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  1. Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    I face the problem that the capital city of Kaldim is a bit buggy and the guild master/mayor is no where to be found.
  2. Denmark-Norway and Sweden

    Question a bit off topic:
    Which front, Scandinavia or Liberia, is widely recognized for being more historically important to the Napoleonic Wars?
  3. AI Formations + Freelancer/Conscription

    Question about freelancer mod:

    Is it possible to make such thing as 'party within party', like when you're an officer commanding a platoon of men but still under a general's command (which means in the same part on the campaign map) but when he enter battle you would be able to lead a detachment of troops instead of just fighting by your own and all the other men commanded by the general.
  4. Unit balance?

    I think it's because of the bayonet bug that greatly reduced the damage of line infantry, resulting in them getting slaughtered by cavalry with sword.
  5. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    jacobhinds said:
    How's the download speed for everyone? If it's too slow I'll get my 2015 ass out of bed and prepare another couple of links.

    I finished in 15 minutes.
  6. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    Is the army recruiter actually the temporary replacement for vassal system in this build?
    I thought that it was something similar to the enlistment system in other mod like Rome At War or Red Wars that you join a lord's army as a soldier and join the fighting with the group, but it seems that all the recruiter does is to make you a de facto vassal of the country (just without the fiefs). In addition you no longer have to ability to vow to the king and I don't think mercenary captain is allowed either.

    I do believe that the rank system as said in the first page is just not implemented yet, but I want to know how the system works in the current version.
  7. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    jason0422 said:
    Happy New Year from Ottawa!

    Lol I thought you're Philippines!

    Happy New Year +13 from Hong Kong!
  8. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    Jorje Clueknee said:
    I wish some looser would take the time to count how many pages were created since Docm announced the release of this mod.

    Well the title said:

    '[WB] L'AIGLE: Napoleonic Warfare + Release Trailer Page 1449!'

  9. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    iCod43 said:
    Pootis said:
    I will be the noble officer John Ramsford, a man seeking glory in the british army, as commander of an army. I may also attempt to bring about an uprising in Ireland, under the leadership of Michael McCorley

    Irish uprisings are fun and all, but a TRUE uprising shall be the 2nd Scottish Independence War! I shall lead the Black Watch from the walls of Edinburgh to the streets of London! For Scotland!

    I wonder if these sort of 'uprising' would in nature be similar with player-owned kingdom since as far as I'm aware there's no rebellion system in vanilla warband (aside from claimant, but that's more like coup than separation) and usually you have to do it manually, which means taking over a city with a band of yours (and essentially become your own state).

    Unless there's a rework on the political system that enable players to create new country without necessary being a king. I think modifiying the claimant system may work if it could be made that a claimant becomes separatist leader and able to end the war just by taking the seceding region only (rather than the entire kingdom as in the vanilla warband).
  10. The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    GMT+8 master race wish all of you a happy new year!  :mrgreen:
  11. New Albion: Suggestions and ideas

    The current 1.6 version troops tree seems a bit lackluster:

    Recruits-->Riflemen-->Lieutenant-->Sergeant (wrong order I guess)-->Sharpshooter
                          -------->Mountaineer Trainee-->Mount. -->Royal Mount.

    I understand that it's incomplete now, but I could come up with some idea with future update: (using real life name here for simplicity)

                                      ANZAC Light Horse
                    (Cavalry)--->British Cavalry---> RCMP
                          I        Black Watch
                          I                I
    Recruits--->Riflemen---(Infantry)--->Guards /Canadian Rifle
                          I                I
                          I        Bomber (grenadier)
                          I              Crew/Artillery (in future)
                          I                      I
                (Staff and special)--->NCO--->Sniper

    This is based on my preference for multiple but rather short upgrade trees over linear but longer one (like the current one with only 2 branches for most countries IMO).

    Also BIG problem as of 1.6:

    Recruits refuse to fire rifle and use bayonet/sword only!

    (IDK if it's just for me or not)

    BTW They should not have sword if there's bayonet, only officer/cavalry should have sword.
  12. Council Chambers: Ideas & Suggestions

    New suggestion:

    How do you people think of a system to 'motorized' your troops?
    Since motorization of infantry became a trend in the inter-war years, I think it's reasonable to include such feature in this mod. Basically the idea is to make your party a lot faster on the campaign map as to simulate their superior speed over foot soldiers (I think the speed should be slightly/significantly better than all-cavalry party). It doesn't require actual drivable vehicle since only mechanized infantry goes to battle with their armoured truck.

    As to the implementation of this idea. IMO this may be done though, in the most simple way, though creating a truck item that increase path-finding skill greatly (or to set the skill to a particular level) when having it in inventory. The model of the player on the campaign map while carrying this item will become that of a truck as well. You may even have different model of trucks on the market varying in performances.

    However this may be a bit unrealistic since it doesn't reflect the quantity of the vehicles needed per men, the maintenance of the vehicles or the chances of losing them. Unless there's a specific system made for it, such as making a hidden 'truck number' for players (that you may check in the camp menu) that's purchasable in cities for a certain price and capacity (like 1 trucks for 10 men). As long as the party size doesn't exceed the limits, player's party enjoy the advantage of 'motorization' (speed upgrade and truck model in campaign map, and perhaps an additional independent vehicle inventory accessible by camp menu) . Each vehicles have their maintenance cost that's deducted like troops wages. Trucks would be lost by chances if losing a skirmish (in in real life), and player may lost all of them if defeated completely and taken prisoner.

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