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    MAC and Linux users report your problems here

    Problem: naval combat is broken.

    I didn't played VC from a long time, but now I have issue during naval battles: most of the time when the boats board each other my character happens to fall through the deck, and when this doesn't happen soldiers tend to not follow the moves of the boarding boats an fall or they go up and down the boats in a weird fashion when there is waves. It seems that something related to the boat position is not working properly.
    I don't know if it is ok when there is no waves. Is there any thing I can do to prevent those problems?
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Good things with 7.1:

    -You no longer need to ba a vassal or a mercenary of a faction to get the quests from the faction leaders.
    -The weapons and armors use "lods" so the game runs more smoothly.
    -The factions have better armors for the troops
    -The tournaments feel better
    -There is new quests in the North and a new tournament quest given by Baelor Hightower.

    Things I'd like to be changed

    -a fix for the quest "Brothers"
    -models and textures for the Valyrian swords changed from 6.2. They don't need "lods" since there will never be a ton of them in the battlefield.
    -a quest involving the Night King
    -a quest involving Daenerys
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    By a Moddb user (andrew010), about the quest "Brothers" : Update: I just had the "Brothers" quest bug in 7.1 and it seems, that Brotherhood without banners/Lost knowledge/Blessed ring quest has something to do with it. When I finished those quests before Brothers quest, the bug did happen. Then I loaded save and finished Brothers quest first and the bug did not happen.
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Sergio_Morozov said:
    shar_N said:
    Maybe after this episode people will stop asking Cozur to add Daenerys  :cool:

    Quite the opposite - we need her added and made killable!

    In Cozur's version she can be a mad queen back in Mereen and the player would have to finish her, fighting Mormont and her other friends protecting her.
    She could have burn Mereen while coming back from the Dothraki sea.
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    To Cozur: the version 7.0 is currently unplayable. It's not the end of the world but people like me would be pleased if you tell when you patch it
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    This version needs a fix:

    No companions and maybe no "special" troops in taverns.

    The new valyrian swords model are not pretty (especialy "Orphan Maker", because it is to big for a one handed sword), and they always lack reach compared to regular weapons. Moreover, all the swords you get from a quest share the same model, but not the same stats. I prefer the way it was in 6.2.
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    Crash after Dorestad merchant in storyline

    I recently started a new game with my Mac (I used to play on pc). Every time I try to go in the merchant in Dorestad during the early quest, my game crash (go to the desktop). I can't go further in the storyline. my spec: MacBook Pro (13, early 2011) 2,3 GHz Intel Core i5 4 Go 1333 MHz DDR3...
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Sergio_Morozov said:
    xdj1nn said:
    viperswhip said:
    Are the White Walkers in the show really immune to all steel, like if Gregor got in a clean full force hit with his huge sword it wouldn't do anything? That feels wrong but you can be immune to non magic weapons in D&D as well, so whatever.

    But yes the zpmbie dudes should be killable by all soldiers.

    As to Cozur, I wouldn't blame him if he has stepped away, Bannerlord is imminent, and soon we will all move to that game.

    The sword would shatter to pieces... Simple as that... White Walker would just stare at his face like he was a scenario tree, then proceed to kill him with his ice weapon... In the show you can clearly see that in Thenn... Most of the fighting is between undead and free folk, but once a White Walker get's in everybody dies to that guy until Jon Snow uses Longclaw... If I'm not mistaken some fool shatters his sword on the White Walker too... In the books the paramount difference is that White Walkers are like shadows, so I wouldn't be surprised if common steel would pass through them doing NADA...

    There can be different approaches, I suppose. White walkers may be not "immune" to steel weapons, it is just that steel weapons break before they can do any harm to them. Maybe one can shoot a white walker with an arrow (notice - no arrows were fired onto the white walkers in the show), and that arrow, despite being fractured, could harm it, or, maybe, one could smash a white walker with a heavy stone club, and cave its skull (no heavy blunt weapons were used against white walkers).

    Even if one thinks about it - if white walkers are immune to everything but very rare stuff, they would not need to be necromancers with zombie hordes. But, if they are only protected from steel weapons due to beig magically cold, and thus stones, wood, mammoth stomp can harm them - then they do need zombie hordes, right?


