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    [BCG1] Group Stage

    Week 1

    PV vs LO [7 - 0]

    Many thanks
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    EU Other In-progress 🏆 Bannerlord Groupfighting Cup [8v8] - SIGNUPS OPEN {10/16}

    Clan Name : Principality of Varcheg

    Team Name (if more than 1 team): As above

    Team Clan / Tag : [PV]

    Contact 1 : TW & Steam

    Contact 2: TW & Steam

    Banner :


    I have read and I accept the rules : I have and I do
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    [PV] Principality of Varcheg

    PV defending a.... siege tower?

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    [PV] Principality of Varcheg

    No Covid deaths in varcheg hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    We followed all social distancing guidelines, and came out on top.
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    [PV] Principality of Varcheg

    Anon believers?

    I only believe in Varcheg
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    Factions for Finals

    Principality of Varcheg

    Yes to Vlandia
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    [BEAST 4] Division E - Week 4

    PV vs IPL - default win as IPL forfeited (12 - 0?)

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    Hello! Yes, I've seen quite a few of your videos - it's nice to see some well made Bannerlord...

    Hello! Yes, I've seen quite a few of your videos - it's nice to see some well made Bannerlord content! And thank you for reminding me, I've meant to put our official banner on our forum post for a while. Here is a copy for use: Thanks for the message, and I look forward to seeing you in...
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    [Beast 5] Class restriction vote

    Clan/Team: Principality of Varcheg
    Do you want to impose a class restriction? Yes
    If a class restriction is imposed, which restriction do you prefer? 2
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    EU Skirmish In-progress NEW BEAST#5 Sign up thread

    Team Name: Principality of Varcheg

    Team Tag: PV

    Contact 1:
    (Taleworlds & Steam)

    Contact 2: (Taleworlds & Steam)


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    Week 5 Sign up

    Principality of Varcheg

    1) Battania
    2) Empire
    3) Sturgia
    4) Khuzait
    5) Aserai
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    EU TDM Completed [Event] Ruins of Jawwali [EU] [5th June]

    Clan Name : Principality of Varcheg [PV]

    Banner :

    Steam Leader ID :

    Units Claimed (among the two choices) : Would like Cav/Crossbow in Vlandia but happy with whatever

    I have read the rules and I will respect them: I will
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    [PV] Principality of Varcheg

    Well played in the Banner rumble tournament yesterday!
    Gave us a good run for our money in that match!

    Men of Borr

    Thank you friend, it was a very good match. Looking forward to more in the future :cool:
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    Week 3 sign up

    Principality of Varcheg

    1) Sturgia
    2) Empire
    3) Khuzait
    4) Battania
    5) Aserai
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    [PV] Principality of Varcheg

    Can i join clan?
    Please message me on steam to finish your interview.


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