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    [Police Station] - Bug Reports & Changelog

    msxenox said:
    I don't seem to be ranking up at all, I'm on day 156 and am still on the rank I started at, sergeant major, I have been doing a lot of quests from my faction generals and I've ranked up in social class and I have a lot of medals, but I haven't advanced once in rank.

    The limiting factor may be renown. win tournaments and tough battles. Winning when you outnumber and outclass the enemy hardly gives any renown. IIrc some buildings give renown regularly but you need a city. Another IIrc is that there was an NPC where you could spend money to buy renown (donating to the church?)
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    Trouble Starting new Faction

    I have no clue, since I think you need to ask this over in the warband section of the forum somewhere. In M&B, enemies overwhelmingly prefer to attack the weakest city or castle, so if your castle has 100 men and all the others have 200 or so, you become their best target. This is not taking right to rule etc in account, since that doesn't exist in M&B. The AI is a bit strange though, and filling a castle with peasants is just as effective at discouraging assault as filling it with sargeants and sharpshooters, but it's cheaper.
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    Loot quantity appears to have gone down

    yeah, it's the single player mode of the multiplayer game Warband, this is supposed to be for the predecessor, Mount & Blade
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    Just getting back into this game- where do i start??

    I don't know floris, so I can't really name a replacement. Mods I play:

    Sword of Damocles
    get your own kingdom and really issue royal edicts. Prepare for the invading army. Interesting new units.

    Europe 1805 vII (age of gunpowder)
    Enter europe during the Napoleon wars. A completely different experience from the medieval theme on a huge map of europe.

    Lords and Realms
    Just starting here. Radically different, extended and confusing troop trees but the combat is still fun
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    Loot quantity appears to have gone down

    as a note aside, this part of the forum is for native M&B, not warband. The mechanics are probably similar enough, but more warband specific questions are better asked in their appropriate place if you want a fast&accurate answer

    extra note: armies that help you take a share of the loot too, so if a nearby lord and a castle rushed to your aid, expect loot to be low
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    Vanilla SoD vs Warband SoD

    I forgot, but was there some (easy) way to just remove the badboy modifier from universities so you get at least some badboy decrease over time? Not that it really matters much, the natives tend to hate me anyway
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    NPC lords and recruitment.

    play warband or a mod that adds it. Personally I like Sword of Damocles
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    Help and Advice Please. In a pickle in my campaign

    because that was not part of the game, period. Mods added it, warband added it, it just wasn't a possibility in native M&B and that is all that can be said about it.
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    Loot quantity appears to have gone down

    are you playing native m&b, not a mod or warband?

    has your army grown? The size (and quality) of your army does determine a great deal in how much loot is left for you as your soldiers supposedly get a share of the loot too
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    Real simple question on faction relations.

    one that's been mentioned is to rescue lords from capture. Maybe buy it off when you meet a rhodok lord (that is weaker than you) in the field only?
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    Under what circumstances may an NPC faction capture a town?

    the NPC factions usually don't manage to wipe one another out because the remaining lords will be concentrated on a much smaller location. I won't claim to understand the battle calculator but as far as I get it, yes defenders in a castle get a big bonus. In the native setting horse archers also get a big bonus, which is why the khergits are always doing so well (I never let any battle with khergit auto resolve if I can help it, going out of my way to help others) - that plus they are usually fast enough to catch enemy lords means they can rapidly destroy an enemy faction while their enemies have a hard time catching them.
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    Exchanging state border for money ??

    they're state bonds and no, no clue. AFAIK it doesn't work
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    Mount and Blade 2 - Suggestions

    do you even read previous posts?

    Lord Tim said:
    This is the official thread boys:,249537.0.html
    this one isn't read by anyone except newcomers and me

    (edited slightly)

    and also by me, for some reason
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    Outfitting companions

    Any companion I have that naturally has ranged skills goes on foot and shoots (or throws), usually with a pole or 2h, the rest go on horseback with 1h and shield(s). Horse archer AI doesn't really act like horse archers. The bow is a benefit, not the main weapon.
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    Attila Khans's kurgan found?

    have mercy on him, he's just gullible because he wants to believe it so badly
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