    So, it seems, some metals are prone to fracture when supercooled due to their crystalline structure type - a-iron/steel, chrome, molybdenum, tantalum, wolfram; and some retain their plasticity - copper, aluminium, silver, b-nickel, gold, platinum (and some of their alloys).

    Hence, if white walker's protection is indeed due to 'cold shield'-type magic, then silver, copper, gold, platinum weapons could harm them, as well as glass shards and special, even steel-based, ultra-pure alloys (which valyrian steel might be one of, or, actually, valyrian steel may be not steel at all!).

    I may have an idea:
    make the white walker weapons with "crush through block" and "good against shield" with piercing stats, so it reflects the efficiency of their weapons. Also, give them high armor, so only piercing weapons are good against them. Then, make the Valyrian steel weapons with a piercing slash.
    The best option would be to make the Valyrian steel weapons immune to "crush through block" attribute.
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Are the lord's personalities randomly distributed? Well, it must be, because in my playthrought I have a benevolent Ramsay snow (though Gregor Clegane is ok). He's got mean eyes but he's a puppy, which is hilarious.
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Well, I played until some time after the Targaryen invasion triggered, and then Essos went crazy, which is annoying because I started to invest in some enterprises. The most annoying is that Braavos declared war on my faction (Westerlands), and I had some cash in the bank.

    Lorewise, it breaks immersion because those factions are not supposed to declare war on the other continent. They may not even declare war in their own continent (there is not such wars in the book), but forcing them to peace at home seems a little boring.

    I still think they may be fun with a locked diplomacy, with locked wars between some faction, like Braavos and Tyrosh (because Braavos hate slavery), or Volantis, Lys and Myr, because of the Disputed Lands. The other cities are supposed neutral at the time.

    If King's Landing is taken, then the Westeros factions could start making war randomly with each other, but not with the Free Cities. That would be possible with locked diplomacy for the Essos Factions.

    The Free Folks and the Khalassar would have free diplomacy, or they would just be at war with the factions they directly invade (I must point that the FF are not at war with the Westerlands, even if you made the quest that gives much of the North to the Lannisters, which is kind of unsatisfying).

    That were suggestions for improving diplomacy dynamics.

    Other questions:
    I own Lannisport, but it is now a poor city and I get nearly nothing from taxes and tariffs. The villages surrounding the city had been devastated for a while, and I try to improve the situation by lowering the taxes and preventing raiding incursions.
    The questions are : did someone managed to improve the situation of a town in this mod and is it worth it?
    I know some towns can give crazy tariffs, like King's Landing. From the time being, tariffs from Lannisport are miserable, so is there a way to improve them?

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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    xdj1nn said:
    Ok, sorry about double posting, but I want to make myself heard.

    I've got tired of waiting for a reply, so I've decided to take matters upon my own hand and I'm slowly developing a submod for ACOK to include more Valyrian Weapons, I also plan to change the 3 "craftable" ones through the quest to provide the options of a Two-Hander, Bastard Sword or One-Handed. All will be appropriately balanced, the Bastard Version being medium length, one-handed less than 100 in length and the Great Sword being akin to the size of Heartsbane. I'll use outside/imported resources to do so, and I'll share everything in Google Drive once it's done. The names of the 3 swords will be kept the same for the sake of having less trouble doing it.

    I've already successfully imported AWOIAF's Valyrian Swords into ACOK, and I'll appropriately add them to the respective NPCs, the only trouble being Jon Snow, which I guess I'll have to add the weapon to Mormont so when the switch occurs it's with Jon Snow, when I get around of editing the Troops I'll see what can be done, but it may not be possible to avoid giving the sword to Mormont...

    When everything is said and done, I'll start doing the same with missing armors and other items that I deem too important to be left out of ACOK. In fact, the main reason I'm doing this is because AWOIAF at this point has the best resources between the two mods (graphically speaking). I'm also adding some custom banners for myself, when I get some in-game screenshots I'll post it here, if there's interest I'll include them.

