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    Gekokujo: Submods (Announce, Release, Comment, and Suggest)

    Go ahead, I can help just as long as I don't have to recompile any code to test for myself
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    Gekokujo: Submods (Announce, Release, Comment, and Suggest)

    Articulo34 said:
    It bothered phlpp too. He couldn´t even find what was causing it at all. Perhaps a workaround that allows you to pick one of the regular textured sashimono? I wouldn´t mind showing the colors of the clan I am serving instead of my own.
    I have bad news, I did figure out what caused it and got rid of it in one of the final test versions that was unreleasable. I assumed the 3.1 beta I released had it, but I guess not? All I remember was that it was infuriatingly simple.

    After checking the 3.1 code I think it was this missing line:

    (set_fixed_point_multiplier, 100),

    in in the entry for "gekokujo_sashimono". the missing line should be added under:

      ("gekokujo_sashimono", 0, "sample_gekokujo_sashimono_heraldic", 1024, 1024, 0, 0, 0, 0,
           (store_script_param, ":banner_mesh", 1),

    I have no way of compiling and testing this on my current computer, unfortunately
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    Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition (Updated w/moddb link)

    First Suguroku, then a bunch of different versions floating around on 4chan, then now this (I only found out about Daimyo Edition today) -- you all make me so happy. Thank you very much, submod makers. Also thank you very much, players :grin:
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    Gekokujo: Submods (Announce, Release, Comment, and Suggest)

    PPQ_Purple said:
    This is assuming he commented it all properly and generally made it easy to figure out just what the changes are.
    If you have a text editor or IDE that can search through all the .py files, you can search for every instance of "#gekokujo" or "#gekokujo 3.1" (or some other version number) and almost all of them will mark the start and end of a section of code and at the very least a descriptive title, if not a brief summary of my intention with that section. My integration of diplomacy is a bit of a mess, but it's all still commented.

    As an example, the much-hated skirmisher weapon script is in module_mission_templates, at the top

    #gekokujo 3.0 equipment distributions
    #the point of this script is to allow skirmisher weapon variation, reduced "loot spam", and guaranteed items
    #first and foremost, this script determines whether an ashigaru skirmisher spawns with bows or guns
    #the proportions are based on the unit's faction, the exact weapon is based on the unit's tier
    #there are 66 skirmisher units split into 4 tiers and 3 ratios
    #tier 1 are basic, tier 2 are "trained", tier 3 are "veteran", and tier 4 are "elite"
    #(oda and tokugawa) have 60/40 gunners/archers 
    #(uesugi, date, mori, takeda, otomo, hojo, shimazu, and ryuzoji) have 40/60 gunners/archers 
    #(everyone else) has 20/80 gunners/archers
    #NOTE: always pair yumi_1 with yumi_2 and yumi_5 with yumi_6

    I scrolled down a bit and oh my God, you guys would have really hated me if I got one particular subsection to work

    		#re-equip ashigaru spearmen start (disabled)
    		#these sorry bastards don't know how to select their primary weapons correctly, so no more of this
    		#re-equip ashigaru spearmen end

    (This one doesn't follow the convention I laid out of noting that it's a gekokujo change, followed by a version number because it's a subsection within a section where that is already noted)
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    Gekokujo: Submods (Announce, Release, Comment, and Suggest)

    Hey guys, long time no post. I'm not restarting work on Gekokujo (and bannerlord might come out before I get that itch again), but it came back on my radar because of a couple of interesting youtube LPs I ran into by accident. It inspired me to go to Steam Workshop, Nexus, and modDB to link them to the 3.1 patch, but I have something for you guys as well.

    Here is the 3.1 beta module system source code:

    It's based on the warband 1.166 module system as a base, and I'm not sure how out of date that is nowadays.

    Use it how you'd like -- submods, new mods, whatever. I'm only linking it to you guys, but share it with whomever you want and whenever you see someone ask for it. If you have questions about it, I'm sorry but I can probably only help you with basic stuff (but not BASIC BASIC stuff like how to use the module system, etc)
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    Gekokujo 3.1 -BETA- final version?

