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  1. Enemy routs too fast 1.5.10.

    Is it just me, or you can't run down enemies anymore.
    I seem to not be able to issue commands after the enemy starts running away.
  2. battle advice

    ya found that out the hard way when they started spawning directly behind my flanking force (this is a medival game, devs didnt think surrounding the enemy is a valid tactic?)

    but regardless, i still loose companions whether they are out of position or not. also again, the first wave or two is never when i have a problem, its some time later when my guys seem to stop attack or firing missiles and the kill feed just turns red for a reason i still cant fathom.
    It's a battle size issue.
    Max battle size is 1000. If the battle is bigger than that, they have to spawn somewhere.
  3. Refusing to be king

    Am I missing something? Is there any way to refuse becoming king/emperor/khan? This is the third time this happened to me. Old king dies, and the other lords decide that I need to be the next king. Is there any way for me to refuse? Am I missing a button or something?
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