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    AI troops (additional ranks): From peasant to a right hand man/woman captain for you

    And I rather have the game developers focus on making a stable game with good baseline features, while leaving bonus flavour features like this to mods.

    These aren't really bonus feature. They're more of a mechanic that have been used in real life as well. I know you're different but I along with other players would agree as we do not trust modders code. Usually there are hidden code that could infect our pc. I rather see if the dev can add this at a later date than install from a modder that i don't even know
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    AI troops (additional ranks): From peasant to a right hand man/woman captain for you

    There is a mod for that.
    Mods are different than actual game feature. I rather have this implement as part of the game feature instead of installing a mod that could have additional insecure code
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    AI troops (additional ranks): From peasant to a right hand man/woman captain for you

    Here's a suggestion that I know a lot of you will want to see in the game feature. Troops can be selected to rank for the last time into a captain. 1. Each time a troop is selected to be a captain they be will procedurally generated into a heroe character that will be added to the party...
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    Please fix enemy troops flees, if we do not alrdy command our troops to attack we cannot give command during the simulation to attack and kill

    Why can't we command our troops when we won the simulation when the enemies are fleeing anymore?!?! Please bring back so we can give command when the enemies are fleeing so our troops can pursue and kill the last enemies so that we won't have to chase them on the map further if we want to wipe...
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    Graphics like garbage after today's update

    yea graphic is horrible...after months of not playing MBBII I hop on just to see how flush and horrible graphics been. Are they going to bring back the original graphic?? at least make it so we have the option to adjust the graphic settings depending on our GPU. Stop catering and permanently making changes to graphics due to these other users who cannot run the game when it was already optimized
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    Please fix

    I like the new major update we just received although there is some problems. Please fix my companion AI when i put them in "follow your sergeant!" mode my companion would ride their horses into the enemy causing them to get stuck and get wiped by damn looters..."LOOTERS" keep in mine i'm also...
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    Clan level question and suggestions

    Hi taleworld team, I appreciate all the work you all did for us making this game. I have a question on clan levels. What is the max clan level? Will you be willing to max clan level at 15? Can we have our companion married and still be in our clan like a family tree? These implemented...
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    Odin's Cave

    You are not alone we come from Friese to look for the scroll but thus got us a stick and iron nothing more.
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    Hotfix is coming.

    Idibil said:
    Thank you for all your patient and feedback.

    We were working on this very hard and you will have a hotfix as soon as possible.

    You know us from Brytenwalda, you know we are putting all our effort in this and always respond to players. Hotfix is coming.

    Upon playing for hours I've come upon these issues which would need attention on:

    1. Loading when going into settlements would sometime cause crash
    2. Going to border of map not intentionally when chasing enemy like thieves there would sometime cause crash.
    3. Horse texture not loading which makes the horse white
    4. Boat would get stuck in small island with the constant need to always have to self guide player boat around these small island unlike bridges which player pathfinding is correct.
    5. When waiting in Settlements the fps would fluctuate a lot causing frame instability. I'm running a GTX 780ti which should not be getting such with this.
    6. Background Music would sometime hear M&B Warband background music cutting in the official Viking Conquest background music while in game.
    7. Going back to Doccinga would give you a Warband village screen with a random "attack the bandits" but when clicked on there is at least 30 copies of you not moving and villagers will will attack you. Kind of eerie I'd say.
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    What be on yer mind?

    I'm thinking Arby's
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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 1 - Hairy Artists

    hirovard said:
    if you own a village you can draft soldiers there...

    On a side note it would be nice for the fief management to be much improved, especially for citys and castles

    I know that but drafting all soldiers from villages to the capital instead of going village to village it would make a king life easier wouldn't you agree so?
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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 1 - Hairy Artists

    They should also make us able to draft soldier WHEN we own a few estate so we won't always have to go city to city to draft soldiers
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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 1 - Hairy Artists

    Dodes said:
    Seeing as there was as a weather system in previous MnB, signs would point to yes.

    If there is I can't wait to play imagine epic killing in the rain and snow.
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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 1 - Hairy Artists

    I can't wait until the release date! When is it coming out?

    Oh and will there be a weather system in bannerlord?
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    Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Suggestions List

    I would also suggest being able to ambush troops or peasants such as farmers or trade carriage for loot. giving you an advantage to the battlefield. And one thing i've realize in the battlefield there seems to be quite a bloop where your enemy just somehow knows where you are even behind mountains and hills they just somehow knows where you are If we are able to remake the game to where you actually lead your troop to find them and the enemy leads their troop to find you otherwise just make the battlefield flat so everybody will know where everyone is. Because it's funny how you as the player wouldn't know where the enemy is but the AI enemy automatically knows where you are.

    And just another suggestion. I've done studies of medieval war back then and I remember reading upon one nation I believe was Spain that used wolfs as war dog perhaps during siege we can deploy them to attack rivals that's attacking us.

    And I don't know if we talked about this but Season changes and weather changes during battle and during campaign map to effect the tide of battle as well as trade embargo of that season or weather condition.
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