    Yo, sorry for being incommunicado for so long. But yes, development is on hold for now and no restart date is planned (but I do intend to finish 3.1 for perfectionism's sake)
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    I've been asked to do an AMA on reddit's /r/mountandblade/ in early November

    Just giving you all a heads up in case you want to participate. I still have to submit a bio and a team list -- I'm officially a solo developer, but let's get serious, I had a lot of help from the community and I still get a lot of help right now. I'll try to mention as many of you as I can for...
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    Noted -- and you will definitely get the 3.1 code. I'm making it public as insurance -- you all see how badly development has slowed down
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    PPQ_Purple said:
    Osric said:
    No way to change it? Consol code ingame?
    The only way I've found is to mod the game to trigger an event that resets your reputation with bandits.
    Weird, 3.1 Beta (but not sure about 3.1 Preview) was supposed to have this reputation reset as a daily trigger

    Also, I'm back in business, just gimme a bit to catch up on things
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    Noted -- I can already imagine why (I wasn't able to use the same code, so I had to partially duplicate it and modify for random encounters)
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    The layout and pathing bugs brought up in the last page (as well as that script error) have been noted. The fort capture variable is actually worrisome, though, because it's hard to control that in the module system for 100% save compatibility.

    Regarding sieges, though, are the empty garrisons after castles are traded back and forth a problem? A minimum garrison that applies to both the player and AI might do the trick, so that the defenders never go below 200 or some other moderate number

    My gaming and development computer broke last week, so that delays us a little. It wouldn't normally be a big deal, I could actually probably fix it right now at this moment if I felt like it, but I am still a little emotionally exhausted. The spare parts I have on hand were my father's -- he bought them a week before he died because I gifted him one of my spare high-end CPUs and he wanted to build a computer out of it. Building computers was one of the things we did together when I was a child
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    WolfWitness said:
    Damn, I sorry to hear that. My condolences as well. And I'm really sorry if I struck a nerve.
    Oh, not at all, don't worry about that

    And thank you both
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    WolfWitness said:
    Enrique's penchant for cannibalism seriously has to go. There were some tribes that practiced it but it was no where as prevalent as it was in New Guinea. If Enrique needs a macabre trait, headhunting was definitely a thing, particularly in the north.
    Enrique is actually based on a person I know, as an in-joke, not on a historical tribe. Speaking of headhunting in the north -- I just got back from there last night.

    My father succumbed to his illness last Sunday and we had his funeral earlier this week in his hometown, Baguio. I am both emotionally and physically too exhausted to work this week, so there is of course a delay. It won't be too long, though. When I was going through my father's computer, I saw that his bookmarks bar had a link to the PCGamer article about mods that included Gekokujo. He also had keen interest in my commercial project right before he passed, so I feel driven to complete both
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    Woopzilla said:
    I know a lot of people are having gate problems in the 3.1 beta but my problem is slightly different:

    When disguising and sneaking into castles the gates are always locked. A horde of angry guards try to attack me but can't reach me because they are stuck behind the gate. I had to use a cheat to knock the guards out as retreating only gives the option to surrender. The gates are correctly open though after the game says you 'lost the guards' and reloads the courtyard.

    On a side note, gates during actual sieges seem to be working fine for me.

    I'm using 1.168 with 3.1 beta. I couldn't find 1.166 on this site and thought 1.168 would be ok to use since the last two versions only made changes to Viking Conquest.

    A second bug I get is a game crash from random encounters:

    Most encounters work fine but when it's preceded by that error message it always freezes or CTDs after I kill everyone.
    oof, thanks for posting that screenshot, the error message will help a lot in tracking that down
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    Yeah, the era is post-ww2 (1950s to 2000s) with anti-ship missiles, subs with homing torpedoes, maritime patrol craft with sonobuoys, jet carrier aircraft, and so on. It's a somewhat-open world singleplayer RPG like mass effect, kotor, and the old final fantasy games. During battles, you control your ship or sub. In between battles, you steam around the world map, walk around inside your ship, make port visits, interact with your crew (as in the normandy, or ebon hawk, or the highwind, etc), and so on

    So far, whenever I lose steam on gekokujo I move on to that game, and whenever I lose steam on that game I move back to gekokujo, though I had a few days last month where I was burned out from both
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