away after a few seconds, it will always be on the agent.

    Ah yes indeed I missed that point. This is pretty good ! Keep it up.
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    Some findings of ParticleSystem

    My goal is to make a working fire arrows and fire swords mod that can lit the hit target on fire and deal burning damages.

    Nice researches, however I do believe this has already been done here:
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