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  1. This game is so incredibly punishing

    original said:
    Yes this game is that punishing. In the past I used to accept any defeat I had without reloading, losing expensive items, losing your companions, etc.

    Now I reload when things don't go my way.

    I more or less agree...
    while I sometimes just accept my defeat,
    more often than not after a defeat I just reload and do thing differently
  2. This game is so incredibly punishing

    The start the game anew
    and try to not be at war with 60% of the cities so soon...
    at least not until you are better prepared :wink:
  3. you should be Unit Testing this software

    JamesHardaker said:
    obviously none of you have ever written a unit test. Bugs like the one above are easily picked up the instant they happen without running the full program. Why do you think games like COD are incredibly stable? Its not manual testing. Everything is unit tested, you can put rules into your source control which force unit testing and then you have code reviews to make sure they are getting good code coverage / completeness. Under these circumstances the only bugs you would get are integration bugs which are very difficult to test for. Number wrap arounds are piss easy to defend against.

    Ps. I write pension software and it is seriously fuggly, 1000's of calculations way more complex than the above bug and we capture similar errors without thinking about it.

    write unit tests and you have something to go forward with, once they are written it costs 0 man hours to run them.

    But look, the big difference between programs you write yourself
    and WFaS is, that WFaS ist just a mod for warband...
    a mod that need the warband engine to run
    (something which surely is as closed source for the people at SiCH as it is for every other modder out there)

    While I don´t know exactly about the capabilities while modding warband,
    I doubt that you can just pick certain functions/modules/classes of a warband mod
    and then automatically test it for a crtain input range
    (as you would be able to do with your own C++ programs or even with single compiled (but well documented)  classes in a C++ library that your program uses)
  4. Enemies joining my side for battle

    Cannot blame them...
    obviously they were annoyed by Carl Gustavs constant plans to conquer far away krimean towns/fortresses,
    instead of choosing nearer ones or just concentrating on defending existing swedish possessions

  5. Was it a good idea?

    As a german player I find it interesting...
    especially, of course, as the game contains parts of (former) eastern prussia
    and therefore isn´t such a total terra incognita for me, as it is for other players in this thread
  6. This is what a changelog should look like...

    Cookie Eating Huskarl said:
    Most of the bugs there (except the combat one.... actually including the combat ones if you include some of the community's more ambitious mods) are as old as the first M&B, in other words, uncrushable bugs. Nasty nasty things those. This most of the time is due to the way the engine works. ...

    Hm all (real) Bugs can be crushed if enough time/work is put into them
    (of course sometimes this might be so much time/work, that it might not be economically feasible to try to crush them
    [and might have to involve thorough analysis of sourcecode/states of the software])
    if they de facto are totally impossible to be crushed they are rather faults in the design of the software 
  7. how much renown do u need?

    Around 150/160...
    at least it was ~160, when I was asked by the swedes to become their vassal
  8. The use of Warband and With Fire and Sword assets

    Archonsod said:
    oasf said:
    Isnt there good mods for this in warband already?

    There's already a pistol and musket in Warband, and a separate firearms skill, they're just hidden in native. Takes all of about five minutes to add them back in with the mod system, probably quicker using one of the editing tools.

    You mean firearms (and firearm skills) that aren´t just converted crossbows (+ -skills)?
    Makes one wonder why they weren´t used by the creators of WFaS then
    (well, of course I might give one possible answer myself...
    perhaps because they were added with warband but not available with the original M&B (for which WFaS was originally developed) ... of course in this case, it doesn´t shed a good light on SiCh studios as they should have rewritten their scripts, so that they make use of warbands native firearms :wink:
  9. you should be Unit Testing this software

    If they were the developers of the engine,
    they could try to automate testing of individual classes...
    but as they just developed scripts to be run on the already av available engine, I have to agree with Archoinsod...
    they very probably would have to test all configurations manually
    (under the assumption, that the number in the dialogue is calculated at runtime
    and isn´t some value antered into the database and therefore could only be found at runtime)
  10. Cossack Mercenary Rifleman bug

    Well, maybe till the enemies are at melee range
    the riflemen point their spears at the enemies, just like rifles,
    aim, and then shout "Bam Bam Bam"

  11. The most unforgiving game?

    Gerin said:
    Still doesn't prevent them from targeting you.  Yes, it's safer, but I've still been one shotted from clear across the map.  The safest battles are ones which you join with other lords present.  Let them charge in first, and get your troops back to snipe the enemy.

