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    The Official Art thread

    @Densetsu : Love the style! :grin: (and especially the line flow of the second one)
    @NA1F : Thanks! You are woking in the pixel industry? Pixelart maniac? :p
    @Kentucky James VII : By the way, love your paintings too, checked your website and others posts in this thread
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    The Official Art thread

    WIP part 2
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    The Official Art thread

    Hello, I don't want to spam this thread too much, so here is a link to my gallery:
    I'll be back with new stuff or more polished versions of the roughs :wink:
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    The Official Art thread

    Quick random stuff

    Another quick sketch
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    The Official Art thread

    Fantastic, I love this last one @Pymous
    Thanks @Count Delinard

    @NA1F Awesome pixel art scene! Love the light and the animation. (y)
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    Influence should be overhauled. Here is how I think it should work

    But if you can call in favours from different people to the ones who gave you the influence, how does that make sense?

    Exactly, the current " kingdom/global influence pool" is too simplistic.
    You should have "honores points / favours" per Nobles you could spend in influence actions.
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    Influence should be overhauled. Here is how I think it should work

    Yes and Honor/Renown should also have an influence of how you can raise your troops, and their morale.
    I think there is many cool stuff they could do, while still keeping some "realism", but all this "spend points" system is just bad like you demonstrated.
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    Influence should be overhauled. Here is how I think it should work

    And you could loose renown/honor (I agree they should simply merge it) for example when:
    - you loose battles
    - or if you get knock down too much/too early in a battle
    - Sending to many times your troops in combat without you (Automatic battle)
    - You don't participate in Kingdom war
    - You failed to pay your troops
    - You loose a Castle/City
    - etc...
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    The Official Art thread

    Preset Photoshop grass brush and a palm tree silhouette from Google? But whyyyyy?
    Densetsu is a terrible artist but in this case he's right. The rest of your painting looks real nice and has consistent brush strokes, so it's just distracting to have something so sharp and clearly copypasted in the corner.

    It's just because they are rough sketch/concept, for not loosing time, but I see what you mean.
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    The Official Art thread

    Hé! I found why Looters are dangerous in Automatic Battles!
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    Spears should be viable melee weapons

    Spears should be the most common and dangerous weapon
    Currently it lacks all the main advantage: Speed/Flexibility/Precision.
    Even the spears length is not good (too short)

    Hopefully they will totaly rework Spears gameplay
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    How the Hell do I defeat Horse archers

    Like it was already reported, the main issue is that Arrows do full damage, whatever the distance travelled. This has a huge impact on gameplay and makes things really weird (like in Total war games, and basically most of games).
    This is why you can have "God Tier" mounted units which combine Speed + Damage + Long range + Precisions (+Armors, etc...) without any real drawbacks.
    In reality, mounted units would charge to close range, Fire arrows, then go back before contact in order to make some damage (especially for armored units). They are then vulnerable themsleves to arrows/bolts and could be intercepted by others cavalry (even heavy cavalry).

    The solution would be to have arrows/bolts make more damage at close range, and lower as the distance increase (especially versus armored units).
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    Spears are weak.

    Clearly spears should be the most common and "main" game weapon, and is currently poorly implemented in term of gameplay/feeling/fun/possibilities/lengths (probably require a complete rework with it's own special mechanics)
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    Roads on the map?

    +1 To roads between (some) majors cities
    Basically the same gameplay impact as in "Battle Brothers"
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    Looter equipment and mechanics

    I agree OP (and comrades!)
    I had the same remarks in the other "Looters" Thread:

    The conclusion from my looters killing experiments: 2 main Hypothesis:
    1. "Looters" is a strange cult of men who like charging you with throwing rocks but don't like helmets or any others kind of stuff they may have looted during their Looting career. Maybe they preferred to sell all the stuff they loot and put all the fresh money in the Great Looters Bank for their kids?
    2. All looters you met have just started their Looting career. Their destiny is just to fail and die as soon as they embrace this great path. This is for the greater good.

    Annex: What would be nice is to have random equipped looters, with random stuff (some guy with better armor, or just an helmet please, and why not a sword or two they have stolen in a tavern or whatever). Keep looters with bad stats but make random equipments (higher tier access, maybe similar to some rank 2-3 units). This way players would at least enjoy to see some funny looters running with extravagant outfit before dying. You win a smile at least.

    + I hope Looters will have at least different outfit based on their culture (area culture). Its breaks immersion when you see the same looters with the same clothes in desert and in mountains

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