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    Skies of Arcadia

    skies of arcadia was AWEEEOOMMSEEE (yes it needed caps) best RPG on dreamcast... i miss that game...
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    Chaos Axe, Completed!

    Hey all! It's been a while since I did anything with M&B, but im lovin the updates to it, and been playin hundred years war mod, lol. I felt to need to 3d model another axe, others might remember my Widowmaker Axe, or my 2x4 with a nail in it weapons... but I lost them... :( anyone still have...
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    Error adding weapon to game

    Wow very nice man. Looks awesome. Good job!
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    Is there a modding Wiki?

    Hey guys, Is there a modding Wiki With Tutorials and such? If not... maybe we could make one? I got a web server n all to host it. Thanks - Phennexion
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    OSP Fantasy 3D Art The 2by4 of Death > Released!

    Okay it's uploaded on MB Repository. =)
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    OSP Fantasy 3D Art The 2by4 of Death > Released!

    Yeah feel free to use it :smile:... and i'll take a look into it :smile: thanks
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    OSP Fantasy 3D Art The 2by4 of Death > Released!

    Sweet Janus, If you could give me access i could upload it asap. My name is Phennexion on the Repository..

    Lol.. yeah HardCode i been smackin around Vaegirs with ol' woody all day hehe
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    OSP Fantasy 3D Art The 2by4 of Death > Released!

    Sure you can go ahead and use it :smile: Just put in somewhere that phennexion contributed hehe.

    I'm gunna look up your mod and check it out, and PM ya :smile:
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    OSP Fantasy 3D Art The 2by4 of Death > Released!

    Hey all :smile: I know it's not very pretty but it sure is fun to use! hehe. This is my 2nd mod and im finnally gettin the hang of it :smile: Thanks to Yoshiboy, Simpson, Lurb, Janus, and everyone who contributed to the mod scene to help me learn :smile: anyway I'm still not sure how to go...
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    i am confused

    Ahh... looks like ya got some tutorial reading to do. I'm thinking of making a tutorial on weapon making just for my own learning, but it'll be good for others too. Stay tuned :smile:
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    i am confused

    you have me confused as to what your question is lol
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    Widow Maker > Released !!

    LOL... Yeah well I kinda got busy with work n stuff and didnt have time to play m&b but i got some time now so i wana get into making a mod..

    ps thx tka :smile:
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    Widow Maker > Released !!

    wow cool !! Umm...Yeah i'll try to take down the polycount somehow.. lol.
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    Get Object Failed Error :(

    Hey all, I've been messin around with a new model... lol I wanted to make a simple 2x4 with a few nails in it... and so i've been using the new Texture Tool by Simpson and BRF View & Edit... I've for the mesh to load up in BRF View: and this is the error i get when i try to run M&B.
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    Widow Maker > Released !!

    Hmm... well it's a custom .dds file so you'll have to hex edit anyway... unless.... i just use my copy and overwrite your guyses... problem is it'll whax whatever pre-existing mod you had in there.
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