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    Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    Yes, i agree with Einar, ofc. There is nothing i mean NOTHING that TW can do for Bannerlord Multiplayer that will have a greater (positive) impact than allowing the existance of multiplayer mods via custom server and any other mean.
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    Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    Alahu Akbar. If you succeed i shall praise you as you've never been praised before.. May Allah guide your every step, my brother !
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Well, yes.
    Now i'm not sure how to demote teams if there is for example 3 weak teams. And let's say that the one that performed the worst in the previous season has upgraded player-wise.

    But in the end of the day It would be better for balance within divisions.
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Of course they might, but it does not prove the case.
    On a good day, a few teams from div B could probably beat the worst team from div A. But it should not give them a straight-up right to replace them. That is why multiple matches are played against different teams in all divisions. To cut down the random events/factors.

    I agree that there should be a way for that WHEE team to join Division A, but it should be done in a way to make sure that these random factors are reduced as much as possible. I don't think only one match against the worst team is enough even if it is "EZ 12-0".
    But could any non div A team beat the weakest div A team with such a large score difference ? I mean there is a good chance that the weakest div A team is just a div B team that got promoted last season.

    I'm kinda assuming that that wouldn't be the case. But if you know any example of a serious game that prove this.

    A problem i can imagine right now is for example:
    A team is the weakest div A team without getting demoted ( so i guess 5th spot). And now it so happens that they got some new players in their roster making them much stronger, and no loger the weakest team (between the end of the season and end of signups)

    So now the problem would be should they get challenged and possibly get pushed out to a lower division or should it be a different team ?

    This does seem quite problematic.

    But tbh i'm not going to bother with perfecting this potential change until there is at least some interest from the people that actually run beast.
    Because even if i invent the most perfect system for this ever, if they don't care, it won't end up being used.

    But i see your point yes.

    Another way to do this would be what aprikosenmann mentioned. "a dynamic tournament"
    I guess this would mean every beast things get shifted around a bit more manually so that there is greater balance within divisions. Instead of insisting on very rigid structure that creates unbalance i guess...
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Style makes a fight, If you are a new team and you win against team X (from div A), and team X wins against team Y (from div A), it does not mean you would win against team Y.
    What if you stomp the team X 12-0 and then team X beats team Y?
    The chances do go up considerably i'd say :grin:
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    You should play with the 3 worst teams, and if you win at least 2 out of 3 matches, you are allowed to be in division A.
    Well i guess the first idea that came to my is what i wrote. It goes something like: The challenger team fights against the weakest team in div A and then for them to get their spot in that division they need to win at least 12-4(a stomp). Would be simpler than making half of the division play non-stop.
    That removes the possibility of one's team being dropped because of one slip/bad day/style-incompatible match/important player missing.
    I mean this game can be played at any time in-between signups open and close. Should be enough time for both teams to gather for 1 event.
    Style makes a fight, If you are a new team and you win against team A, and team A wins against team B, it does not mean you would win against team B.
    Are you speaking in general, or are you saying there is a division B team that can beat WHEE ?
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Your team disbanded once you lost to a team you guys thought were beneath you.
    ...let me reiterate...
    3 of your players quit during an active match while raging and throwing a **** show afterwards. And now the same players are back and demand a spot they gave up 3-4 months ago.
    We have decided to stop playing the second the game became unplayable. If you think that we decided to disband only after we lost that DR match, then you're wrong there.
    I get this but your system needs to be more detailed because then teams could just endlessly challenge other teams. Plus you need more admins for this and stretches out the playing time even longer.

    I would guess that most teams need the break in between the BEAST seasons.

    And who wants to be an admin for such a challenger tournament now when you get constantly insulted by certain people from a certain team. You wouldnt, I wouldnt and the BEAST admins understandably dont want to either.
    There is obviously a need for some common sense in these challenges. First only newly formed teams would challenge. 2nd if a team is obviously too weak to challenge they can be denied. And the playing time is only a single game inbetween beasts for only the challenger and the bottom team that is getting challenged.
    It wouldn't affect almost any other team ever.
    Oh yes it is for sake of convenience because the admins do this for free and they get bombarded with insults, unnecessary long "innovations" which have already been "innovations"invented.You just dont like the rules becausethey dont give in to your demands
    Admins getting insulted is wrong. And i do not agree with such behaviour.
    Also im not claiming to have invented the wheel with my proposals. Maybe the word innovation isn't ideal. Maybe we can say.. transformation for the better?

