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  1. Raiding is a viable and necessary tactic, yet too punishing with too few options for the player and AI.

    Same as warband, then. Looting and raiding caravans was always more damage than it was worth, mainly to your honor.

    It would be nice if they implemented a system where you can get some kind of outlaw cred to spend to counter the imbalance.
  2. Poll: Best tool against trolls

    I'd like a mute all specifically. The chat on larger servers can be ridiculously toxic, racist, or just gross - and it's not that easy for me to ignore it. It's distracting. I'd rather turn it off completely.

    If they ever implemented VOIP I fear to see what hell would be unleashed.
  3. What are you Waiting for Before you Jump Back in for Another Playthrough?

    For MP I still try sometimes, but it's largely dead until stability fixes come. It's just killing siege especially.

    For SP, mods can fix a lot of the most glaring issues. I haven't moved to 1.4 yet but performance issues in siege as well as AI failing to climb towers and other odd behavior is very frustrating. Field battles could use some improvements too but they play out a lot better than sieges for the most part.
  4. Multiplayer is dying.

    Yeah honestly just a siege server would be nice. It's the best gamemode and we can't play it anymore, at least in NA.
  5. Sincerely asking for There to be an NA Siege Server on the server list.

    Yup. Given up on siege otherwise. Can't find a game in NA during prime hours.
  6. Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    If your crashing after starting a new campaign it will be mods... I still can not see why guys play the Bata and add Mods if you want to do that then stay on the live 1.2 ... The Bata is here for those of us that want to test it and give good feed back to TW so they can fix and get 1.3 to live. then you can add mods .. man this is hard work seeing everyone go on like this it takes me back to school days and that was in the 70s

    The answer is because 1.3 fixed up sieges to a degree they were playable. I found my 1.2 campaign problematic because of bugged sieges. Also some mods were 1.3 only.

    Only really asking for the branches to be split like all the previous ones are in the steam beta selector. Otherwise it's a forced update - makes me wanna put steam in offline mode.
  7. Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    I know those of us with modded games aren't owed anything, but can we get the 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 on different steam beta branches, like how previous patches are? Currently we can't opt out.

    Basically I can't start the game now. I imagine a number of mods are damaged. I know they are stable on 1.3.0 though.
  8. How the Hell do I defeat Horse archers

    Lure them in with your own cav and horse archers and let your spears and ranged mow them down.
  9. I wish we could disable reinforcements.

    It's handled mostly the same way as Warband except they don't spawn at the map edge, which they probably should.

    It's not a bad system itself. The AI handles it poorly, so it's the AI that needs fixing. It needs to know when to regroup and when to keep moving forward. The way it works now, they waddle between the two while archers pick them off.
  10. "server crash" frequently in Siege (north america)

    Yeah the 1/10 siege matches I get to play out are extremely fun. But it's really offputting and killing the base to have so many problems.
  11. MP dying real fast

    I genuinely enjoy MP, especially siege, but the long wait to get matched and the server crashes make it borderline unplayable.I've been able to finish like 1/5 of the games I start.

    I hope this becomes a priority because yes, the MP base is dying quickly because of the technical problems. Custom servers would be a great fix.
  12. Random hard shut down during game play

    I've had it happen before too but I'm on a 5700 AMD card. Previously it's been a blank screen and crash to desktop. Now it's more rare but sometimes halts the entire system itself.

    My best guess is that it's a GPU panic/driver crash. These types of problems are very hard to diagnose however without a lot more info/logs. Sadly, I never found much of interest in the event logs, and there was no crash log as the system halted.

    I should mention I'm also on a new machine, 3600x, 16GB RAM. Played RDR2 on ultra with no crashes so I think it's M&B specific.
  13. Kingdoms dragging in hostile lords to fill depleting clan rosters... A really terrible gameplay mechanic

    This happens if you don't execute them as well. I've executed no one is a long campaign and a lot of lords just move to whichever kingdom has fiefs to give.
  14. Should javelins get nerfed?

    No I generally like how they're implemented. They do the damage of 2-3 arrows or xbow bolts, but their range is less than half of those and their accuracy and speed is awful.You're meant to lug them at an enemy grouping and hope to nail someone.

    Basically they're high risk, right reward skirmish/close range weapons and I think they fit that role fine.Your guys have time to get off 3-4 of them, then fight with melee.
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