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    It would be appreciated if the Devs added: SHIPS

    They already said it would most likely be a future DLC plan, unless they changed their minds since then but i sort of doubt it :razz:
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    I really hate the default deployment arrangement, I hope they hurry and give us full control soon!

    Has not been updated since may though, does it still work?
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    Why isn't anyone porting mods for 1.4.2 beta?

    Some 90% of the people that bought EA are no longer playing the game. This includes a fair number of modders. I expect some of these players and modders to come back if the game ever reaches a playable state.

    (The 90% figure is from steam stats and I believe it to be accurate.)
    Basically the MP part of the players yes, but that was to be expected from day 1.
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    Sometimes there is no election after capturing a castle or town

    In my game, when a city or castle gets captured the faction leader takes it at the start, with a vote starting for that fief not long after.
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    Is it just me or have you been having a lot of system crashes?

    Only crashes i have had so far was because of mods. Are you sure you turned them all off? Maybe delete them to make sure and start a fresh save game
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    Why wont Taleworlds release modding tools?

    Game is still in EA, no point in releasing modding tools so modders can start on big conversions when a single hotfix can ruin the entire mod, just look at the current mods, any patch and they all need an update even though they are minor things.
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    Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    The TW Beta branch is "unstable" as they have said multiple times, yet you choose to play on it using mods which is not even supported atm, and then you complain about them breaking?

    Either stay on stable versions or dont use mods on beta branches.
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    Talworlds Updates Are Brutal

    Tell me which workshop you start for maximum income and in which town?
    Which workshop doesnt matter, you just need to look at what the villages produce in the city you want to build ,and look at the prices for the required resource your workshop needs.
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    Talworlds Updates Are Brutal

    This is the game's fault, not the player's. If the game presents you with a load of options and playstyles, all of them should be viable. Right now your only real option is to grind the same easy activities until you get enough money for more permanent income. The quests suck, the merc income sucks, the trade sucks. Spamming looters is the only thing anyone does in the early game, which is inexcusable since the earlygame should be the most fun and varied part of a sandbox RPG like this.
    I spend all my early game trading and if i saw a looter in my path only then would i go after it. And you cant just buy a workshop and slap whichever you fancy on a city and expect a decent income.
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    Talworlds Updates Are Brutal

    Seems to me you are playing the game wrong. My lowest income workshop is 605 daily. They did a big nerf to influence yes, but it was way to OP, i was getting 60 influence each day before the nerf and that was just passive, along with prisoners it was easily more influence income then i could spend on armies and votes. And it may get some more tweaks.
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    I did it! I took the entire Map all by myself! I rule the ashes of Calradia! I learned weird stuff!

    I'm not trying to be an ass, just asking... what's the point?
    You're exploiting a newly introduced mechanic while the game is still in EA with missing and half-finished features. Executions atm only means others will hate you but since diplomacy is missing and incomplete that really means nothing, there's no substantial backlash.

    ps1: I love the lore, immersion, the visuals, roleplaying, etc. and the kind of gameplay you described here is most certainly not something I would do...
    ps2: I meant no insult
    There will be replacement lords in the future so this might not always work.
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    Bannerlord is mis-advertised by the devs on Steam (yes, even taking into account Early Access)

    Dude, the context is they are a real major Company, not 2 Turks in a cave anymore and asked basically full price.
    Excuse me if I expect a bit can buy the "it's EA" bait anytime you want,you are in very good company apparently:wink:
    I have bought into plenty of EA "baits" and they all turned out really well. And after how M&B turned out i have no worries whatsoever.

    Pretty sure our views on "major companies" differ.
    If you expected more you really should have spend more time reading the store page because that basically tells you everything, hardly their fault for your "dissapointment"
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    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    I very much like parts of it.

    However, the whole hard-cap and arbitrary attribute gains... not so much:
    Well it is still a work in progress and they are in the process of overhauling the perk system, but the concept of being very good at something you spend the most time at seems logical and a fun idea of leveling as opposed to warband where you just grinded for a level so you could spend points in something.

    Can you explain why you think so?

    The lack of village upgrades, and additional fief titles alone, to me, make it a huge step back. Frankly, I expected improvement over Warband in that area as well, not... this.
    This might just be personal preference, but economy is also different as opposed to warband, even if you had a village as a seperate fief it wouldn't be able to sustain even a very small army of 50 men which would mean a complete overhaul of economy.

    It also seems weird to me how every village was a seperate fief, because warband and bannerlord are "loosely" based on reality, and villages might have been governed by someone, but that was still under the lord/owner of the city/castle it belonged too ( Clan leader ruling the city and companion managing/protecting the village might be a silver lining ? )

    I can't say I've encountered them on regular basis. Certainly not to be comparable to Warband's "village lords" presence.

    As far as i know the clan management isnt complete yet so you cannot give orders to your other parties, they just do whatever they feel like.
    I clearly remember Armagan once talking about clans and how you could "assign" your brother to your fief to protect it while you are out doing other things so my guess is that is still coming, and that may be the new "village lord" presence, Clan leaders family/companions being a protector of their city/forts/villages
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    Can you use siege weapons offensively to kill Garrisons on the campaign map/siege?

    Out of curiosity, how effective are onagers during the siege?

    I tend to either just build a ram and maybe a tower depending on the garrison size. If it's a big settlement and I have time, I'll build 4 trebs and destroy the walls, so I don't take many casualties during the battle.

    I've been tossing up trying a ram/tower with a couple onagers, but just haven't gotten around to it.
    On the campaign map siege phase trebuchets are more effective, but in the siege itself i feel onagers are much more accurate when being used
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    Can you use siege weapons offensively to kill Garrisons on the campaign map/siege?

    in the future you might not have that time when a defending army comes marching.
    Oh they wont come, I wish they would so I'm going to leave empty castles to bait them. Sadly eventually militia ruin this so new empty castles must be made.

    without the stupid lose x troops thing
    Yeah kinda defeats the purpose of castles if you can't defend it and probably why AI doesn't do it.

    I do like knocking down the walls and riding my horse into the castle and sniping them in the back though so I guess that a siege weapon use.
    In my case they do come, i was sieging a city with an army of 1700, and i had 2 1100 armies coming my way, but instead of waiting and reinforcing eachother or simply defending the city, instead they are attacking me head on seperately. I might have had to abandon the siege completely if they joined the cities defense.
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