    If I get inspired enough I'll start fixing the Troop Trees too, adding more depth and logic to them. (IE: Reach upgrades a Mounted Sergeant into Knight, instead of having a Unmounted Squire -> Mounted Squire and then Knight, I'll fix these nonsensical trees appropriately)


    Nice. Remember Mormont gave the sword to Jon before they went beyond the wall, so you might give him the sword.
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    Some points after a very extensive gameplay.

    xdj1nn said:
    Ok, so here's the thing, VC is great in that the battles in this DLC/Mod are in fact way more fun and interesting, and to some extent, more tactical than any other mod/DLC for Warband.
    I have to give praise and a shoutout to all the strong points of the DLC, like spears becoming a more viable weapon, javelins being useful (which is untrue to all mods I've played, and vanilla itself due to the low ammo and extremely low accuracy). A fun way to make steady income without playing a Lord / King. Interesting interactions with NPCs, some scenes (not all, many are glitched and bland, but some scenes are incredible).
    The whole special gear crafting thing inherited by Brytenwalda. Some mini-quests involving neutral scenes (like the Strange Stones, Odin's Cave, etc. The only one that leaves a bitter taste is the copy-paste from Brytenwalda's Strange Ruins)

    The whole Morigan quest's also really appealing, even though counter-intuitive in both it's "lore" and how it plays-out (specially the invincible mini-battles that only serves the purpose to force the player to be gamey by avoiding combat or as a troop-sink that doesn't do anything but harass the player for no reason at all).

    Then there's the storyline which has the most cheesy cringe-worthy story I've ever seen in a game (oh, mom, save mommy, mommy is crazy). Personally I couldn't care less about my "characters motives", and it's straight-out bad writing from start to finish. Also, within the main story, the whole capture fort for 20 days is one of the most useless and non-sensical things i've ever seen. I get the whole excuse of "distracting the enemy", but that's hardly effective in realistic circumstances, even more so in the game where the AI just do random stuff regardless of what the player does, except for the biggest Warband flaw of all-times: Zerg raiding player's fiefs, that is always consistent...

    Then again, the whole reputation system attached to relations plus religion is off and broken to a point of no return. Once you commit to certain play-style you're destroying your end-game. It doesn't become difficult per-se, it simply makes the end-game a boring chore of chasing enemies. Which leads to the reason why I've came to make this topic:

    The whole shenanigans involving pagan religion... So, none if maybe a couple lords that are Pagan have any decent personality traits, and if they do, your reputation doesn't influence their relations. This alone breaks any end-game for a player who choses to go the Pagan way, forcing you to relinquish both paganism along with the most appealing addition in this mod compared to brytenwalda: Ship + Raiding. This alone makes the mod sour, to say the least, in fact once I've reached real end-game I've quit, tried to come back into it multiple times, but it's pointless to fight against such a cheaty way of handicapping the player.

    So, what's wrong with all that? Pretty much everything... If you use the whole raiding strategy to amass fortunes so you can have a decent fleet and spare money for upgrading fiefs, well, you can't have lords, meaning you won't be able to actually play the whole end-game of forging your own kingdom. Currently in my save I have 99 RTR (easy peasy lemon squeasy) but that doesn't help at all, sure I can cater for deflecting / evicted lords, but the realtion stains with cristians make it impossible to manage the kingdom unless you take upon yourself the chore-grinding of single-handedly raising such relations with a combo of massive gold spenditure along with grinding quests (and even using both, effectively more gold than quests, the quest cooldowns make it into a in-game chore of years upon years). So, you take that happy quest of unifying Scandinavia, k, cheasy one, but RP wise, to effectively unite them along with the lords, you gonna have massive penalties and micro-management becomes overwhelming too fast. The only way to avoid harass from Christians is the gamey "timber for monasteries" grind, which's also non-sensical and annoying.

    Even after you grind relations to christians seeking to avoid an constant war with everyone in the map (after uniting scandinavia that is), you are off to dealing with a massive hoster of countless lords carrying grudges against you, in fact, I've failed to find a single lord that I hadn't grinded relations beforehand (as a vassal of Nothumbria and before that in Danmark) with positive or even neutral relations towards my toon. All of this leads to a listing of biased problems with the DLC to it's very core, which's the basegame of Warband.

