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  1. B Fantasy Oriental Touhou Gensokyo Wafare (Formerly known as Touhou Tinder) v0.5 released

    Will give this one a try. Seems quite interesting!:grin:
  2. Most annoying Vassals

    I always end up getting on wrong terms with Jarl Gundur. Never liked him
  3. Resolved Black squares on screen when getting attacked.

    Started a new game with a fresh character when I entered this battle. I got striked with a pitchfork and these black squares kept on blocking my line of sight. patch: e1.2.0 RAM: 8 GB...
  4. Is there plan to make melee combat looks more natural and practical?

    As a Warband fan I like how Bannerlord stays true to the combat system which is a big part of why I've spent thousands of hours in the game. If you don't like the combat system then please move on. If TW actually decides to change animations so its more natural then I'd rather go back to Warband.
  5. Sturgia worst performing faction, due to having the worst Troop tree, Liege AI, Economy and Geography.

    I think you make a pretty good point here. Definitely needs some adjustment in the Sturgia troop tree
  6. Enterprises 0 income

    Its maybe something obvious I'm missing here but anyways, I bought a Smithy for 14000 gold but I never get any income from it. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Forum writers complain too much

    Could anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks.
  8. Favorite faction thus far?

    Hello fellow warriors! Bannerlord has been out for a couple of days now and it has so far (at least for me) been an amazing experience! Anyways what is your favorite Faction thus far?
  9. The worst faction?

    I'm kind of a freshman with not much experience. But as far as I've experienced during my gameplay I would say Vaegir are the worst.

    Just my personal opinion though.
  10. Rebellion, when?

    Woyeyeh said:
    The smartest time to start rebellion is when the faction you will rebel against is already at war. You can do this by attacking a caravan of another kingdom before rebelling. You also need a good economy, so set up velvet dyeworks in towns where they turn a profit. At least 1 town or castle will do, because a good town gives you 2000+ denars per month and allows you to stick your troops in there. Remember; if you want to rebel, don't get villages, because if you rebel then, the village will not come over to your control.

    I'm currently only level 27 though. Should I wait untill I get stronger?
  11. Rebellion, when?

    + pretty much every other faction have declared war against my rebellion.
  12. Rebellion, when?

    Not looking for an 100% accurate answer, but I wonder when is the smartest time to start rebellion/helping the claimant? I made sure to have an army of around 100 troops + some towns and castles awarded to me already before I started rebelling, though I'm still struggling and I feel like it's...
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