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  1. SP Native The Old Winter - Released - New download link with a fixed version

    well, i thought that maybe it should be able to pass lakes and small floods because of the ice, but with slowed speed ofc. im thinking of 75% slower speed than usual.

    maybe its dumb but still i would like to suggest, i dont know if it has been suggested on one of the 31 other pages. XD
  2. Map and other small things for a Scandinavian Mod.

    CinuzIta said:
    peteydk said:
    thx i will give him credits.

    btw, why cant the dds converter 2 i got, convert the .dds files(textures)?

    eh..don't know..maybe it's an installation error...


    ^ i suggest you usin this one, it's good... :smile:

    thats the one im using the thing just wont convert...
  3. Map and other small things for a Scandinavian Mod.

    thx i will give him credits.

    btw, why cant the dds converter 2 i got, convert the .dds files(textures)?
  4. SP Medieval Scandinavian Wars of 12th century[In Progress]

    I do not belive Iceland will be there, if we have to keep the distance kind of realistic the map would be way to large, and dont think the mod will be finished just like whoom! XD we are taking it as it come. this is also our first mod, so things are going the way they goes :smile:

    about naval battles i do not think so, we might try to make it, but lets see. :smile:
  5. Map and other small things for a Scandinavian Mod.

    Hi, im Peter, me and my friend is making a scandinavian mod from the 12th century(http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=81994.new#new) well first of all we got this pic: from Bloodshammar, so we wanted to know if anyone in here happend to have that map file lying around somewhere if you...
  6. SP Medieval Scandinavian Wars of 12th century[In Progress]

    Scandinavian Wars of 12th century[In Progress] Hi, me and my friend decided to make a mod with the scandinavian countries. we plan to make it with 5 Factions, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Kurland We actullay started today so we arent realy been going quite far. BlodsHammar provided...
  7. Dansk...

    Kan du uploade filen ? tak :grin:

    btw, har du MSN eller steam ?
  8. Dansk...

    Blodshammar, jeg er ham der er med til at models ved modden, og vi har belsluttet at vi laver den i 1200 tallet istedet som du siger er M&B lavet til den tid :smile:
    historiske facts vil ikke blive fuldt så grundigt da Danmark ejede en del af sverige, hele Norge, Estonia, og en del af tyskland på det tidspunkt.

    Lande som kommer til at være der:
    Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Finland, Polen, lidt af tyskland, lidt af rusland og Lithuania(Litauen) som ejer Estonia(Estland), og lativia(Letland) + Kalingrad går jeg udfra.

  9. prvakaciga1.brf error ??

    o_O well it seems i still dont got it but i can play the game now so i dont realy care :smile: Thx alot ;P
  10. Age of Blackpowder: Scandinavia (dead)

    o_O great ;D nice nice, so a bit like empire: TW just in mount and blade :smile: perfect. then we get to skullrape them, instead of just wacthing ;P
  11. prvakaciga1.brf error ??

    sure but i dont think that will work, i couldnt find that file in any of my other mods like Damocls(SoD4.1), Europe 1200, WII: China, Hegemony and some small improvments mods. XD
  12. Age of Blackpowder: Scandinavia (dead)

    well if you need some help with danish words youre welcome to ask. but if you got steam please do it over there by adding PeteyDK to your friend list and pm'ing me. :smile:
    im from denmark myself and have been looking for a scandinavian mod for some times so would be very glad if this mod where finished. :smile:

    btw, i havent really cathed what age we're in here ? 14-15 century ?

  13. OSP Dark Ages World Map Scandinavian Map

    sorry to revive this thread, but i would like to help if you havent got the answer yet.

    Fortress/castle means in modern danish = Fæstning / borg. castle could also mean Slot but a slot is for living in where nobels used to live in a borg was usally where  they could defend.
  14. prvakaciga1.brf error ??

    ok, when i open the game it goes to proccesing INI and instantly give me the error so i searched around and it seems there isnt a file named that in mount and blade ? so i thought some of you might be able to help me out here XD i checked the rar file and still nothing. -Peter
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