    The listing goes as this:
    1- AI cheats, some may disagree with this statement, but the truth is that the AI plays by much more forgiving rules than the player, and they can in fact bypass so many things that they always have the upper-hand, no matter how good you are at the game. The major "cheating" aspects is that they don't suffer attrition in the biased sieging mechanic introduced by the DLC. They don't have to worry about food or morale. They can raid villages with 1 troop. They can avoid fights without serious penalties to morale (fleeing). Once they've fled enough, they have so little troops that they can outrun anything in the game, and go straight to raiding villages endlessly like a zerging bee...

    2- 90% of the interesting difficulty mechanics introduced by VC affects exclusively the player, IE: Injuries, Armor Penalties (they only take effect in battles, so only the player and his direct opponents actually get hindered by it, making it another advantage for AI on Map). No matter how many troops you leave in a fief (this is inherent to Warband / M&B in general), AI always succeeds in Sieges, and not by forcing a white-flag, but by assaulting, this makes the whole "sieging" mechanic a hindrance towards the player, discouraging any attempt to capture anything in-land, due to the fact that the only way to avoid that is to attack by sea. Lords don't have to maintain ships nor do they have to buy them. If a lord has 1500 troops, it can travel by sea without issue even though it's physically impossible in the game to do so considering the maximum ship-limit + their troop limits. This allows for Irish lords from realms that don't even have ports to travel with ease all the way to Danmark, which's not only unrealistic, but annoying and nonsensical.

    3- Unresponsiveness from Battle AI combined with Glitched scenes where AI spawns outside the scene limits. Imo this is the most broken part of the whole DLC, you can actually get stuck in a battle for not having a clear sight of an AI that spawned outside, so the only option is to flee from battle, which only adds to the whole shenanigan of the sieging attrition. But that's not the worst case scenario, you can actually get wrecked in field battles due to glitched responsiveness of your own troops AI. Sometimes they'll do nothing, standing like sitting ducks, sometimes they won't obey the formation logistics and keep walking back-and-forth like a bunch of idiots for minutes. At times they'll break formation out of the blue and you won't be able to regroup them before loosing a massive amount of troops in the process...

    4- Lack of Upstanding/Goodnatured lords: This one alone makes creating a kingdom an almost pointless effort. You'll be, 90% of the time, forced to be gamey when both distributing fiefs (that you can't exchange) and bribing lords (because you won't have time to do quests for them). The whole thing becomes a gold sink that'll eventually leave you broke, and with the biased "reform kingdom" mechanic, you'll eventually lose all territory, or be forced to kill your income due to tax inefficiency as to avoid losing conquered territory.

    5- Ally AI unresponsiveness in the Map. Basically your marshal will constantly do mid-sea standing campaigns that last a week, and do nothing, not defend nor attack... Some lords will get lost in the sea and sit there for months at a time without moving even to defend their own fiefs.

    6- Lack of forms to boost relations with vassal lords aside from marriage + feast grinding... This also makes it into a chore, due to the fact that you'll have to grind feasts at peace times to avoid your worthless lords from deflecting, which, in the end, is only useful when you are the marshal of your own kingdom... Even so, it's more effective to carry around a hoster of elite troops than it is to grind relations + wait for lords to come to you for any campaign... I've found that I am more effective alone than I am with any AI help.

    7- No way to curb Christianity due to the biased mechanic where temples and monasteries force convert nearby fiefs. Yet, we are encouraged to convert fiefs due to inherent bonuses and the whole relation drop over-time within fiefs that are not from your religion...

    I think that's all I can remember for now. Summing up, I do think that VC is broken because it reinforces warbands flaws with it's own new features. Whenever you start a kingdom the game becomes unmanageable until you either create enough patience to be gamey and micromanage everything, or simply give up and start a new one. So, the play-ability of VC is basically limited to restarts unless you find chore-grinding a fun experience...

    Just my 2 cents on the DLC after years having it sitting in my Steam without ever touching it (except for the first time when I've played only the story and uninstalled)

    Well, this is Viking Conquest.
    There is a lot of truth in your post, but let's consider the case of religion and reputation:

    If you go viking (if you ravage the land) then you will be considered as such. That's fairly immersive, and you may not consider to become king if you're a bandit, because people will protest.
    With the converted lords, it's the historical setting that is translated : norsemen did convert because, in many case, they were willing to integrate to the local society.
    I always considered the the most reasonable choice if you play a pagan king in Albion is to convert after some times (maybe when you start rule upon many christian lords).
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    xdj1nn said:
    I know that Cozur will likely not listen, answer and probably be rude as always, but I've got my head around and back to play ACOK again and there are some things that are amiss/off.

