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    WB Coding menus and item interaction

    Use ti_on_scene_prop_use trigger. You can find many example of it in module_scene_props.py, mostly with doors. ("winch_b",sokf_moveable|spr_use_time(5),"winch_b","bo_winch", [ (ti_on_scene_prop_use, [ (store_trigger_param_1, ":agent_id"), (store_trigger_param_2...
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    BL Coding Several questions impacting the design of my multiplayer mod

    No, there is no SDK/modsys. Some players did reverse engineering and were able to modify game is some ways. Unknown. Unknown, so far no. Unknown. Like really, we know almost nothing about modding possibilities is Bannerlord.
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    WFaS Coding Editing the custom items at mercenary camps

    First, you have to follow @Eärendil the Mariner instructions. Later on, u might find script called interesting.
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    WB Coding Simple string send to player

    Okay, so. You don't need webserver of any kind. You have to use WSE. Secondly, Warband doesn't provide a way to compare strings. Personally, I never used WSE but i'll try to help as much as I can. Use wse_chat_message_received script from WSE. #script_wse_chat_message_received # Called each...