    Also "you just don't like the rules because they don't give in to your demands" .. Really ? No **** dextrus :grin:.
    It doesn't suit WHEE or any potential team like it. If EA played it good for them. They went into an epic uneffective grind, submiting themselves to not-effective-enough system for months.

    P.S. i'm not even going to play in this beast, even if WHEE get the spot in div A. Has nothing to do with this argument either. I've made up my mind months prior to all this
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    No offense but last time your newly formed team basically quit Div A once they realized they wouldnt get the results they thought they would get/deserve
    You mean because we didn't win ? We went for it. We had so many trainings lined up with rm and dm. Then the game broke. I don't know exactly what you mean why we thought we would deserve? Not to mention that our first 2 games were rm and dm. We very likely would have stayed for the next season if the game didn't break.
    Eiter way ..
    What should we do then? Revert back to 6 teams and then back to seven once a new team decides to show up and demands a Div A spot.
    If you read my whole post you'd see that that is not my favorite proposal.
    And on top of that my idea is a long-term solution that would require altering the whole format of the system.
    Not just a 1-time solution.

    Because if this kind of thing happens again then there would be an easy solution for it. "challenger" ,or whatever it may be called, event.

    Though if new potential top skill teams see this mess right now they might be very discuraged to even try. Such a great
    For DR this is a matter of principle and we are probably hated for it. That is oke though.
    We all have some kind of a principe. For example im coming from a principle of inovation and adaptation to our situation.
    And i'd assume you're alluding to principles of continuation of a pattern for the sake of convinience or something simmilar to that.

    Quick question: Why is it that almost every season a new team is formed and every time there is this discussion?

    This is exactly why we need what im proposing or something like it. A long-term solution. And please if someone has a better one i'd love to hear it.
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    We moved away from the 7 week format because A) the players and team felt it was too long and B) because it was also too long for the admins.
    I don't know how adding 1-2 weeks to the tournament would create such an effect where it's too long all of a sudden.

    Can't the admin team just expand i'm sure there are many who would be capable of substituting for a week or two.

    As for the players.. Show me the person that actually has a problem with an extra week or 2 (Considering a BL update doesn't break the game).
    The one thing I personally would never accept is when a team get's demoted for the sake of another new team. It's unfair since after 6 seasons every teams has earned it's spot by now.
    And what is with this fairness always. If a team is not strong enough to keep it's div A spot - why insist on it just because they've "earned" it.

    Now i know that the current structure is as it is and what i'm proposing would hurt someones feelings.
    But the reality of it is that some div A teams are so much weaker than the top div A teams that it's comical.

    I suppose what i'd have instead is a forceful demotion in case of a "challenger event" in-between the tournaments.

    I know.. so painful right ? You spend 1.5 months grinding at the game in div B and barely manage to get in. And then comes some new team out of nowhere and kicks u back out to your previous division.

    But so what? Deserving should depend on skill, not on grind.

    Deserving has been done by individual players who have become skilled enough to deserve their spot as a team.
    Not by a team of players that haven't put the time or effort the become as skilled - but instead just grinded their way into a division in which they have no chances of getting even 3rd spot. (Making them just some kind of a race for the best players to boost their stats so they can have higher score on aprikosenmanns excel spread sheet..)

    So basically: A new team that is strong enough for a certain division challenges the weakest team. Who wins gets the spot. (This is in-between the BEAST seasons)

    I know, as i said, that this would hurt someones feelings, and would stir up some possible ( certain) drama.
    But it's a choice to be made. And a hard one.

    So with option
    number 1. (adding a week or 2) You add a 15-30% time extension to the current system.

    number 2. (challenger in-between seasons) Kick a low skilled team back where they literally belong.(ouch?)

    number 3. (force a newly formed team (even if stronger than 95% of the teams) to grind their way up in the name of grind based fairness)
    - This of course would demotivate a lot of potential top teams from forming.

