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    In Progress General Crash - Exception occurred inside invoke: ExecuteBeginSiege

    Thanks for your helps this seems to work now :grin: Still learning the tools :razz:

    Turns out I hadn't setup the wallsegement entities or the nav meshes for all the ladders. Just needed to read the documentation properly :smile:
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    Suggestion General Incremental save button

    Figured I'd ask to see what peeps think. An Incremental-save button would a bunch of time endlessly typing in similar file names and selecting modules to save to over and over again. Considering how often the tools and scenes break it'd be great to have a quick way of doing this and I doubt it'd...
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    In Progress General Crash - Exception occurred inside invoke: ExecuteBeginSiege

    Hi I'm having issues figuring out what is wrong with a siege scene I've authored, so far as I know I've set it up according to the documentation but I keep getting a crash when beginning the battle after deploying troops and siege engines. Crash report...
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    In Progress Scene Editor Vertex painting (material blending) isn't working

    Yup It seems I wasn't on beta, I've spent a few hours going through the system to see if it would all work and came up with some issues:

    Channel B - Works well on existing assets but I can’t find a way to assign more materials to imported assets in the BL tools. Exporting FBXs from Maya that have multiple materials assigned to the same face doesn’t appear to be possible either. In packages like Unreal you can just blend two materials together under one shader but it seems here you blend two shaders together which requires the application of two shaders - which isn’t possible in Maya at least.

    Channel A - Doesn’t work because of the same issue above (on the B-channel).

    Temporary fix for use of vertex painting in the mean time - duplicate all meshes that require vertex painted alpha-driven textures and use those to paint moss etc. Issues are LODs & expense of spending 2x tri count.

    Quick summary:
    Stuff thats works for me: Ambient occlusion painting, Parallax painting, Diffuse occlusion not been checked.
    Stuff that isnt working for me: Secondary material blending, Alpha material blending.

    Other q's:
    Is there any way to adjust the hue of the base colour that the ambient occlusion applies?
    Are there any plans on making adding value to the channel possible? Clearing channels and re-painting would be a hassle.
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    In Progress Scene Editor Vertex painting (material blending) isn't working

    Seems the vertex painting tools are still making meshes disappear, does this tool have any documentation anywhere at all? I'm trying to finish up a scene that I've been working on for months and the last bit of polish I need is locked behind this tool. In the 1.5.8 notes it was mentioned that...
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