    First of all, valyrian sword acquired through quests, why on earth would I want length variations for one-handed swords? Wouldn't it make more sense to give a 2h, a longsword (bastard sword) and a one-hander as options instead? Currently assessing the best Two-Handers can only be done in gamey ways, one is less gamey which's to go for the non-valyrian Dawn, the other option is to steal Tarly's sword which isn't something every character would be agreeable upon (RPing purposes and all). Or one can always blatantly cheat to get Blackfyre instead...

    Second thing that is off is the whole event spam, I know they are interesting, the first time around, which are also annoying at such stage with all the nonsensical permanent punishments they give, specially considering there's no way to get attributes back once said events happen resulting in obvious and forced save scumming...

    Third is the fact that the Iron Bank should also give loans. As it is it doesn't work as it's mostly shown in both the books and the show... Floris, Diplomacy (if I'm not mistaken) and the other GoT mod all have the loan system, would be nice to see it in ACOK too..

    Other than those points the mod has certainly improved, I'd adjust the troop-trees to have noble troops and peasant troops, make a few changes here and there, but essentially it's working great... Some new meshes are cool, some are not (the whole new tournament armors are far too hard to spot, so it's difficult to know who's in each team tbh). There are some shader glitches on shields, but then again those are bound to get fixed at one point.

    So far those are the only things I can give a say since I didn't went too far in the mod as of yet...

    If you choose the sword "Windsong" you will get 93 length, witch is not that small... But I agree, with 4 daggers you may get a proper long sword. For events, only one ends up making you loose 1 attribute for sure, and three may let you gain one.
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    For the quest "the crowned stag" I also found an easy and safe-ish way to capture Renly, provided that he already had been defeated:when he respawns in Storm's end, wait until he gets about 75 soldiers, and besiege the castle with a smaller, but stronger band. He should attack you after some moment.

    The biggest problem is when a vassal come after you, that's why it is advised to wait the Stormlands to be in a military campaign.
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Here is a guide for people who want to be powerful very fast, while making a realistic playthrough :

    Make a character that have 14-15 strength from the beginning.

    Join a lord from the Riverlands or the Reach as a retinue, then ask for a personal leave, and go to village elder or guild masters for experience, then go back to your lord and wait for a promotion. That way you should get promoted very fast, with no need for you to go to battle. It might be an exploit, but it appears the xp gained during your leave is counted for your promotion. You can also get xp by slaying foes while on the leave...
    Repeat the operation until you get promoted to elite infantry/mounted sergeant. Then you can start making high reward quests while on the leave, like the Tourney of Ninesars, and get promoted to knight, or "the knights of the mind". To get promoted to heavy knight, you can make the quest "Beyond the wall" which is worth 5000 xp. The Reach and the Riverlands are an important choice, because as a heavy knight from these factions you will get some of the best armor in the game ("full plate armor") and the best horse (barded destrier). The Westerlands h.k. have decent armors but lack of nice horses.

      You should consider joining a strong lord if you don't want to be captured, the problem being you can't always go on a personal leave. I advise joining Lord Edmure Tully (faction leader of the Riverlands) because he has a lot of troops and he uses to be on Fairmarket, so you can enter stationed town, and because he will attack some robber knights on the occasion. For the same reasons, you may want to serve the lord of Tumbleton (there is bandits to kill around this area).
    If your lord is becoming too week because of the battles, just wait until you're promoted then dismiss and join an other lord from the same faction, then you will keep your rank.

    As you level up, it is important to raise your strength up to 20 and agility to 9 or 12 to get the "riding" skill to 3 or 4, because as you get promoted, you will need strength and riding skill to wear the armor and ride the horse (full plate needs 20 str and destrier 3 or 4 riding skill).

    I you don't like the gear you get from a promotion, just dismiss ad rejoin, then you may get a better equipment (there is a roll in the pool each unit has access).
    If you want to leave definitely, just pull your equipment in a companion's inventory then leave, or you can just desert if you don't mind the relation loss. For my part, I consider the armor set a just reward, after coming back from the "Beyond the Wall" mission.
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