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    Bannerlord was a grift

    It is the majority consensus of this forum. Unless there is a study that I am not aware of, it really isn’t fair to state that all WB players think that the game sucks.

    Also, for the “we” thing, it was never specified who the “we” was.
    It is a well-known phenomenon that forum posters for any game are greatly overrepresenting the dissatisfied or niche players. E.g. in various MMOs you will find hordes of PvP players and end-game Raiders even though these players actually represent maybe 5-10% of the players based on game stats from the game company. And they will complain endlessly about some "balance" that most players never experience for themselves.

    Somebody who is playing a game - and enjoying himself - will rarely find the time to read forums and will usually refrain from posting if he visits the forums because he doesn't see the value of participating or is afraid of abuse from the regulars.
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    (With Dev Replies) Development Now Feels Slower than Ever ... Do I Detect Another Code Refactor?

    What kind of crazy people vote 2 there? XD
    Just because people disagree with you they are not crazy. I suspect a few prefer leaving it up to the individual soldiers rather than managing it themselves, feeling that is more realistic.
    I did not vote but would have been a "1".
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    Why Die For Danzig? Bannerlord Edition

    I m not defending the game I really like the game, and I ask everyone's forgiveness for this.
    I like it too, warts and all. I play with and without mods (shoutout to Calradia Expanded & CE Kingdoms) and find lots of hours of enjoyment.
    There is a lot of potential for improvement but I think that attacking Taleworlds or individuals working for the company is counterproductive. A classic example of playing the man instead of the ball.
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