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    Gekokujo: FAQ, Wiki, and Quick Help

    Is there some sort of script which forces certain equipment onto fort troops? I made modifications to the troops.txt, specifically Tsushima gunners, using Morgh's editor. I gave them different body armor, removed the old one from their equipment list, and saved the changes. When I go into battle...
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    [S] A New Dawn

    Why do my men retreat towards the enemy instead of the closest map edge when I order them to retreat, even when they're only five meters away from it? It's making it a pain in the ass trying to increase the levels of fodder-tier, non mass-recruitable units like townsmen/villagers when I try to...
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    [WB][S]Bella, Horrida Bella. My personal mod, searching for approval.

    It sounds interesting, although I'd try to flesh out the idea behind Conteratur a bit. If they think humanity is a mistake, how they maintain enough cohesion as a kingdom to go around killing people, flaying them, and eating their organs? How is it that their own subjects are immune from the...
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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 7 - Imperial Declines

    My personal wishlist for M&B consists of the following: Better sieges (Multiple paths of assault, siege weaponry, defense weaponry, options while starving out the garrison to do things like fire rotting corpses/sacks of filth into the castle to try and induce sickness in the defenders, sap the...
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    Too Quiet

    I can only imagine how much screeching of "MEDDLING WITH THE OCCULT" tears at the collective consciousness whenever someone posts a modification or submod that improves on or adjusts the features of PoP.
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    You know what we need? The ability to catapult feces into enemy lord's castles and towns. Or send agents into their towns at night to drop feces into their wells. Or lighting bags of feces on fire and leaving it on their doorsteps so then they have to stomp it out and then all their soldiers...
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    Sword Sisters

    Dawg, any news on your updating of female meshes and variants for armor?
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    Tools for modifying this mod?

    No, it's a race from a fantasy mod that I saved files from, but can't remember the name of. When you say, do you mean the module.ini text file or the skins.txt file? Because I don't see any .py files in the folders. For that matter, I've never worked with python files when doing...
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    Tools for modifying this mod?

    Would you know how to go about adding an additional "gender" onto the slider for character creation? I'm looking to play as a character that uses non-standard skeletal meshes, pulled from a now-dead mod, but the usual steps for adding a third race as a character creation choice in non-WSE mods...
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    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    When I play Gekokujo, I actually find myself more attracted to the jingasas then the helmets proper, to the point that I handicap myself by continuing to wear them even as a general or enlisted samurai. While looking up jingasas on google, I found some more uniquely shaped ones that would be...
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    My Observations on the New Version

    Unidentified Factionless Objects?
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    My Custom Knights

    Would you be willing to upload a rar with those changed armors and shields? After leading a group of Southward Cataphracts, it's made me want to start my own Byzantium-like nation.
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    General Feedback & Venting

    Thank you, especially regarding the morale thing. I don't know why so many people think that your army automatically turning around and fleeing without listening to you when the enemy outnumbers you by a mere 2 to 1 is a great idea when it's just aggravating, especially when you have a...
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    Khergit suggestion

    Being the person who suggested the idea of an onnabushi-inspired female Khergit infantry unit, I don't think it's necessary to do a complete cultural revamp of the existing Khergit faction; Mongolian Horde is already a cool army to be based off. The units of a faction don't have to completely...
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    Sword Sisters

    Are you doing the Kuyak too? Combining that with that one Vaegir chainmail mask that completely drapes over the head is my ideal setup for my next playthrough as a Vaegir archeress and her militia company comprised entirely of archers and spearmen.