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  1. Continued Racism, Antisemitism and Breach of TW Policy on Napoleonic Roleplay

    I have had two tenures as administrator on Napoleonic Roleplay (NRP), one tenure being overlapping with the time when 59th Jailbreak was blacklisted, and another several months after. Having also been a member of the community for a long time, and having various roles of some prominence, I find these accusations to be wholly incorrect and wholly incongruent with my own experience on the server.
    I am not representing the Napoleonic Roleplay server or its staff in any official form, having recently broken off from that community, but I do believe my two pence are worth something in this matter.

    I'd firstly like to address the monetisation claim. Ever since the blacklisting of JB, it has been strict server policy to not reward skins in return for monetary donations. This has been stated multiple times by senior administration and community staff within NRP. Ever since the incident with Jailbreak, the only way to acquire skins on the server that I know of has been to be a faction leader in one of the server's persistent "campaigns", for which the skin is a reward at the end of the campaign, should the faction leader remain leader until the end of the campaign. Whilst other ways to acquire a custom skin on NRP may exist, this is the only one I've heard of in recent times, and I know for certain that skins are not "sold", or given in return for donations, ever since the JB incident.
    The first image shown is a skin request on NRP's website using a very old template. Frankly, I am unsure as to why that template still exists, but as far as my knowledge goes, it is server policy to not give skins in return for donations or payment, and this is often stated both in-game on the server, and on the Discord server

    The next claim is of course the accusations of bigotry, racism and antisemitism (from server staff in particular).
    Let me, as a former admin, make it explicitly clear: no NRP admin is allowed to say anything racist, bigoted, antisemitic or discriminatory in any function where they are representing the server, such as using the in-game admin chat. This has been strict policy since the JB incident. Aside from this, the current admin team is one filled with people who generally tend not to find such immature, racist humour funny.
    This is not to say that racism and such do not appear on the server - they do, and it is the words of public players. NRP does not make effort to sensor the words of public players, though it certainly does not condone the actions and words of racist, bigoted, antisemitic and discriminatory players. It is a very diverse server, serving players of all backgrounds across Europe, North America, the Middle East and I've no doubt that it attracts players from further afield (if they are able to tolerate the ping). It would be incredibly self-defeating for NRP to condone this sort of behaviour at all, let alone encourage it.
    For further clarity, let me repeat: server staff do not, and cannot, by server rules, support bigotry, racism or antisemitism. If there have been incidents with this, then were it reported to the server's community or administration management, it would've been dealt with harshly.
    For the examples shown of racism, I must say I am quite astounded, and I was not present at the time that these events took place. It does indeed disappoint me that admins have gone directly against server policy, and I would not argue against measures that mean the two admins responsible for that are removed.
    With this in mind, it is very difficult to police the actions of all server staff. Had these incidents been reported, I am sure they would have been dealt with.

    Furthermore, Napoleonic Roleplay is one of the few servers left on the Napoleonic Wars DLC that can attract a sufficient amount of players, and that still has regular events - it is a very large portion of the backbone of public gaming on the NW DLC. It would be highly disappointing to see the server blacklisted for this, especially once all things are rationally considered. There must have been thousands of players who have passed through NRP over the years, and even since the JB incident. Whilst I regret that the OP has had this experience, I have a great deal of suspicion that he is exaggerating these claims.

    Anyway, that is my view on the matter.
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    So I've downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package (x86) but I still get the no .dll file error.
    Any solution for this?
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    - Regiment Name : 17th (Prince's Own) English Lancers
    - Faction : Russia (read thread for backstory)
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  5. Why there is no Eastern Faction in Napoleonic Wars?

    ever considered it's because the ottoman empire had nothing to do with the Napoleonic wars? their only role was during Napoleon's Egyptian and Syrian campaigns, when Napoleon was only a general, so it's a massive stretch to say they deserve a place in the game.
    perhaps pick up a history book. "napoleon the great" by Andrew Roberts is a good place to start.

    Spain fought against Napoleon through guerrilla warfare. If there was a Spanish military, it too only played a very minor role, with the majority of Spanish resistance to the French Empire coming in the form of guerrilla warfare. Again, absolutely no need for a Spanish faction because the bulk of it would just be partisans.
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