    - Because as you say: 1-2 weeks is too much to add for many players and admins. A 6 week (if nothing goes wrong with BL) is too much for many of top teams to grind trough low division teams(which im sure would have fun getting stomped. Might just as well default lose so that the team can just wait 6 weeks and then win default finales?)

    My favorite is of course what ikea says he would NEVER consider. It's a nice and simple challenger event where a newly formed team gets a chance to challenge any divisions weakest team and kick them out back to a lower division.
    - This would then i suppose mean that if the lower division is full the demoted team would need to challenge the weakest team in this division etc.

    We could have a whole mid season "tourney" where the placement of newly formed teams can be done so that the "fairness" a.k.a. the balance of the divisions stays, well, more balanced.

    Too much work for the admins? I'm sure there would be a person that is capable and willing to overlook this mid-season madness. It would only be a 1-3 games right ?

    Hell, you could even add a rule that for a team to get the spot they would have to win decisively(so 12-8 wouldn't be enough). So that, perhaps, a 12-4 is the required minimum for the challenger to gain it's spot.And make it that a team gets only one chance to do it - so if it fails, they can only accept to enter wherever there is a free spot.

    So yeah, 90% of people that read this will just shrug it off and not even consider it.. i know. And i don't care. This would spice things up, give chance for new teams to be in divisions that fit their skill level, and would maintain the 6 week format of the tournament.

    If you can't defend your spot against a literal stomp you DON'T deserve it. I don't care if you beat some "weak" div B team to get it. You still don't deserve it in 90% of the time.
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    Profanity filter …

    To be replaced in 1.6.1 with "Illegitimate Sword".
    Good one xD
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Gibby better than Petur.. So u better listen
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Its not about u specifically, its about rules and order which are our greatest goods (:
    Adaptability! The pursuit for balance ! Reformation for the greater good ! Improving systems where they can be improved !
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Ah but i can't just sit and watch poor ol Wheelchair goblins suffer like this !!!

    Also all this "special treatement" talk. First of all i disagree with 90% things arni says cuz he's a certain thing that shall not be written here.

    So yeah.. "special treatement". It's not only about WHEE. Any team that is good enough to defeat most div A teams should have a way to get into div A straight away. ( Or so my brain tells me)

    It not only motivates other potential teams to form and try to challenge top teams. But also Increases the amount of challenge that current div A teams face. Which of course in turn gives teams more motivation to get better so they don't fall behind. No ?
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    The reason I disagree with you and your demands is simply that BEAST provides some stability to the scene, a place for growth to new teams. And any team that rather creates shortcut instead of taking those that are already in place for them is only pushing for a self-entitled agenda that is contrary to the principle of this competition.
    Yes it gives teams a chance to grow. ( But not in an optimal manner - and as i said the real team growth is not done in competition, in BL or anywhere else)
    But what is a team? It's a group of players under the same clan tag.
    So now, here, you have a group of players with thousands of hours collectively that have played in many different other clans previously (basically all div A) that have come together to form a new team.

    And this new team poses a challenge for all other div A teams.

    If by BEAST provides stability to the scene you mean BEAST provides a RM/DM finale with other teams just kinda going for 3rd spot then YES! Most definitely it provides that kind of stability.

    You here now have a choice.

    1. Stick to boring rigid rules that if bent wouldn't affect anyones enjoyement of the BEAST.

    2. Bend the rules that you've created so that the tournament that you're hosting can be more fun and the end result would be less predictable. ( Will be fun for anyone except maybe the weakest team that might end up in div B because a much stronger team has come in their place)

    This whole thing literally reminds me of monarchy and how people that inherit things from their families stay in power even if they don't truly have what it takes to keep that power.
    When now on the contrary you have a team that most definitely has what it takes to be in div A but can't because of these not-effective-enough rules(That if were to be bent wouldn't cause any actual damage to the BEAST (except maybe some admins ego, who knows).
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    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Because there they can get better and learn, and they earned it ? I dont get it, did none of you watch any league in any other sport or something ?
    Well getting better and learning is mostly done in training. Not so much in getting stomped.
    I don't rly watch sports but i'd assume that those leagues are either much bigger or the difference between losing team of higher division isn't as great as it might be here. Not sure i might be wrong here.

    wait so why arent every new team start from playing in Div E ?

    Because there usually is some team that disbands and leaves an empty spot i guess
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