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    6v6 mode, multiple lives?

    Trash ****ing company who cares.
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    Two-Handed Duellist Power Charts

    game is ****ing dead
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    TMW Vitus.

    Rip to my bro. My prayers go out to his family.
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    North American Duel Tournament v2 Trox wins Version 2!

    Sean 7-2 over Chowski
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    [NA] Sword & Bored 2 - Congrats to Gibby!

    7-0 over Nikkle gfs :)
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    [NC2017] Suggestions & Questions

    i have no friends
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    [NA] Sword & Bored 2 - Congrats to Gibby!

    In-game name: oodle Steam Contact: Faction desired: Nord EU/NA: NA
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    Warband Fantasy League (Player Rankings Added)

    Name: oodle Steam: ID: 1033066 Main Class : Inf Do you want to be a caller? (Yes/No) No
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    one eyed [OE] a suhh dude

    OE vs everyone at lan
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    [WPL2] [NA] Week 3 Fixtures - Deadline 11/22

    Pretty sure Danate would put Apollo in the bin but i understand Anchor :)