    Usually they concentrate on the first target that presents itself...
    if you are the person that gets seen first by the enemy soldiers, you will be the target of all enemy musketmen

    so it is better to let your soldiers move forward (into the enemy visibility range)
    while yourself stay back,
    as then they will concentrate tgheir fire on your soldiers instead of you
    (after the shooting has begun, you cayn safely move forward again and fight together with the ofters)

    (be careful if you use WMDs hoiwever (so called grenades)...if you wound/kill multiple soldiers at once,
    a lot of enemy soldiers might switch their targets to you :wink: )
  12. The most unforgiving game?

    Another important thing to remmeber is,
    that you should be really careful in battle...
    this isn´t M&B Warband, where you could lead your cavalry into the midsts of the battle
    and be sure to come out of it with barely a scratch...
    in this game, even with the best armor available you can expect to go down after 2-3 hits with a musket...
    even worse with the armor you have at the beginning, which is only good against melee weapons
    and cannot prevent that even a single hit with a firearm knocks you out.

    In this game it is a rather wise move, to lead your troops from behind,
    concentrating on directing your troops and only take the occasional potshot at targets
    (well, at least till you have armor that can stand more than a single hit :wink: )
  13. The use of Warband and With Fire and Sword assets

    monnikje said:
    ...It's not allowed to make a mod with assets from one game for the other and share it with the rest of the world, something the typical modder does.

    sometimes it might even be too much to publish a simple text file.

    I remember more than a decade ago when Civilization 3 came out...
    in germany it was published first in the english version, with no german language options whatsoever...
    every text from the game menus and dialogues was stored in simple textfiles.
    As Infogrames (now Atari) germany already had announced that a german version of Civ 3 woulodn´t be available in the stores for more than half a year, Coldfever, a well known modder thought it would be a good idea to translate said textfiles and offer them on his homepage for free.
    Well, he announced the project in the official Infogrames Forum and even wrote a mail to Infogrames, informning them about this project and offering his services for the translation of Civ 3 into to official german version
    and finally (after getting no replky from Infogrames and completing the translation) he offered said textfiles for download on his homepage.

    This was a bad idea however, as shortly thereafter he got mail from the lawyers of Infogrames,
    containing a cease and desist order which he ways forced to sign (in which he had to state that he, under contractual penalty, would never ever offer modified Civ 3 files anymore) 

    See here for a short version:
    (almost all other sources for this case are in german)

    (Fortunately SiCh and Taleworlds aren´t Infogrames, so I assume that they would handle such a case wthout lawyers first :wink: )
  14. I Think My New Sword Has Been Bunted

    Hm, in the rare cases I fight on foot,
    I don´t have any problems to pass enemy armor...
    this goes for battles in the field (when I got unhorsed and my hussars lance turns into a sabre)
    as well as when I defend fortresses/towns and use my pike from 2nd rank.

    On the other hand I am vassal of the swedes and we are at peace with poland,
    so I assume that I don´t encounter the heaviest armored enemies that you can find,
    as they all fight on my side. :grin:

    But honestly, the heaviest plate armor at this time was built to withstand bullets
    (and extremly expensive, meaning, that only few people could afford it)...
    I have no doubts that it would also withstand hits by a sword,
    unless they were well aimed thrusts at vulnerable locations (like the joints or the visor)
    or blunt damage
    (which is why in Fechthandbüchern (Fighting Handbooks) already before the 17th century
    you see swordsmen usually using half sword techniques (getting a grip on the half of the blade and using the sword for piercing attacks) or mordshaue (murder hews = using the sword "the other way round" by gripping it on the blade and striking the enemy with the pommel of the sword) getting used against enemies in plate)
  15. Steam patch

    Ceriy said:
    BigBiker05 said:
    Where is it? I'm confused why the patch 1.140 still hasn't been released on steam. This actually scares me, in my head I'm thinking that the devs forgot or don't care enough to give steam the update. They have had several days including work days. From my understanding it is not hard to get a patch over to steam, like you saw last patch they even got the steam patch out before it was uploaded to taleworlds website.
    German and Turkish files were added to steam before they were released by Taleworlds on their website.

    The big question is,
    if the jump from 1.139 to 1.140
    really is just the language options for turkish and german,
    or if it contains bugfixes as well ... maybe some not included in the steam version yet
    I remember people writing something about fixes for camps  ...
    does this mean that in WFaS 1.140 we have wagon camp fights with working looting and prisoner menu after the fight?

    If yes, then it is definitely not included in the Steam-Version yet
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