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  1. What happened to the promised follow-up post for future plans?

    I feel like if they gave a tad more direction, people would calm down.
    If they had "a tad more direction" we wouldn't be in this mess and we'd probably have a proper game by now.
  2. Get rid of the stupid cheering

    Chalk up another thing on the list of "why the heck isn't this in the options menu?"
  3. What happened to the promised follow-up post for future plans?

    i assume "bringing expectations back to reality" means reminding us that "this game has been in development for 9 years and is still worse than Warband so don't get your hopes up" in which case there's no need because we're already well aware

    Whining about the game constantly and destructively will never help us the players to get what we want, this is true, but not understanding why people are mad and claiming there is a lot to do in the game is just ridiculous.

    Well, since that's apparently what it takes to get a response from TW these days, "Whining about the game constantly and destructively" is what we go with.
  4. Some Suggestions from ItalianSpartacus

    alright somebody go get it in his head to ask for working siege AI. maybe we'll get it then.
  5. What happened to the promised follow-up post for future plans?

    What exactly is @Callum 's job? It says "community manager", but he has posted only twice in the forum/steam during the last month. Is there another secret community that he is managing that we don't know about?
    My best guess is that he runs the social media
  6. Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    So, Taleworlds' employees seem to be a fairly good number and well allocated. The question is why time gets wasted on things nobody asked for, while problems which the playerbase has been complaining about for a year remain unfixed.
    Well that's easy to explain: The Vision(tm). It was all over Duh's responses here. Fixing those problems we've been complaining about for a year just isn't part of The Vision(tm).
  7. Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    TW has over 100 employees last I checked. Some number likely between 20 and 80 of them are pure developers. Some others are stuff like artists who work directly on the game but may not explicitly code.

    Either way they're solidly AA and anyone who talks about them like they're still a tiny indie studio is badly misinformed.
  8. So... How is Taleworlds getting away with this?

    I just wanted to know why a paid EA if they were sticking with a closed Alpha mindset in terms of feedback.
    This is a very good and succinct way of putting it.

    There is a chasm between TW's promises for communication during EA, and what they've delivered in terms of communication during EA.
  9. Everything is ruined by shortcuts and poor planning

    The divorce must have been brutal.
    Man my high school self didn't even have that excuse, he just got rudely rejected a couple times and called creepy once. Thank GOD college forced me to grow out of that phase.
  10. Everything is ruined by shortcuts and poor planning

    Of all the countless gigantic problems we're seeing with Bannerlord's development, this guy chooses to focus on "a few women are leading armies"? Talk about missing the forest for the trees.
  11. Everything is ruined by shortcuts and poor planning

    Ah, I remember the days when I saw SJWs behind everything that I perceived as bad. Thankfully I grew out of that phase when I went to college.

    It can't just be bad things happen. It MUST be the people I don't like behind it, right? TW can't possibly be a managerial mess all on their own, after all.
  12. Concerns on Pacing of Updates (Subsidized by Turkish Govt)

    Any amount of money they may or may not have received from the Turkish government is dwarfed by their EA sales. It's just not a relevant talking point anymore.
  13. am sorry but amma do it

  14. My final verdict

    Technically it's the act of buying it that's costing you money, not the assuming part. One leads to another for sure, but not necessarily. Paradox is a scummy company, but the devs and whoever is making those DLC decisions are not the same people. I believe that Archangel85 guy meant "good faith" on the devs, as people naturally want to do a good job (true), just unable to do so sometimes.
    I made the connection because in my case (being a big big fan of Paradox games), one *does* necessarily lead to another. If I have high confidence in Paradox, I'm buying whatever they put out. Your other point makes sense, however. It only seems to apply to the whole "toxicity" thing though and not to whether or not I should have enough confidence in Paradox to buy the product. Devs working in good faith means nothing for product quality if management and the C-suite isn't also working in good faith (which it's pretty clear they aren't if they approved a release in this state).
  15. My final verdict

    Honestly, this kind of feedback is just irritating. It's such a meaningless non-issue but people blow it up just because they think they're smart for noticing it. In my years as a developer I've seen this attitude a lot. People will point out a button that's slightly off-center or a color that looks a little too bright just to "contribute" to the meeting.
    Agreed on the "contribution" thing you mention. I'd hope for completeness's sake this is in the backlog somewhere, but I doubt it's anywhere even in the top 1000 issues to be dealt with.
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