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    Who of the old guard are still around?

    Apparently I was banned for a while :smile:
    Wasn't it self-requested? Had to be.
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    Baldur's Gate remake on the works

    I played through Early Access once (at least until I hit level cap and found zone transitions that were restricted) right after the launch and had quite a bit of fun. They've made improvements I agree with and pushed out another base class (Druid), but I'm still going to wait for a proper release before hitting it again. I'm looking forward to it as much as I was before EA launched, which can't be said for some other EA games. :iamamoron:
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    What are you playing right now?

    DotA 2. It's a disease that will follow me to the grave. There's a brand new hero out though: Dawnbreaker and she's really fun to play, when she doesn't get banned every game. The DotA community is probably the most toxic group of players you will have ever encountered in a game though, unfortunately.
    Banned every game? She's not what I'd call OP, but then I'm stuck in unranked for a little while yet 'cause I last played in 2016. The players I'm against are not what I'd call excellent.
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    The problem is that I bought it on the official TW website.
    Your only shot at a refund is through Dejan or Marda. I recommend sending one or both of them a private message stating that you'd like to pursue a refund. Asking for one publicly on the forums isn't the way to go about this.
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    [WRC] Statistics

    Mate, you are the pure represantation of TW. That posting bs incident happened like when, last month or sth? So better stop trolling and baiting people.
    The report I was checking was from yesterday (and it was about racism? haven't figured that one out yet), but go off, bud. I can have my own opinion and post it, too, y'know.
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    Norman cheater

    What is it? If you are so uncomfortable seeing a language you can speak from the Adriatic to China, you may not read it. Biz cevabımızı 15 Temmuzda verdik.
    We have the Turkish boards for Turkish posts. If you want to post in Turkish, post there. If you want to post here, post in English or at least include a translation with your original text.

    Also, not sure what you're going on about with your wack full-send ultranationalist nonsense, but whatever. Keep that on the Turkish boards too, if you don't mind.
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    [WRC] Statistics

    Deleted all the BS, please stop it from now on.
    What he said. Surely you have other threads that you can ****post in, so don't do it in yami's stats threads.

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    Do you think Callum or other CM really communicates the requests of the players ?

    Love that poll. This thread is definitely not bait.
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    Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    That's not how the system works on Xenforo, so your concern is unfounded.

    The system is not a like/dislike system like reddit. It's simply a "like" system. As in, at the bottom of a post it simply says "x user liked this post". Nobody is put down, nothing is suppressed.
    I'm aware that's the default, but it was not the only system being considered. Reference the first page of this topic again to find a post by Delinard where he commented on this.

    I am not against likes-only in principle, but I'm not sure what it would add outside of fringe cases where existing sort/search functionality is insufficient. It may be encouraging to modders & other content creators, I suppose, as it's another way for them to see how widely their work is appreciated. For the average thread it's not really helpful, I think.
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    Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    I'm less concerned about popular posts/people getting disproportionate attention than I am about unpopular users getting routinely suppressed. Right now the only way to act against someone's opinion is to post your own--with likes/dislikes, you can put someone down systematically without ever putting yourself in the spotlight. We already have a problem with a handful of users being routinely targeted, though it's usually just toeing the line. Making it easier for people to keep them down is not in their interest or in the interest of moderation staff.
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    What kind of player does TW want MP to actually appeal to?

    Strategies evolved over years in Warband, but they're pretty stagnant for Bannerlord. This could be because competitive-minded people aren't sticking to Bannerlord as much as they did in Warband, or because of existing class/mechanic/game mode imbalances, or just general lack of popularity. Changing game modes is a one-off way to force a change in strategy, but new metas in popular games are picked up fairly quickly at the top end after balance passes or overhauls. We're not seeing much in the way of iterative meta development in Bannerlord.

    It's a shame, really, that the people who had been dying to push the envelope are so disillusioned with the game and its progress that they've abandoned it.
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Somebody better get after their boys who forgot their hats. Their lax enforcement of dress standards will be their downfall!
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    Monty has an uncanny ability to spot them before they get their links edited in.
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    What kind of player does TW want MP to actually appeal to?

    Now regarding the game modes, mp main page, features etc, they are sticking with a lot of what Warband was/has. Maybe its because what they know or their workforce capability, but I like it.

    What audience are they trying to appeal to? Warband players me-thinks
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    Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    Maybe you should take the role as representative let’s see how you do..
    He kinda did for a while, actually. In the same position I now occupy, as a matter of fact. He's a grumpy old goat, though, so you should know that you pester him at your own risk.

    Dear Headlice,
    Who died and left you in charge of NA? Has Rhade passed? Did Mad Dawg give up the ghost? Has Calamity breathed his last? Hell, even Lagstro is way better known than you.
    Am I too old to even get a mention? :lol:
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