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  1. SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

    Hi all,

    very disappointed that Halflings now are Dwarves of sort. Can`t play as a Halfling female any longer. Not sure if I will continue playing this.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  2. SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

    Hi all,

    started a somewhat ambitious campaign as Halfling commoner and have a few suggestions:

    1. Halflings(and Dwarves) should not be able to ride normal horses. We need ponies, dogs, goats for mounts, maybe wolves. TLD mod is OSP and they have ponies, let`s call them..Shetlanders!

    2. TLD has an excellent skill called Wildcraft. It allows you to hide from the enemy. Also OSP.

    3. A stealth skill would be nice enabling PC to set up ambushes. Could work like: enemy party suffering less numbers, lower morale and perhaps lowered weapon proficiencies during the fight because of a surprise effect. Maybe Wildcraft could also be used to enable ambushes instead of a separate skill.

    This is one seriously good mod. I hope it will be developed further.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  3. [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.9

    Hi all,

    game CTD:s when entering dialogue with companion Adonja or attacking enemy party. Dialogue screen does not show. Thia does not happen every time.
    I have a very weak laptop and must use dx7, if that matters.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  4. How to prevent Cretas Monarchy from being eliminated early on

    Hi all,

    got inspired by the OP and Cretas by now have:

    - Sut, 5 castles, 7 villages but only

    - 4 lords and the king.

    So this looks bad, the only defector to us(I`m a Cretas vassal) who seems a decent person and stays is Methenor. So we few have good economy and strong condottas(as Aolas has no new kids to enfeof) but I think that without more "permanent" lords we`re cooked anyway. All in all it has been a very interesting playthrough.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  5. Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    No caravans for Cretas?!

    Cretas have taken Sut and have atm 5 castles and 7 villages but I cannot see any Cretas caravan trading around. AFAIK if a faction has a town they also should have caravans.


  6. Discussion + Suggestions

    That can work for player parties, but do AI parties deal with upkeep? I'm not sure as to how their finances are calculated.

    PoP devs are those to ask abt. that.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  7. Discussion + Suggestions

    I truly believe that horse archers need a nerf, because they're the ideal unit. They're not fun to fight against and they make enemy parties unreasonably fast, to the point of 85 unit parties being faster than 25 unit parties.

    PoP addresses that by increasing upkeep for HA if their numbers go over a set percentage in a party. No need for nerfing anything.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  8. Discussion + Suggestions


    Hi all,

    this is abt. as game-destroying as it gets in current form. While very conformant with feudal mindset where people might(and sometimes would...) hate you for being successful here it goes over the top. As the marshal, i e CiC, you take blame for ALL military setbacks irrespectively of yours participating there or not. And setbacks are punished very severely while successes are rewarded almost imperceptibly.
    I suggest that the marshal would be rewarded much better for successful operations led in person AND to a lesser extent for successes gained by other faction members seeing that he/she has the ultimate operational responsibility.
    Or not be punished for other peoples failures at least.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  9. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    I see. The last Illican tasks are very hard. Looks like I`m stuck with rescuing Illicans. And what does the pre- prefix mean?

    THX for your attn. kgwovan

    it looks like there is a relation threshold at work. With +25 relation I get the recruiting dialogue when talking to Illican parties.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  10. Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth


    Some NPC troops lack torsos. Seen, or rather not, in battles and as prisoners at least.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  11. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    1. The hordes are around 2,800, the lords and their vanguards 2,000, and all of the spearheads/scouts/reinforcements 2,000. I would guess 5,800 in total, before lords start defecting to them and patrols are sent out of towns and castles.

    2. Vanguards do respawn I think.
    Re 2.: I think you`re wrong. Zann are tottering on the brink of extinction, only Zann Fort left now and there have not been any new Vanguards in addition to the starting ones.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  12. Perisno Q&A + FAQ


    THX for your attn.,

  13. Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    Alchemist reassignment.

    I reassign them to archers but the bstd:s act like infantry anyway.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  14. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Zann queries.

    1. How many troops in total does Zann have when their invasion starts? In a dialogue there is a mention of 4000 but there seems to be much more of them.

    2. Zann vanguards, do they respawn? Or are they one-shot like People of Valahir?

    Rgds, Oldtimer
  15. Discussion + Suggestions

    To each their own I guess but that would totally throw off my immersion if my character was throwing 30 or so javelins that just casually fit in his bag. If you're so eager however you can use Morgh's to edit pretty much whatever.

    I don't quite agree about the crush through block modifier, I feel like that should be exclusive to a throwing weapon for the giants. I think a bonus against shields would be better fitting for the rest however.

    perhaps not 30 but have a base sheaf of say 12 javelins, more or less of other weapons depending on the type. You forget two things:

    - projectiles can be picked up from the ground and/or bodies(not necessarily dead...),

    - ammo can be replenished by camp followers and the like.

    There is also a possibility of ammo carts functioning like blacksmiths.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
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