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  1. On Crafting Orders

    Hello SadShogun, first, thanks for the changes! Smithing now seems to be more connected to the world now.
    I tried to run a campaign on smithing, doing orders is fun, but my excitement lasted until the stamina bar ran out.
    Smithing is the only skill in the game that restricts you to resting in the city. In the beginning of the beta when the characters lived forever this was not a big issue, but now the characters have limited lives and staying in town doing nothing is definitely not a good option.

    Is it possible to review the stamina system? At the very least allow it to charge as we walk across the map. That way the player can hunt down some looters (or improve some other skill) while waiting for it to fill. Another option would be to eliminate the stamina completely and put a message of "It takes x hours to create this weapon" before creation based on the number of materials needed to create it.

    Also, we need a slide bar in the refinement section, it's not very practical to have to click for every charcoal we want to produce.
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    Didn't tried it yet in bannerlord but can't you pledge yourself as a vassal to another kingdom to receive their protection? i remember this being a thing in previous M&B and one i used once when trying my hands at being a king for the first time lol
    Nope, you can't pledge to another kingdom or leave your own kingdom
  3. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    ahh... rushing kingdom creation is always a bad idea be it bannerlord or warband, you need relationships, troops and money, rivers of money.
    Yeah, I know, this isn't my first playthrough and I know how to turn my game around, but this is going to discourage and probably kill a playthrough of a new player (this is a thing I can see a new player do, the option is more appealing than support a existing kingdom), and this is not a good thing. But seriously, even with all that, with all your companions running caravans and using all the workshops available you can't still fund your kingdom, there is definitely a problem with the game design.
  4. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    I also am unsatisfied with the economy of the game right now. Am I the only one who went bankrupt in this game?

    In this playthrough I rush to create my own kingdom to see the main story's missions, so I didn't create many relationships with the other clans and created the kingdom as soon as I reached rank 4 with just one castle. Right away I had to make peace with sturgia for 600. Okay it's still plausible, I will try to conquer a city of the rebels to get enough money. After conquer it, I was attacked by 3 more kingdoms and for each one I have to pay 1000 denars (not at the same time, but they declared war right after I declare peace). And since I had no vassal (I somehow managed to convert one by offering loot later) I still need to pay mercenaries to fight for my kingdom which add up to over 3000 expenses. At some point, I managed to have 5 caravans and 3 workshops running at the same time and I just couldn't afford it all. Now I have a debt of more than 1 million denars (thankfully they didn't block the option of hiring mercenaries with no money, otherwise my kingdom wouldn't even be able to protect itself) and the only other option I have in this playthrough would be to keep at war with half the world, since I also cannot undo my kingdom.
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    I played version 1.5.6 for 600 days and here is my feedback, @MArdA TaleWorlds and @mexxico, could you look at these points or forward them to those responsible for these areas?

    • When trying to marry your sister (or another) to a ruler (Monchung, Caladog, etc ...), the game still considers that the marriage is between the player and the ruler. This happens both with the rulers and the clans generated by the rebellion.
    • If for any reason the player cancels the barter during a marriage proposal to a relative (for lack of money or other reason) the option to offer that person's hand in marriage disappears completely and you cannot try again.
    • If you offer a relative's hand in marriage when you have both your brother and sister available for marriage, the game ignores your choice (you offer your brother for marriage and the other clan also chooses another man to marriage, if you continue the game, marry your sister).

    • In those 600 days, Lageta went into rebellion about 10 times (with at least 3 different factions). The clans generated by the failed rebellion have not disappeared from the encyclopedia and these "nobles" are just occupying the hall of other castles and cities. I suggest that after the rebellion fails the members of the rebellion should be executed when captured so that this does not happen.
    • The clans generated are usually very weak, wouldn't it be interesting to allow these rebels to hire one or two minor factions to help? Usually the only way for them to succeed is if the faction ignores them.

    • There's something weird with polearm. I saw an enemy flying to the other side of arena after Monchung hit him during a tournament.
    • Clan members do not function as emissaries, only companions.
  6. Need More Info [1.5.2] Castle Militia is from different faction and unknown behaviour

    I already upload the save file, I did at the time I create the thread.
  7. Need More Info [1.5.2] Castle Militia is from different faction and unknown behaviour

    While walking on the map I found one castle that has a militia with my (player) faction, but the castle belongs to a different faction (battlenia), the militia is outside of the castle, and while you hold the detailed information it shows unknown behaviour on the current objective. If you talk...
  8. Resolved [1.5.0] Minor factions don't change leader after death

    Just to note, it's still happening in 1.5.1
  9. Resolved Family members can’t be used for quests

    They can't be used for caravans either, that means I can't increase my son trade skill, so when my character die I will have to increase the trade skill all over again
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    Anyone having an issue where you can't send your brother to complete quests?
    Family members can't be deployed to caravans either
  11. Resolved [1.5.0] Minor factions don't change leader after death

    Summary: After the leader died by old age the game don't change the minor faction leader, if you try to talk to one of them and ask for them to be mercenaries for your kingdom, they will say that you have to speak with their dead leader.
    How to Reproduce: (In my savefile) Enter Makeb, talk to the forest people guy, he will tell that if you want to recruit him as mercenary you have to talk with his deceased leader
    Quest/Settlement Name (if related): None
    Media (Screenshots & Video): https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....654/F81FC7A1979AC2DFA86381027F9E5E4338E22C31/
    Version: 1.5.0
    Installed community-made modifications: None

    I send the savefile to
  12. Resolved [1.5.0] Minor factions don't change leader after death

    After the leader died by old age the game don't change the minor faction leader, if you try to talk to one of them and ask for them to be mercenaries for your kingdom, they will say that you have to speak with their dead leader.
  13. Resolved [1.5.0] Crash while walking in the world map

    After today's hotfix I'm not getting the crash anymore, I still need some testing but I believe the bug was fixed, thank you.
  14. Economy HotIfx did the opposite

    Just a fun fact (bug?) from 1.5, my companion that was running a caravan died. The caravan was not disbanded, they just hired a new unit and moved forward... This caravan without companion is doing way more profit in comparison with my others caravans (I don't know if it's using my old companion skill or the AI standard caravan to make the trades).

    Also because it's without companion the party don't show my clan sigil on the map (the one to find armies and other parties) it's just blank.
  15. See character skills on the inventory and shop

    Usually when I get a new companion the first thing I want to do is buy better gear for them. But when I get in the shop, I remember I don't know what the character stats are. So I have to go out of the shop/inventory and go to the character screen to see their skills. As the tittle hinted, my...
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