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    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    Calamity said:
    Least the Leadership is still intact.  :party:
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    [UNAC S6] The Grand Finals! THE CHAMPS BOIS! PoV VID IN OP

    Always knew quacc would make me proud one day
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    BladeCast_TV | »Streaming« #TheNextStep

    With Duken out of the equation, it's very simple Scar just move to United ****ing Great States of Freedom MURICA. We like you better then all the dirty euros any ways.

    Also lets be honest warband was never meant to be a competitive game or better yet a spectator one, but the community made into one so hopefully TW pays attention to make banner lord better and more appealing in that sense.
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    [UNAC S6] The Grand Finals! THE CHAMPS BOIS! PoV VID IN OP

    some food for thought before the finals :

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    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    Balion now plays Overwatch add me if you want a carry VAC secured : Egard#11767
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    [UNAC S6] Suggestions

    Can we get a updated fixture so we can schedule our week 5 matchs.
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    NA Team and Player Ratings! (Week Something)

    13-6 match for Scott Ray and he still goes down in points.
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    Roberta_Baratheon said:
    You just go down no matter what Zero

    During my GK match someone said they missed my banter, so i had to give it a stab.
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    [UNAC S6] Week four results, discussions, and predictions!

    Good match GK, 11-4 ToTT win.

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    inb4 Moles win match but lose berta points
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    [UNAC S6] Suggestions

    The Pizza said:
    Back in the day, a non-one-sided scrim could take 1.5-2 hours. I don't see anything wrong with that. These round times are already getting ridiculously low.

    Can we go back to 6 min rounds with no forced flags and random plains please.
    you mean the scrims where it was 20v20 and Wappaw camped the towers in village ?
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